7-year-old Sasuke Uchiha was running home as fast as his little legs would take him. He'd stayed after school to practice his shuriken forms, and had lost track of time. Sure his mother and father would be upset with him! Hopefully his big brother would be there to stick up for him! He ran past street lamps and signs with his clan symbol on them. He was getting close! As he approached the main gate to the complex, he saw his mother waiting for him.

Mikoto Uchiha was normally a calm, composed woman. Even in his young age, Sasuke knew this. That is why it was so shocking to see her standing there, shaking, wringing her hands together. As Sasuke reached her, she wrapped him up in a tight hug. Her shirt was wet…was that blood?

"Mom? What's going on?" He didn't let his worry enter his voice. If something was wrong, he wanted to be strong for his mother. She squeezed him even tighter.

"Don't go inside, sweetheart. We have to…g-go somewhere else now." Her voice, on the other hand, betrayed her fear. She was scared of something, most likely whatever it was that had happened inside the complex. Sasuke looked up at his mother, and saw that her neck was also covered in blood, but she didn't look injured. Just extremely scared. She had a wild look in her normally calm black eyes.

"Why, Mom? Where's Father? Where's Itachi?" Sasuke asked, his small voice urgent. Mikoto began to tear up, and she shook her head, choking back sobs.

"Father isn't coming, sweetheart. It's just you , Itachi and I now, okay?" She was sobbing, and Sasuke didn't know what to do. He wanted to be strong, but he was so confused. Why was it just them? Where was his father?

"Mom? What happened?" He asked again, but he got no response. Mikoto picked him up and began to carry him down the street, her steps urgent and deliberate. Before he knew it, they were standing in front of the Hokage tower, and Sasuke, exhausted, let sleep take him.


"I'll really live with you? And you knew my Mom and Dad? Are you nice? And you have a son? Is he my age? Is he nice?" The blonde boy in front of Mikoto was bouncing up and down in his seat, barely able to sit still. He had big blue eyes, and an even bigger grin. He may have his father looks…but he had his mother's personality. Kushina. She had been Mikoto's best friend, back before she met Fugaku…back when she was happy.

"Yes, Naruto-chan. You'll live with me and my sons, Sasuke and Itachi. Sasuke is only a few months older than you, you were still in your mother's tummy when he was born! Your mother and I were the best of friends! I'm very nice, Naruto-chan. I'll take very good care of you and love you." She smiled down at the little boy. He threw his arms up in the air, grinning ear-to-ear.

"JUST LIKE A MOMMY!" He shouted, which caused the other young boy in room to pop up out of his bed. He rubbed his tired eyes, his black hair sticking up all over the place.

"Mom? What's going on?" He sounded sleepy still, and Mikoto walked over to his little bed and sat next to him. She gathered her young son up in her arms, and held him so he could see Naruto.

"Sasuke, this is Naruto-chan. He's going to be living with us from now on. Remember how I told you that we would have a new family now?" Sasuke nodded, still looking confused about the whole situation. Last night, he'd woken up in his mother's arms inside the Hokage tower. She'd told him that his family had done very very bad things, especially his father, Fugaku. Itachi had to take care of them. And now it would just be Mikoto, Itachi, and himself. And now, he guesses, Naruto.

Mikoto motioned for Naruto to come closer. He climbed out of his chair and practically ran over to the mother and son. Mikoto reached out her arm, and pulled her best friend's son against her chest protectively. She would make sure no harm came to either of these boys. She would never be weak again, not like she was before. She vowed.

Sasuke reached out his hand and put it on Naruto's shoulder. "My mom can be your mom now, too. And I'll even share Itachi with you, because he loves having a little brother so much, he'll love having two of them even more."

Naruto lips cracked into a huge smile, his big blue eyes wide with happiness. "D'you mean it?"

Sasuke nodded, patting the slightly younger boy on the head. "Yeah. And if anyone asks why we look so different, I'll just say that I came from my mom's tummy, but you're adopted, so you came from her heart. So of course you'd look different."

Mikoto couldn't believe her ears. She gasped, and looked down at her son in disbelief.

"Sasuke-chan! That is so sweet!" She was so very proud of her son. Naruto didn't know what to do or say. He was about to burst from all of the happiness that was welling up side him. Sasuke looked up at his mom, a small smile tugging at his lips.

"I really like him, Mom. His eyes make me forget about how sad I am that we're all alone now." The smallest Uchiha whispered.

This was their brand new beginning.