He was walking away from her. "Julian!" she yelled to him and got no reply he was gone all she heard was his voice. 'Be a good girl Rey, I love you' she screamed as she awoke yet again to find an empty room. "Julian" she whispered to the empty air, he was gone, really and truly gone. She cried in frustration and in agony. 'why?' why had he fallen in love with that stupid human girl? Rey fingered her short white blonde hair sadly, why wasn't she good enough?

"It's Jenny this Jenny that Jenny, Jenny stupid god damned JENNY! She killed you and you loved her so much! Why?" She sobbed into her pillow silently, Julian was gone and he'd left her alone. The only Shadow Girl to ever exist and she was alone. Julian had been her only friend, no, her only love and he was gone. Not dead simply gone his name carved out of the Rune Stave because he decided to save that stupid scrawny human. 'I will make you pay Jenny Thornton I don't care if he loved you….because….because he loved me more' And so she cried a cry of vengeance and death and she swore to make the girl who had taken Julian away from her pay dearly.