I said I wouldn't upload another chapter till after my exams, but couldn't stop writing this!

Lexie Grey was bleeding. Not the normal scrapped knee, or knife cut that got you a few stitches from the suture kit in Meredith's bathroom, it wasn't that kind of bleeding. Lexie was bleeding in a way that made her head spin, her skin pale and her palms thick with sweat. Somewhere in her body, or outside of it, there were holes and tears and rips, and she knew only a fraction would clot naturally. She was bleeding out.

She could see the cuts on her left arm were minimal, she couldn't see her right, but what really worried her was the reddening around her stomach, how the skin had become tight and gaunt looking. The sharp edges of the plane wings digging into her made her acutely aware, and the tiniest rustle of the forest sent her searching widely for the faintest signs of movement.

She gritted her teeth with the pain, trying to hold back the tears.

"Meredith?" she called out again shakily, "Derek?"

It wasn't the first time she'd called their names that night and her voice was hoarse from it. "Meredith?" she shouted again, louder.

She wanted to call his name too, she wanted to whimper and scream for him, but she daren't. It wasn't her name to call. Lexie relaxed back into the earth, taking short shallow breathes. They weren't coming, they were dead, she thought and she was dying.

At least she'd told him, at least he knew. Images of the locket flashed into her mind, the tale of the poor girlfriend never-to-be-fiancé, and how she never knew. He would know that she loved him, that she cared. It didn't matter now how much it hurt he didn't love her back. Dead people don't have feelings anyway, she thought bitterly.

But she wasn't dead yet. She would die slowly, from blood loss or some other internal injury, or maybe even the cold that was making her shake deep within her bones. If she was really unlucky, she would die from the gnawing hunger, but she doubted it.

She wanted to believe in heaven, she wanted to believe she'd see her Mom again. She so badly wanted to see her Mom again.

And then she was crying, full hopeless sobs that sent tears streaming down her cheeks. She was crying for the pain, she was crying for her Mom, for her inevitable ending here in the middle of the woods alone and even though she still wouldn't admit it, she was crying for the man that wouldn't love her back.

Arizona stroked his forehead, the man she used to hate. It seemed stupid now, the disagreements, how long it had taken them, how many disasters and tentative steps they'd had to endure before becoming friends. And now he was laying across her lap and their plane had crashed and she wasn't certain of anything anymore. He was pale and kept drifting out of consciousness; there was a word for it that wouldn't quite come to her mind, listless, that was it.

He was sick; you didn't need to be a surgeon to work that out. Arizona couldn't remember her days working in cardiology, but she was sure a quick fix cardiac surgery in the woods wasn't going to fix him. No, she thought, a hospital bed and fluids and proper post-op care would do that. It would also fix her knee; her wife would fix her knee, and wherever this blood was coming from.

They were camped around a non-existence fire, heaped in blankets and clothes from the wreckage of the plane, but it only took the edge of the cold and the damp. Derek was out of it, Meredith and Cristina were huddled together, asleep despite their efforts to keep conscious. But Arizona was awake, wide awake. A cycle of faces spun around in her head, Callie clutching little Sofia, dialling her mobile, again and again, crying loudly and gracelessly because Callie was never one for silent tears. But the more frequent of the two was Lexie. The little doe eyed resident that had captured Mark's attention since she'd been working at Seattle. The Lexie that had continuously frustrated her too no end because of Mark's inability to get over her, and then she had just gone and died on him. It was the final chapter, the end of their tragic love story. Because that's how you end real love stories, isn't it, with death and longing.

He'd been calling her name in his sleep, mumbling little regrets. She'd tried to shake it out of him, she couldn't lose him. Sofia couldn't lose him, it would break Callie. Whatever little twisted family they had made for themselves would crumble, they needed him.

She heard it barley, the crying. The forest was pitch black, the only sound coming from the rustles of the leaves and the small whispers from Mark. But there was something else, small little cries, barely audible but still there.

She thought fast, there was nobody else on the plane. They were all gathered here, even the half paralysed pilot. But the sobs continued, only when she strained to listen. She thought for a second she could pick out words, but they were distorted and jumbled by the wind.

"Crying," Arizona said quietly "Someone's crying"

Cristina stirred a little in her sleep, but nobody moved.

"Wake up" she shouted, and Meredith sat bolt upright, her hair in a tangle of bracken

"What?" she mumbled "Did someone die?"

"Someone died?" Cristina heaved herself upwards,

"No one died" Arizona interjected "No one's dying. Can you hear that?"

They paused, listening. The woods were silent in front of them; the small muffled sound had stopped.

"Sleep" Cristina grunted, collapsing back into a pile of blankets.

"No, Listen!" hissed Arizona, causing Meredith to lock eyes with her.

Meredith strained, for a split second she thought she could make out something, a low moan or maybe a quiet whimper, but then it was gone.

"I don't hear it," Meredith said quietly "Nobody's out there. The only person would be..."

She looked down at her hands "The only person would be Lexie, and she's, she's..."

"Gone" Arizona finished

A fresh stream of tears rolled down Meredith's cheeks. She looked exhausted; her eyes were scrunched and red, her hair matted with blood from a head injury no one wanted to address.

"I'm going to miss her so much," she whispered.

"We all will" Arizona soothed, reaching for Meredith's hand and clutching it tightly.

The wind dropped and suddenly they heard it, the sob, the definite very real sob. It echoed off the trees, in a high desperateness that made Meredith shiver. It was the unmistakable cries of a young girl.

The two women stared blankly, not believing.

"Lexxiee" Mark groaned, and they jumped.