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It was a Thursday afternoon, and I was walking to the dojo to do some extra workouts. I had missed Karate since last Friday cause my Mom forced me to go visit my relatives, who I really didn't like and I did NOT enjoy seeing them. I kind of expected that cause I know they'll never change. Really, the only good part of that trip was missing school. (Back on track jack) I was planning on going to the dojo tomorrow also because we had no school tomorrow. I was actually quite relieved that there was no school tomorrow because I could sleep in for one, get caught up with school and karate, and actually have a good day, cause this week wasn't the greatest. I was kind of tired because my mom (who's Still with my relatives) called my grandfather (who I went home with) and told him I had to go to school today, even though we got home last night at 1 am. Luckily for me my grandfather let me sleep in then go to school. I think it's kind of pointless to go to school for only half a day and not even pay attention cause you're so tired. But my grandfather made me go cause he didn't want to upset my mom. I understood why. NO ONE wants to upset my mom. She goes crazy and she gets kind of dangerous... So I try not to get her mad very much. But, unfortunately her work makes her mad, that's why I spend so much time at the dojo. To workout and avoid her.

I walked into the dojo and couldn't find Rudy. I went to get changed into my Gi and then started to look for Rudy. "Rudy! Rudy! Hello! hm." I'll look in his office. I walked over to his office door and opened his door and found Rudy slumped over his desk and there were bottles everywhere. "Uuh... Rudy? Are you okay?" I said.

"What do you want! Get out of here! Now! "Rudy said with harsh anger. Ok what was wrong with Rudy? I hated when people talk to me like I'm dirt. "What? Rudy? What's going on here?" I decided to not go all 'what did you just say to me' on him. "You heard me, leave. now." Rudy said with an even harsher tone. A random thought popped into my head of how cold my bare feet were. Why was it so cold in here?

"Wha..ha .. What? Excuse me?" I was already mad at Rudy for wanting me out the dojo. Now, I'm really mad. I hate when people set me off, even if it's Rudy.

"You heard me. Get out of my office and LEAVE THIS DOJO NOW!" Rudy said again. I don't know why Rudy wanted me to leave. I didn't do anything.(Or at least I don't think I did) But, Rudy was making me mad and when people make me mad, they really set me off.

"Listen kid" Rudy really exclaimed the 'kid' part. I am not a kid, and no one calls me kid. I thought to myself. "If you don't leave, you are seriously going to get it." When Rudy said that, I know he wanted me to leave, but I still didn't. No one tells me what to do.

"Get what" I said. I was starting to get really mad at Rudy. "That's it! You asked for it!"

"Wha..." I was cut off when Rudy just came at me and punched me. I grabbed his fist like I always did with Frank and was about to twist his armand 'knee' him in the stomach when he kicked me in the stomach and pushed me into the dojo.

I kind of stumbled and Rudy had taken it far enough. (Now I'm mad.) Rudy is so going to get it now. I immediately got up my and started to punch and kick at him. Rudy attempted to trip me but I jumped it, then punch me in the head, dodged that too. I was getting kind of tired cause Rudy had been at me for 5 minutes straight . I would normally be able to do that, but I still tired from getting home so late last night. Why would Rudy want to do this to me? I thought to myself. He always taught...My thoughts were interrupted when Rudy had kicked me in the chest then tripped me. (way to concentrate jack)

I fell to the ground and was still trying to get the fact in my head that I've been beaten by someone other than Kai. My chest kind of hurt and I was still confused. he is a sensei... I mean it makes sense. "So, are you done? Finished? LEAVE NOW OR SUFFER!"Rudy said.

"No. You can't make me. I'll fight you till you become your normal self again... which might be a long time... so..."

"Alright then, you're not gonna leave... I'll make you leave." Rudy said in a serious tone. I know Rudy can't make me leave. There would be no way I would be leaving right now.

Right then, Rudy started to throw bottles at me. (really Rudy?) I kept dodging them and catching them. "Rudy! What is wrong with you! Rudy!" Then suddenly Rudy threw a bottle at my foot and I tried to jump over it. But then, my jump wasn't high enough and the bottle smashed all over my bare foot. I fell to the ground and my foot started to bleed all over the floor. It was hurting so much that I felt it was going to fall off. "So jack, are you going to leave now? or suffer more.

