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Got then idea when watching a certian Batman epiosde-figured i'd put into Young Justice form.

A/N: This was meant to be a one-shot but i guess i'll contiue this ^^

Wally held Robin tightly, his nose buried in his smaller friend's black hair. The young teen shook violently in his arms, unable to stop his uncontrolable tears. They had patched him up, and now he was wearing a long sleeved blue shirt and black pants. The ginger was fighting to shake off his fear but it wasn't working too well. He was now an angry emo ginger.

The world was a disgusting excuse for a prank gone horribly wrong.

The team were clustered around: M'gann floating in the air above them, Kal on their right while Conner was on their left, and Artie had taken the floor by their feet. They were making soft noises and trying their best to confort their youngest team member.

It wasn't working.

Right now, they waited in the white hallway of the Watchtower. He was surprised they were allowed up there, even though he realized he shouldn't have been. Once it was determined that the Cavedid not have the essencials needed for sergery, they had taken everyone up to the Watchtower.

That had been about four hours ago.

Looking around without moving his head, Wally serveyed the scene unfolding. People were running down the halls, have panicked and half worried. As it turned out, Batman was the actual leader, not Superman, as the media had thought; though, Wally guessed, that should have been obvious. Many of the heros were being reassigned to cases and many people were just trying to calm down, though it wasn't working well.

What shocked the team, Wally included, was how people would stop and hug Robin, telling him everything would be alright, that Batman was Batman and that there was no need to cry. Robin even knew their names, though they wore no name tags.

"Robbie, hon, i made some cookies and brought some lemonaid." A kind middle-aged woman with thick brown hair swaying at her waist set the tray on the bench in between Robin and Conner.

"T-Th-Thanks, Sarah." he drew a ragged breath, which immediatly hitched. Wally held him tighter to his chest, willing the bird not to start crying again.

"Oh, Robin-Bird, none'a dat." She bent down by the archer and brushed Robin's hair out of his face. "Everythin'll be alright; you'll see." She gave him a sweet smile and kissed his forehead. Robin didn't say anything and she gave a small laugh, "Why i remember when you used to run away when you was a lil' one. You always did give Batman a scare when you'd disappear. Always said us women had cooties. Bet you still know your way around these vents, eh?" With that, she walked down the corridor, not waiting for an answer. She called over her shoulder, "There still warm!"

For once, Wally wasn't in the mood to eat.

Hours passed in an agonizingly long blur. Eventually a doctor in white scrubs came out, his front awash with crimson, forcing Robin to look away, "How-How is he?"

The doctor's stern expression softened before he replied, "It had been touch and go for a while but now we're sure he'll make a full recovery. He's extremely lucky. Any more to the left and the bullet would have torn through his heart. He's being transfered to recovery room B-18."

"Alright. Thank you." Aqualad stood, a silent signal that everyone understood. The rest stood up, along with Robin as they slowly walked down the now empty hall. The sound of rushed footsteps came resounding off the white walls. Everyone stopped and took a look at one another before turning around.

There was Roy, covered in grime and cuts.

"Hey! I just got," He panted, coming to a stumbling stop, "news of what happened. Are you alright, Rob?" He hugged the bird tightly. Robin was shocked to say the least, since Roy hadn't hugged him since they were younger.

After a moment, Robin asked quietly, "What all did you hear?"

Roy looked confused as he let the smaller teen go, "That Joker escaped and Batman was...shot. He...He's not...dead, is he?" He almost seemed afraid to ask and winced when he said the word 'dead'.

"No." Robin almost let out a sigh. "But...Someone else is. Joker."

After what seemed like an eternity, Roy asked, completly serious, "Is that a bad thing? I mean, i understand that every life lost is heavy but that madman had killed so many people...had tortched so many, including you Rob and has tried to kill you too, and has caused so much destruction and has done so much like selling drugs and pushing money through the system, corrupting cops and doctors and judges...Is it really a bad thing this guy is dead? I mean, it was an accident, right? Batman would never intentcially kill someone."

Robin visibly flinched at the words at the end of the sentence, hugging himself and looking at the floor. "It...It wasn't-wasn't Batman that killed him..."

Roy's face tightened, his jaw clenched, "It...was an accident, right?" His words weren't that of anger, only dread.

"...It..." Robin starightened and looked Roy in the eye. "It was stop my dad's life vs the Joker's. I regret how it ended, but if i had to, i would do it again." His voice was stronger than what it had been all night, determined and ready for any blame to be given, to be called a failure, to be hated.

Wally was shocked, takeing in a sharp breath too low for anyone to hear. But if i had to, i would do it again. Wally was certian his bro was in shock of what had happened and feared that a different person had been created in that moment of weakness, making Robin a different person all together. He feared that the childish care-free ninja he knew would turn into a mini-Batman.

"I'm not doubting that Robin...But what about the cops and media?" Roy asked into the stillness.