Summary: Len Kagamine has the biggest, unrivaled empire when it comes his specialty: girls. However, there is always more to learn and Len is going to learn that not all girls are the same, especially ones named Rin. With her high IQ and strikingly good looks, it's a wonder that Len hasn't tried to add her to his empire, but maybe he isn't as shallow and dumb as he seems and maybe Rin can bring out that side in him. Maybe.

Damn, maybe Rin can bring down an empire all by herself, with help from hormones or something.

Meet Len, Your Typical Playboy

When you hear someone talk about building an empire, usually it's in history class and usually that someone is your teacher that just drones on and on about things that happened years ago. However, when you hear about my empire, from my lips, I can guarantee you will be impressed. My portfolio of work, the steps I took to make myself so great are just delightfully interesting. They would blow your mind, so to speak.

You want to hear more, I assume? Who wouldn't? My little introduction gets anybody hooked. Boy, even the determined couldn't stop and walk away.

My empire is those things. Those gloriously simple-minded things. Things that you can feed lies to endlessly and they will never doubt those lies for a second. My art is manipulating those things.

Those girls.

You might ask how you can call that an empire but believe me, when you see what I have done, you will understand.

You will understand why even some of the greatest empires can fall to the group in virtually no time all. How incredible things can be ripped apart by one person.

It's sad really, because as soon as you begin to believe that you know everything about women, you get your ideas thrown back into your face.

Len's POV

I was rushing down the hallway to get to my next lesson. It was gym and the teachers were strict as always, they didn't care that I was a skilled player on almost every team in school. My sports bag was dragged against the floor as my arms swung a little by my sides. I wasn't really bothered that my bag looked old and worn because it made me look sportier, I thought. Once I reached the changing rooms I realized how late I was for class, because the room was deserted. Damn.

I flung my kit on and continued to rush to the field, hoping that I wasn't too late. Obviously, I was too cool for a wrist watch.

Watches are for squares. Just saying.

Anyway, once I got to the field I half groaned. Athletics. It's a stupid thing. Rather than making a team look stupid, it targets the individual.


I did groaned at the calling of my wonderful last name. "Yes, Sir?"

"Get here, you have track to be running!"

Slowly, I walked over to my teacher with an unimpressed look on my face. "How far?"

My teacher looked at me for a moment. "As far as you can run in 45 minutes. I expect 10k from you, Kagamine."

"Whatever." I grumbled, walking off to the starting place of the track.

"Don't be late for your next lesson either!"

45 minutes later and I had run just over 6 miles. It was nice, I suppose, to be able to run decently fast but really, I looked like a sweaty mess (and not a hot one). Luckily, the girls were doing high jump inside the sports hall and I had a free period next, so I had time to sort myself out before anyone important had time to see me. Chatting idly to others in my class, gradually I made my way back to the changing rooms so that I could take a nice shower.

After my shower, which was like heaven after the running I had done a little while before, I grabbed my things and stepped out of the changing rooms. In the middle of the hallway, I saw my play toy: school sweetheart, Miku Hatsune.

"Hey darling." I said to her, pulling her close to me and wrapping my closest hand around her waist. She seemed fine with the gesture and we walked down the hallway together. "You have a free period too, right?"

"Yes!" she replied, her childish voice bouncing across the walls, "and I know you do too!"

She looked around and smiled to herself, glancing up at me for a moment.

I knew what was coming.

Pulling on my tie, she brought her face close to mine and looked into my eyes expectantly. I looked at her, my own clouded eyes hiding the truth and the lies from her. Looking away from her burning gaze, I turned and saw a marvelous thing - the unused closet of a janitor. Taking her hand and carefully studying her movements, I spoke.

"Well, if you insist."

She smiled widely at me, her pearly teeth showing, as she pushed me towards the closet and used her free hand to open the door.

"Free periods are best spent with protection, don't you agree?" she said, her usually childish voice much more serious. Not sexy at all, but at least was trying for her 'boyfriend'.

"Oh, I know. I'm extra prepared today, don't you worry honey."

With mild force I pushed her down and closed the door to the closet and now, that free period is history.

Don't tell me what you're thinking, I already know. I'm a man whore, you say.

Really though, think about it like this...

Work experience.

"What?" you ask, well... everyone needs experience right, practice? To be the best we can in every aspect.

Think about eh, to be blunt, having intercourse as my aspect. Then it all makes sense.

I'm crazy?

Maybe so, but at least I make other people happy, especially girls, by making them special. Even if they get dumped a few weeks later.

Next chapter: Meet Rin, Your Know-It-All Princess

Hi. *_*

I had too much fun writing this and I have no idea about playboys themselves, so I don't know how they really are... but I hope this is a good representation of what a playboy is like, maybe.

For anyone that gets the deeper meaning to Len's words, hopefully you'll understand what he's got himself into already, even without our main female character entering the story yet. :D Maybe you'll see behind his words and realize his problems!

(One can dream, right?)

Anyway, you're awesome for reading! xD So thank you for being awesome.

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