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Warning- AU

On their wedding night, Proteus is so gentle. He shows, Marina knows, an unusual regard for his bride's feelings as he takes away her virginity. His face hovers anxiously over hers, breaking off his movements constantly to ask her if she's alright, if it's too painful. He tells her he'll stop, that they don't have to do this tonight.

But Marina is bred to her duty, and she faced far worse on the quest to recover the Book of Peace.

Getting manhandled by Sinbad, thrown about the ship courtesy of the Sirens, and the biting cold of the snow and ice when the ocean froze over are just some of the discomforts she experienced. The stretching burn of Proteus inside her is nothing compared to the ache in her heart.

As Proteus moves in her slowly, she tries her best to smile at his anxious face. Somehow, she knows Sinbad wouldn't have been as careful with her.

Marina loves Proteus. She does. He is a good husband: kind, considerate, and gentle. Proteus dotes upon her every need, especially now that's she's carrying their child. She has scented baths every day, the most luxurious, loose clothing available. Marina dines on nothing but the best, and most mild, of food.

And she dreams of Sinbad. Of his dark, dark eyes that would go black when he was excited or angry. Of his short, thick, dark hair so different from Proteus's long brown mane.

Of his face, so precious to her now when the mere sight of it infuriated her at the being of their voyage.

Of his hands, thick and calloused and scarred from a life of constant battle and work that were never gentle with her.

Of his smirk, the white flash of his teeth as he amused her, infuriated her, and regaled her with stories and stupid, daring escapes that only Sinbad could have pulled off.

Of his body, hard and muscular and giving off heat.

Of the way he looked that night when he almost kissed her, dark and intense with his eyes gone black, face hard, muscles tense, those hands of his wrapped around her neck and delicate wrist.

She wishes she had kissed him.

Marina gives birth to a boy. A lovely, healthy, boy with milk chocolate eyes. Proteus' eyes. She loves her child fiercely and instantly, labor pains forgotten in her sudden join.

Proteus is so proud- they have an heir for their country, and Proteus has a son. Marina knows he adores her in a way he never did before; now, she is the mother of his child.

Unlike most royalty, Marina takes care of her child, and raises him. When she's not taking care of state affairs, Marina is rocking her precious baby boy, singing to him, playing with him, feeding him.

Proteus loves her for it, and laughs when a scandalized, old court biddy who never liked her demands that Proteus put Marina in her place.

The people love her as well, and sing her praises. "See how wonderful our Princess is", they say. "See how she cares for our future King, our baby Prince. How lucky our Prince must be, to have a wife so devoted to him and their child! She'll make a wonderful Queen. Our Princess is the Lady Marina."

Marina blushes when she hears their praises, shame staining her cheeks red, and Proteus laughs at her, a fond smile on his face. "So humble, my Mari,: he teases her.

And when Marina rocks her baby, looking out at the sea? She isn't imagining what giving birth on a ship would be like. She doesn't imagine raising an adorable dark-eyed son on a pirate vessel with a loyal crew and a black-eyed, roguish captain.