Know Me

(Insipered by Evermore)

"You know me not.

Though I have walked by your side

for eternity.

You still don't see my face,

though you look at me everyday.

With this anguish, I fear I cannot


For you Look at me, but you do not see.

For you hear me, but you do not listen.

For you touch me, but you do not feel.

You stare at everything and yet

still, you notice nothing out of place

when everything has changed.

You leave me alone when

I have no need to be.

You stay with me when

I long to be on my own.

But when I need you the most,

You are always here.

And I know you won't

Ever stray too far away.

You give my heart peace.

And yet, you will never cease

To know me not."