Thanks to everyone who read my first fanfic Willow. This is Scarlett's story. I love Scarlett (is it right to love your own creation?) And I thought I should do her justice by writing her story. Didn't you wonder where Scarlett came from and what her back story was. It was only very brief in Willow. Heads up about Scarlett, she's Irish and she's got the heavy accent so I'll be writing her speech In the accent. (If that made any sense)

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Chapter 1


"What ya doin?" I ask as I pass Willow in the hallway carrying a paint can.

"Repainting my room, I thought orange was nice"

"Eww! Willow no! Go for purple... It's nicer"

"Really? Hmm... I suppose... It is a big room"

"Ooh and maybe silver... Where did you get the paint anyway?"

"There's loads of cans in the shed at the back of the garden.. Go look for a silver and help me paint this room... I've got to be at Elmtree at 5 tonight to see Liam"

I roll my eyes smiling. Her and Liam are the cutest couple. I wonder how they'll cope when we go to Spain in 3 weeks time for a week.

I quickly rush down the stairs.

"Hey Milly... You leaving?" I ask as I see Milly by the door.

"Yeah... I'll be back Friday afternoon, don't go into my room"

I roll my eyes and run out to the back of the house. Milly goes to boarding school. Her choice not Jay's. Jumping over the small table in the middle of the room I laugh.

"Pretty sure that's a new record!" I yell happily and put my hands in the air.

"Scarlett stop jumping over furniture!" Willow shouts from her room laughing.

Chuckling I open the pateo door and run up to the shed. I throw the door open. Its a dusty wooden shed with shelfs full of paint and tool boxes. I wonder if Jay's a handie man? I've been here nearly a year and I havnt seen him once pick up a hammer. I scan the paint cans. Orange, Purple, Blue, Indigo, Rose, Black.. I pick the black paint can. Its heavy enough. I keep looking threw the colours. Sky blue, yellow, cream, silver. I pick up the silver can. Its heavier than the black paint can.

"What's taking you so long?"

I jump at the voice coming from the doorway. I drop the paint cans. Luckily they don't open and spill everywhere.

"Jesus dere's a little thing bout warnin' someone before ya sneak up 'n scare em!"

She laughs.

"Sorry..." She bends down and picks up the black paint can.

"Your painting your room black?"

"I aint sayin nothin... Don't want ya stealin me ideas"

She rolls her eyes and carries it back into the house. I pick up the silver and follow her. Slowly this time. You can never tell when I could fall. I'm that clumsy.

I finally reach her room and put the silver by the door.

"Where'd all your stuff go? Did'ya get robbed or sometin'?"

"No... I moved all the stuff into Mar- I mean one of the spare rooms"

I nod. Marlinn's room. She's stoped calling the rooms Marlinn's room, or Megan or Rosie's room. It's like she wants to forget everything about her past. I don't really blame her. My pasts bad enough, my scars run deep, but not as deep as hers.

"So where'd ya put dah black paint?"

"Your room... I'd put a sheet or something on the floor so you don't get paint on everything"

"Yeah yeah..."

I stroll out of her room. Leaving her to paint in peace. I run down the stairs, missing a step and fall.

"Ahh!" I say and manage to fall down the last two steps.

"Scarlett!" Willow yells.

She runs down the stairs and sits down to where I'm lying with one foot in the stairway railing and the other on the steps.

"Scarlett?" She asks worried.

"So how come when I run down dah stairs I fall and when you do it you don't?"

I sit up. Willow smiles. This was kinda usual in the house. She still worried about me and the stairs even thought by now she should know that me and the stairs will never get along.

"Your alright then?"

"Yeah... I'm fine... See not even a stratch!" I say proudly.

She rolls her eyes.

"Stop running down the stairs dumbass"

"Alri' I'm sorry, I'll stop runnin down dah stairs"


I smile "I'll try me best"

She raises an eyebrow.

"Wha? I can't say dah I won't fall down dah stairs again when we both know dah I will"

"Just be more careful" she says and walks back up the stairs.

I walk into the sitting room. I talk a little walk back and get ready to run and jump the table again.

"Don't even try it!" She calls from her room.

"Try wha?". I yell up at her pretending to be confused.

"Your not jumping the table again"

"Ahh jesus ya can get away with nothin in dah house"

I can hear her laughing in her room. I patt the table as I walk by. When I'm in the shed I keep looking for the right colour. A nice colour. Voliet.. Dark red... Red... Pale rose... Aha!

"Got ya!" I say as I hold the can of Scarlett paint above my head. "Ya thought ya could hide from me, dumbass can"

I quickly go inside and up to my room.

"Hey Scarlett... Help me with my room? I'll help you with yours?"

I groan. I do need someone to help me move around some stuff.

"Yeah I'm comin"

I walk into Willow's room.

"I thought we said purple?" I ask as I look at the deep blue.

"No... You said purple... I wanted orange, then I realised that I'd have a weird room... So I chose blue"

"Alri' its nice"

I pick up a brush and start with the skirting. Carefully going across the top and avoiding the white wood.