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The dark winter winds howled outside of the small cabin that was presently inhabited by Cross and Allen. The cold that was pressing into the walls was held at bay by the fire crackling in the grate; it was far to merry for Cross's liking.

Allen was curled on the large chair in the room, and although his coat, Cross's coat, and a blanket were wrapped around him snugly, he shivered, the violent tremors making his teeth clack together.

Cross, for once, was not in his usual seat by the fire. Rather, he was knelt by Allen's side, a grim frown on his face, as he carefully removed a cold rag from his ill apprentice's forehead. The boy burned with fever—the result of a fifteen mile trek in storm conditions after being chased away from the last inhabited town.

Cross looked away, a bit guilty. It was, as usual, his fault for Allen's plight, as he had been the one to be irresponsible.

Allen coughed and groaned miserably. Cross combed Allen's silver bangs back with his fingers, letting one fingertip trace the pentacle scar. Allen's cloudy gray eyes opened, and he blinked slowly before slowly letting his eyes drift shut again. "Master," he whispered. His voice was weak and rattled in his chest. Cross shushed him and to his surprise, Allen cracked a weak smile. "You're not my mum, why are you suddenly caring so much?"

Cross sputtered for a minute. "O-of course I'm not your mum! Am I not allowed to care?"

Allen weakly shook his head. "I think I'll let it slide this time," he mumbled before letting his eyes close again, taking comfort in Cross's unusually gentle hand on his forehead, even as he trembled from his fever.

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