A Match Made In Hell

Full Synopsis: Larry Cotton has been dead for twenty years, so Kirsty is understandably shocked to come face to face with her father after all that time. When she discovers Xipe Totec, the Leader of Cenobites, was responsible for the resurrection, she is soon to find out why, and how...leading to an unexpected and seemingly forbidden bond between the human and Cenobite. But trouble lurks nearby in the form of a mysterious Soulkeeper with a grudge which spans several decades...a hateful grudge and a sneaky plot conspiracy that threatens to destroy all of Hell, Kirsty, Xipe, and the key to the Labyrinth's future salvation.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hellraiser or its characters. All rights go to Clive Barker and Dimension Films. This is for entertainment purposes only. Story is rated M for mild violence, horror, language, heartbreak, and scenes of a mild sexual nature. Just to be safe. Please enjoy! This was developed and improved from a previous and older story of the same name.


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Chapter One - Resurrection

The creatures with whom inhabited this dark realm, the place of where he had been a less than well-treated resident of, came and went over the must have been eons that had passed; all varying in looks and sizes, yet he had remained there since the moment of his arrival so long ago. Always for the same purpose; to be punished and tormented for reasons beyond his comprehension.

What could this poor, innocent human have possibly done to deserve this waking nightmare?

All he had done was come home from a hard day at work to be confronted by his supposed loving wife. She had something to show him, she had claimed. The next thing he knew he was face to face with a flayed thing in the attic, a skinless 'man' who had claimed to be his brother. Then...nothing. Just blank. He couldn't remember anything following on from that moment. Then he was here; in the God-forsaken place receiving punishment, both mentally and physically, by these...demonic creatures – for lack of a better word.

He had been shackled and bound tightly to this realm since, with no hope of escape, to this perpetual Limbo where his dreaded fears and nightmares became a reality, for whatever God of this realm only was aware how long now. He was cold, hungry and tired and he could do no more than whimper and sob uncontrollably.

Larry Cotton was an innocent man whose very soul was untouched by corruption and sin that unfortunately his treacherous younger brother Frank had in abundance, yet he had been sentenced to the dark God Leviathan's keeping almost two decades before and placed in an unreachable kind of Hell, unique to any other corrupted soul's place of torture. The nightmares from which he could never awake were never ending, as was the pain and the suffering. His suffering had been legendary since he had been unfairly and wrongly sent to Hell in placement of the absconded Frank Cotton, and his eager and desperate paramour Julia.

Where they were right now, the man just did not know for certain.

He had no choice but to listen to the agonized and pain-filled screams of those fellow damned echoing around him. Day and night, every minute which passed, every hour. Every second. (If those were at all possible to measure here) Such screams which would shrill loudly and painfully, screams which forced Larry to clamp his shuddering hands over his delicate ears.

Where exactly was this hellish place he had found himself in twenty years before – or was it more? - a place he had often heard his tormentors refer to as the 'Labyrinth'?

Was it really Hell?

Or was it another plane of existence entirely?

Only his other worldly tormentors knew of the truth, but they were far too concerned in punishing him for something he did not do.

Every single time they came to torture him he pleaded with them, begged them to see reason. He forever protested his innocence, claiming that this was all a big mistake. But all his desperate pleas fell on deaf ears. He had been all of his life a good man; a decent man living an honest life. Why was he even in this place?

In the many years, eons perhaps, he had spent in his cold, dark and dismal surroundings he had made several noble attempts to escape, all being rather futile of course, and now he had given up not only all hope, but on himself too.

All he could do now was assign himself to the fact that he was never going to leave there alive. When death would come for him he would gladly welcome its sweet release with open arms, not exactly realizing that in a way he was already dead and had been for some time now.

But, more so than anything in the whole wide world, Larry desperately wanted to be able to see his little girl Kirsty again. He was often tormented with ghastly visions of her, made to believe she was there when she wasn't. It was agonizing. But no; he wished to be in the arms of his real flesh and blood daughter, to hold her close to him and never let her go. He missed her horribly and often wondered what she would be like now.

Did she still possess that mass of gorgeous dark corkscrew curls for hair? Was she still as stubborn and free-spirited as she had been as a child and into her teens? Dare he think it, would she have grown to look like her beautiful late mother? Was she married? Had she made him a Grandfather? What did she even look like?

How had she coped for all this time without him? Was she even still alive, seeing as it had felt like he had been languishing in this place for centuries?

All these questions that he longed to ask her were what kept him sane, though sometimes they had driven him quite insane. God, heaven only knew how his girl must be feeling, all alone with no one. No one related by blood anyway.

"Oh Kirsty, I'm so sorry, baby! This isn't fair!" Larry sobbed quietly to himself, his voice barely a whisper and a lone cold tear streaking down his cheek.

Suddenly, he was pulled from his torturous stirrings as he heard heavy footsteps approaching. Turning around, he could just make out a tall silhouette in the distance through the mist of his Hell. 'Oh no, they can't be here for more, it's too early.' he thought to himself. His torture consisted mainly of mental abuse, though sometimes he would be subjected to actual bodily torture, depending on what they deemed acceptable for the day.

As the long figure approached slowly the innocent little lamb forced himself right back into the corner and curled himself into a protective ball, and buried his face into his knees. He could feel his racing heart pounding mightily against them almost like he had run a Marathon.

Larry gazed up and winced, squinting into the blinding light. He could just make out the figure standing before him. "Who...who are you?" he stammered, daring to question the mysterious dark figure. His voice was still raspy and croaky through all the screaming in his torture sessions.

