Summary: Len Kagamine has the biggest, unrivaled empire when it comes his specialty: girls. However, there is always more to learn and Len is going to learn that not all girls are the same, especially ones named Rin. With her high IQ and strikingly good looks, it's a wonder that Len hasn't tried to add her to his empire, but maybe he isn't as shallow and dumb as he seems and maybe Rin can bring out that side in him. Maybe.

Damn, maybe Rin can bring down an empire all by herself, with help from hormones or something.

(Hello, this chapter has PV switching which hopefully isn't too off putting. Without it everything would be more confusing because of timings and such. ^^)

Meet A Train Wreck, What Rin Finds To Be Len's Life

When you think about it, life is like a big slice of Swiss cheese. Sure, it has plenty of holes in it, but the thick, creamy part of the cheese makes up for the holes that lack meaning. I say cheese, because I can't think of any other good comparisons for life and food. So yeah, imagine your life like a big slice of Swiss cheese (unless you hate Swiss cheese... because that would mean you hate life...)

I haven't got much else to say, which is weird. I'm a smart girl honestly and I know a lot about everything... but trying to inspire people isn't my strong point.

Rin's POV

"Can't we cancel? Just for today?" I looked at the boy, or should I say man, standing across from me with a curious expression on my face.

"Why would we do that, Len?"

He stared down at the floor, probably trying to dig a hole into it with his mind so that he could escape this conversation. That wasn't going to happen.

"Well..." he said, carefully plotting out his next words, "I have some um, more important plans for this Wednesday than last Wednesday and I really need to sort them. So, um, if you don't mind, which you probably don't, I'll be pursuing those plans..."

I smiled. "Your exams are next week so just cancel your plans."

"I really can't."

"You can."

He turned in the direction of the door and began to walk towards it. "I'm not here to argue, I'm just stating a fact. Wednesday's tutoring, after school, is cancelled."

He slammed the door on his way out of the room and I wanted to follow him and ask him what was on his mind. Something obviously was and it was slightly annoying that he wouldn't tell me. I like knowing things. There's nothing wrong with that.

Len's POV

Rin is a little weasel, isn't she? Always trying to know everything about my life and seemingly trying to piss me off when I'm obviously in a bad mood. Yeah, I do come across as a girl on her period sometimes but I have my reasons, okay? So just shut up and ignore me before I hurt you.

I'm surprised Rin didn't notice that I took her phone from her bag as I left the room earlier.

It was Wednesday and I was heading home after counseling. Lily was waiting for me to cook something, I guessed, so I had a little pace to my walk. Being slow is for snails only.

"Putting, putting, putting on my falsies, the falsies that make me blink, putting, putting, putting on my falsies, my cute fake eyelashes..."

I might've answered the call if I wasn't so engrossed in the mental ringtone that was coming from Rin's damn phone. I just left it to ring with a stony look on my face.

What sane person writes a song about eyelashes?

"I didn't know you were a Kyary fan, Kagamine..." Someone called Kyary apparently. "Hiding the reason your eyelashes are so nice, perhaps?"

Luka Megurine just happens to live near me. She's a proud, pink-haired bimbo with more admirers than she cares to acknowledge. Unfortunately because she doesn't address these admirers, she addresses me. I don't mind her company but she's very clever and to be honest, I don't understand a word that comes out of her mouth a lot of the time.

"Well... I don't mean to brag but y'know, mine are pretty silky." I replied quickly, not wanting to sound embarrassed for being found listening to psycho music on a phone that most certainly isn't mine.

Luka stepped close to me and I could literally feel her breath tickling my eyelashes. "Is that so?"

I nodded again, a rehearsed smirk covering my features. It wasn't I didn't find Luka attractive, but to be honest I was beginning to feel sick of these girls.

The pink haired girl didn't speak again, she just acted. After breathing over my face for a few more seconds she decided to kiss me all lustfully as you do. It was like I was on autopilot because I responded back the same way she was acting.

If she didn't talk, she could be anyone.

A friend maybe.

Maybe even Rin the smartass.

A friend with benefits.


The next morning, I found myself rushing back home. I was definitely not a hot mess at this point. My hair was blah, my face was blah, I was blah. I didn't care though, I was more concerned about how annoyed Lily was going to be. I ran through the front door and dumped my stuff down, scanning around until I noticed a murderous Lily standing before me, with more glass objects in her hands than I was comfortable with.

"You've fucked up this time!"


I can't remember much after that, although 'ouch' comes to mind.

Rin's POV

"So you're saying you're in hospital?" I asked as a talked on the phone (the landline, I couldn't find my mobile) to a dazed-sounding Len.


"So you're saying you won't be available for tutoring?"


"So I'll just have to visit you at the hospital then! We can't have you failing your exams!"


I ended the call and grinned to myself as a gathered my books, ready to tutor Len.

"Guess who's here?" I said as I practically floated in the overly disinfected hospital room.

I saw Len glaring at a doctor as he said something that sounded suspiciously like "I told you not to let her in".

I ignored the comment and sat in the chair beside his bed, taking the broken sight of him in. "What happened to you?"

He looked pained by the question. "I'd rather not talk about it."

"Well we're already talking about it now, so lets continue!" I smiled.

He mumbled something

"What?" I asked.

"... Ly..."



My smile grew wider. "Let me guess, she's one of your playthings that found out about your cheating habits?"

More mumbling.

I stayed quiet this time.

"Sister... gone..."


"Lily in jail... social services coming... help..." he muttered.

Before I could even ask, he was out cold. I was confused, very confused. What was going on? Scratching my head, I sighed. Time to do some research on the Kagamine family name.

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