Guardians of Tokyo Chapter 77:

Hanna's New Family

Now that the Midori no Kishi were gone, everyone was happier and less tense. However, there was one more thing they needed to do in America, and it was a hard one. They had to find Hanna's real family, and if it was safe for her, they had to give her back.

To see if it was safe for Hanna, Emiko cast an illusion over herself and Kisshu, and the two of them went to the address that Hanna's father had given Emiko. They left Hanna in the care of Ichigo and Ayame, in case it wasn't safe.

Finally, Emiko and Kisshu reached Hanna's former address, and found a pretty house with a flower garden in front. However, Kisshu noticed something.

"Emiko, what does that sign say?" Kisshu asked, pointing.

Emiko read the sign and gasped. "It says 'For Sale'! They must be moving!"

"Well, that's not good," Kisshu said. "Let's ring the doorbell."

So Emiko went up to the door and rang the doorbell. No one answered. She rang it again. No one answered. Instead, the next-door neighbor's door opened, and a woman stuck her head out. "If you're looking for the Hopkinses, they aren't around anymore," she said.

"Why, what happened?" Emiko asked, surprised.

The woman looked around, then said, "Come in, and I'll tell you what happened."

Kisshu and Emiko looked at each other, then followed the woman inside.

After they went inside, the woman closed and locked the door, then closed the curtains. After she was done, she sighed. "Are you two friends of Mr. or Mrs. Hopkins?" the woman asked. "You don't sound like an American."

"Yes, I know Mr. Hopkins," Emiko replied. "We went to college together before I moved back to Japan. I'm Emiko, and this is my husband, Kisshu."

"Emiko, don't tell her too much," Kisshu warned. The woman looked puzzled. ( A/N: Kisshu is still speaking Japanese, while Emiko is speaking English. Kisshu doesn't speak any English, so Emiko will have to translate for him.)

Emiko nodded, then said to the woman, "Kisshu doesn't speak any English, so I have to translate for him."

The woman nodded, then said, "All right, then I'll go slowly while I tell you what happened."

Then she began. "I was friends with Mrs. Hopkins. She was a very sweet woman who loved her husband and daughter very much. About a month ago, she suddenly became abusive toward her daughter. Mr. Hopkins often got hurt trying to protect the girl. Emiko quickly translated this for Kisshu, and the woman continued. "One day, about two weeks ago, their daughter disappeared. No one knew, however, until the day Mrs. Hopkins found out that Mr. Hopkins had sent their daughter away to relatives in another country to protect her." Emiko translated this for Kisshu, and then added, "Don't tell her we know about the daughter." Kisshu nodded, and the woman continued. "That day was the worst day of my life." She hung her head. "When Mrs. Hopkins found out the truth, she began to beat up her husband. Hearing the noise, I called the police. However, by the time they and the paramedics got there, it was too late. She had killed her husband. The police immediately arrested her, and the trial was this week. She's been sentenced to life imprisonment, with the death penalty if she tries to escape."

Emiko, horrified, translated this for Kisshu, who then also looked horrified.

The woman continued, "I feel so sorry for the girl, Hanna. There's no news about her whereabouts; it seems her father took that secret to his grave. I'm sorry you had to hear all this from a stranger, but thank you for listening. It's nice to know that Mr. Hopkins had friends in this world- friends that would come all the way from Japan to see him."

Emiko translated this for Kisshu, then said to the woman, "Thank you for telling us all this. I hope Mr. Hopkins finds peace in Heaven, and that his daughter will be okay should she ever hear this."

"I hope so too," the woman said. She walked them to the door, and Emiko and Kisshu walked back to the cave so as not to scare anyone. It also gave them time to talk.

"How are we going to tell Hanna all this?" Emiko asked. "She'll be devastated."

"Well, she'll still have all of us, and I guess she'll be coming back to Japan with us," Kisshu said. "Still, this is one conversation I'm not looking forward to."

When they got back, the expressions on their faces brought everyone running.

"We have some bad news," Kisshu said. "Ayame, Ichigo, please stay here while we talk. The rest of you, please wait until we're done. I'll send Ichigo over when we've finished."

The others, seeing the look on his face, agreed immediately and left.

"What's the bad news, Aunt Emiko?" asked Hanna.

Emiko and Kisshu exchanged glances, then Emiko said, "I know of no easy way to say this, so I'll just give you the truth. Hanna, your father is dead. Your mother found out he had hidden you, and killed him. She's been sentenced to life in jail."

Ayame's and Ichigo's jaws dropped in horror. Hanna's face crumpled, and she threw herself at Kisshu, sobbing.

Kisshu held her, and said, "Hanna, it looks like we're your family now. I promise we'll never leave you."

Emiko stroked Hanna's hair and said, "I promise we'll never leave you, Hanna. You are very precious to us, and I promise we'll take good care of you."

"I promise too," Ayame said.

"And I'll be there for you too, Hanna," Ichigo said. "We'll all help you get through this."

Hanna gradually stopped sobbing, and said, "Thanks, everyone. You're the best."

"I'm glad you think so," Kisshu said. "By the way, you got my shirt all wet."

Everyone laughed, even Hanna.

"I'll go tell the others," Ichigo said. Kisshu nodded, and she left.

"We're going back to Japan now, so that's where we'll live," Emiko said.

"But I don't know how to use chopsticks," Hanna said.

"I'll teach you," Ayame said with a smile. "It's easy once you get the hang of it. You'll get to see Dire Bite too, he'll be living with us."

"The good Midori no Kishi have to go back to their dimension, but the rest of us will stay," Ichigo said as she came back.

"Why?" Hanna asked.

"They don't really belong here, and people would be scared of them," Emiko said gently. "Let's go say goodbye to them, so we can go home."

"Okay, but I'll miss them," Hanna said. Everyone then said their goodbyes, and the good Midori no Kishi went back to their own dimension.

Once they were gone, Kisshu turned to the others and said, "All right, everyone, let's go home!"

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