E/O challenge: week/weak (one or both)

A/N: Dean will be suffering along with me today. I had a couple of cavities filled today and it gave me the idea that Dean should have one filled too (he DOES eat a lot of junk food…). As always, he'll be whining.

"Dean, you're going to be fine!" Sam said, attempting to calm his brother down. The dentist was waiting with the Novocain needle, and Dean was cowering in the chair.

"That needle isn't going anywhere near my mouth!"

"Dean, I had a cavity filled last week, and I survived. You'll be fine. If she doesn't shoot you up with Novacain the drill is gonna hurt like hell."

"I'm not weak, I can take the pain."

"She has to drill into your tooth, Dean. Let her give you the damn shot."

"Fine." He sunk into the chair. "Just get it over with."