"Larry Cotton?" the figure inquired, speaking with a deep and cavernous voice, though it was rich and English accented. The stranger never moved an inch as he awaited the occupant's reply.

Larry Cotton, the innocent lamb who had been sent here to this place well over a decade before, swallowed hard and curled himself up into an even tighter ball. "Yes?" he finally answered. His voice quivered through the fear and uncertainty of what may come next.

The figure, however, did not reply straight away. Instead he stepped further forward into Larry's Hell. Larry himself now had a better look at him. He was somewhat different to the others who had come and tortured him since his arrival; Larry had never seen him before. Even if he had of, there was no way he could have ever forgotten him, Larry observed. The pins decorating his pale cranium kind of stood out amongst other things, so to speak.

His very presence commanded authority, and Larry knew almost immediately that this was the leader of the brutes with whom tortured him within an inch of his life every day for the past...well, again, it was not to him to guess how long he had been there. But looking to his snowy pierced face, Larry could find nothing sinister or evil lurking within those coal ebony eyes.

Quite the contrary; his eyes reflected such sadness and even empathy.

Why such emotions were swimming within this demon's eyes Larry did not quite understand, though right now he had more pressing concerns to worry about.

What exactly did this creature want with him?

The pinned man was still lurking there in the doorway before Larry, a lone dark figure lingering in lightness, and simply staring at him. It was almost as if he knew him, like he was the key to something he so craved. This had understandably forced Larry to feel uncomfortable and fearful. At the corner of his eye, Larry could just make out an additional silhouette; much further away...and seemingly more human in appearance than the pinned man. But this person never spoke, whoever it was. The light did a fine job in concealing their identity. Though one feature stood out in the hazy light, and that was the stranger's bright, almost inhuman, piercing blue-green eyes, which were gleaming directly at him. They were certainly a nice contrast to the pin demon's dark almost lifeless coal eyes.

Finally, Larry could no longer stand the unbearable silence, and he mustered up all of his courage and strength to speak out. "Look, mister, I didn't do anything wrong. I was sent here by accident. It was all a mistake! I don't deserve to be here! Why can't you just give me a break!?" the father to the strong willed Kirsty Cotton whimpered. His tear ridden bright blue eyes darted back and forth through not daring to look his demonic visitor in the eye. He just wouldn't dare.

The pin studded demon, however, chose merely to stare at him, almost murderously. However then, taking Larry by complete surprise, he neared Larry and extended a pale hand out to him, offering him a help up from the floor.

Larry hesitated at first, and quite rightly so, until he was encouraged by the demon's honest gaze. He shakily placed his hand in his; a pale fleshed hand which was, to Larry's complete shock, quite warm considering. He allowed for the demon to take his full weight and pull him to his feet, and finally the two came directly face to face with one another. His expressions were calm, emotionless, empty – though his eyes held something of pain within them, and sadness, even loneliness.

Larry did not quite know what to think or feel, nor did he know of what lay ahead for him. Was this considerable 'man' here to torture him? Tease him with more images of his beloved daughter? Was this a rather cruel trick?

Larry's head swam with the whys and whatnots until a new voice cut into the airy silence which had flooded this dark and cold Hell.

"Xipe, why do you wish to help this pathetic mortal? Do you not know of the consequences to yourself if you were to set him free?"

The voice which spoke so seductively belonged to that of an unseen female. A third figure in the mist. She was obviously speaking to the pin faced one.

The demon referred to as Xipe did not answer her, he did not even look back to her. He simply ignored her. The second, more obscure, figure, the one with the more human seeming features, and those haunting bright and piercing eyes, seemed to have now disappeared.

In the meanwhile, the female continued, her cooing voice dripping with sexuality, though there was an element of mocking present. "Is it because of this Kirsty female you're so very fond of? Surely not, Xipe. You are not that so weak and compassionate. Or are you?" Her voice had now definitely become cruel and mocking. "My, Xipe, this Kirsty creature must have cut through that...tough exterior of yours, and you have allowed it, you even welcome it. Whatever happened to Leviathan's favoured son? The chosen one?"

It was at that moment Larry then seen the burning rage in the pin creature's eyes. He wasn't so sure exactly what the female had said about Kirsty, but it had been enough to displease and anger him greatly.

"Angelique! You have no business here. Leave us, NOW! Or I'll be sure to make you suffer Larry Cotton's pain tenfold!" Xipe commanded in a voice which shook Larry to the very core.

Larry could not see anything, but he could hear footsteps softly clapping away, meaning that the woman addressed as Angelique had taken heed of the pin man's warning and had left them be.

The demon, his eyes now relaxing and the anger and rage melting away only for sadness and loneliness to once again take a hold, opened his mouth to speak to the broken man stood shaking and shuddering before him.

"Larry Cotton, walk with me." he ordered calmly.

Larry's hands at once started to shake through the fear. Fear of the unknown. What was going to happen to him now?

He decided to ask, though chose his words carefully and prepared to defend himself just in case.

"W-why? Where are you taking me?" he asked fearfully.

The pinned demon took a deep breath and sighed. "Home, to your daughter." he finally said, before adding in a more demanding tone; "Come now Larry Cotton. We have a long journey ahead of us..."

To Be Continued...

Coming Soon... Kirsty comes face to face with the past, Pinhead's hiding something...but what? A forbidden romance ensues, Pinhead struggles, a conspiracy, war, mysterious Soulkeepers, Kirsty in danger...and much more! Tune in next time!