I was in so much pain, I didn't even want to talk. It actually hurt to talk. I've never experienced so much pain in my entire life. Sure I've had broken bones and all, but nothing compared to this. "Well! Are you going to answer me or not!" Rudy nearly yelled in my ear. That hurt too. "No! you... you can't ... make..me" My foot hurt so much I actually struggled to anything else. "Well, alright then..." Rudy slowly started to back away from me and I was getting a little scared.

Rudy picked up another bottle and my heart started pounding. He was pulling back his arm, like he was to throw it, then he threw it. My heart started beating like I've been running for 3 days straight. It flew through the air and I felt like it was death flying through the air. I struggled to lift up my arm, I tried to catch it, but my grip wasn't strong enough and it slipped out of my hand and smashed all over my already killing foot.

I felt like I was actually going to die. My throbbing foot started to bleed more, and then I knew I had to get help. "So? You gonna leave now?" Rudy hissed at me.

"But Ru..." I tried to say. "LEAVE NOW KID!" Rudy barked at me. I slowly tried to get myself up. But I couldn't. "LEAVE" Rudy yelled at me again.

"Okay, Okay, I'm going" I said painfully. I dragged myself and my dying foot out of the dojo with my good yet weak hands and felt like I was going to cry and die at the same time. It actually took me seven minutes to be out of the dojo. I dragged myself over to a bench and tried to haul myself on it. But I was too weak for that. "SOMEONE! HELP! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE!" I cried/yelled. I waited a minute and no one was coming. My foot was throbbing with pain I couldn't even describe. "SOMEONE! HELP! HE..HELP! PLEASE! I'm in severe pain here!" No one was coming for 20 seconds then I saw a beautiful girl with long blonde hair running towards me. Kim. I knew it. I saw a clearer image of her, then a second later she was asking me what was wrong.

"Jack! Jack! Oh my gosh are you okay? Your foot! Oh my gosh your foot!" Oh no I need to call 911. There's Milton, Eddie, and Jerry. Kim started to say in a panicky voice. MILTON, JERRY, EDDIE! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!"Kim yelled at Milton, Jerry, and Eddie. I started to explain to Kim what happened with Rudy and I in the dojo. The three of them came running towards us and Kim started to yell commands at the 3 of them." Oh my gosh Jack. Rudy..."Kim said in a sweet caring voice. Kim then went to a serious voice and started to demand things to the others."Milton, You go find a first aid kit. Jerry and Eddie, you go find an adult to drive us to the hospital."Kim barked at them.

My body kept getting weaker and weaker each second that passed. My foot was bleeding like crazy and felt like I was going to die. "Kim..." I tried to say. I was getting too weak to finish the rest of my sentence.

"yeah jack?"Kim said in a heartfelt yet panicky voice. She was probably thinking of something and her thoughts were cut off when I said her name. "Oh my gosh. Your foot is getting worse. Where is Milton!" Ugh... umm what should I do? Uuh.. here take my cardigan." She slipped off her cardigan and started to wrap it around my bloody foot. Right now I couldn't even think of anything but how much pain I was in. I started to get really dizzy and everything started doubling.

Five painful minutes later, Milton, Jerry, and Eddie finally arrived. Kim's perfectly white cardigan was red now and my foot was in so much pain, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I felt like I was about to faint.

Jerry and Eddie came out with Falafel Phil. He was asking what happened and Kim says she would explain later. Kim was quickly wrapping stuff around my foot and I had an icepack on my forehead. "Jack can you stand up?" Eddie asked. I tried to get up but then immediately I collapsed into Kim and Jerry's arms.

"OH MY LIVING TUTSIE GOAT! YOUR FOOT! JACK WE NEED TO GET YOU TO THE HOSPITAL!" Falafel Phil screamed. "Okay you 4, you guys carry jack to my van. ORTA, WATCH THE STORE!" Phil yelled to his employees.

Kim, Jerry, Milton and Eddie all carried me out to Phil's van. Phil went into the driver's seat, Jerry went into the passenger, Eddie and Milton hopped in the middle and Kim went into the back then everyone pushed me into the back.

I was half sitting up and my knees were on Kim's lap. She started wrapping my foot in all of the remaining stuff in the first aid kit. Everyone was rambling all at once and Kim was quickly wrapping my foot in anything she could find. All of the sudden I got a painful migraine and started to see doubles... or triples of everything around me... again. Then, I looked at Kim's face and her face had purple polka-dots all over her face.

I looked around and then... Everything went black.

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