This was a request from PeetasCupcake; the first time Finnick meets Katniss.


Finnick walked through the different chariots, leaving his District 4 one for the very back. After all, it's only right to greet the Girl on Fire, size her up before he has to risk his life to keep the girl alive. When he made it there, he was surprised to see her alone; Peeta seemed to always be near her. Before going too far, he stopped at a bowl near one of the horses to pick up a handful of sugar cubes.

She was looking over to the side, leaving him time to take her in. Dark hair, olive skin, gray eyes. She was pretty, but impossibly thin; then again, he saw what she could do with the bow and arrow. When she got her hands on that, she immediately turned incredibly lethal – he had to make sure that she got it in the arena, after getting her to trust him. The last thing he wanted was an arrow through his heart.

He felt bad for Peeta, pining after her the way he does. It was easy to spot her pretending, especially since she was a pretty sucky actor. It was obvious that she cared about him, but he wasn't sure to what extent. Probably not to the extent that Peeta wished for. He started to wonder about Snow's agenda; would Katniss dying help the rebellion or Snow? It could go either way; it was better to just keep her alive, not take any chances. Besides, it wouldn't be too far in before they blew the force field out.

When she finally turned in her direction, he no stared and instead put on a cocky and seductive smirk, sliding up to her and holding out the sugar. "Want a sugar cube?"

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