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"Normal Speech"

'Normal Thought'

Flashback/ Writing/ TV


"Shido-sama! Shido-sama please let me back on. I'll do anything you ask of me without hesitation!" Yuuki continued banging on the doors leading to the minibus where Shido and his followers were. Yuuki is a female with peach skin, yellow eyes, and short light orange hair which she kept a hair band to keep her hair back. She has E-cup breasts. Currently she was naked for everyone to see and knocking on the door leading to the minibus as a group of undead made their way towards her. Fear crept into her heart as the dead got closer towards her.

Shido stared out the bus at his former student with a cruel smile. "I'm sorry Yuuki-chan but we had to eliminate someone. We only have enough supplies for 6 people and we had to sacrifice someone to save our group some utter damnation. I hope you could understand." Shido smile grew as he watched as Yuuki turned away from the bus and ran as fast as she could. He turned his attention to his remaining group.

First there were the only female members of the group and the two that would help repopulate the human race unless they were replaced that is. They were Kawamoto and Taniuchi.

Kawamoto is a red-headed girl with golden brown eyes. She wore the female uniform of Fujimi Academy.

Taniuchi has magenta colored and blue eyes covered by a pair of glasses. She wore the female sailor uniform of Fujimi Academy.

Then there were the four guys of the group including him that would do manual work for the group and impregnate the two girls when they found a place to settle down. They would help gather food and other materials they would need. This was the reason why he didn't eliminate any of the guys. Shido figured that two girls would be enough to please four guys plus they would be able to carry most of the weight. The two females would sit by and please each of them.

The first guy of the group was Shido Koichi, the leader of the group. Shido is very attractive; depicted wearing a black pinstripe suit. Inside the suit, he wears a white dress shirt along with a yellow tie. He also wears black-framed glasses.

The second guy was Tsunoda, second in command. Tsunoda has brown and yellow hair, wears the male Fujimi High School uniform, and unlike the other students, he wears slippers instead of regular shoes.

The last two guys were Kurokami and Miura. Kurokami has long black hair that grows over his eyes. He does not wear the black uniform jacket over a long-sleeved white shirt.

Miura has messy brown hair as well as eyes of the same color. Under his gakuran jacket, he wears a red-orange shirt.

"Well it looks like we'll survive for a while thanks to our lovely sacrifice of Yuuki-chan. We won't have to starve until we get more food. And speaking of which, I think a little trip to the convenience store will be appropriate. We have more space to store food for later so we won't have to worry about starving anytime soon." Shido's attention went to the door when he heard a few bangs against the door. He turned to find the horde of zombies slowly gathering at the door. "I think it's time for us to leave and find a nice place to settle down temporarily. I'm sure there's a secured building we could use to set up our zombie free paradise."

Shido went to the driver's seat and drove off quickly before they were surrounded.


Yuuki lunged felt as if they were to combust as she continued running pass groups of zombies. She felt her heart pumping out of fear and adrenaline. She couldn't believe that Shido had tossed her aside. She always believed that her sexy charms would allow her to stay with the group and that as long as she made the guys happy, she would be okay. But that wasn't the case at all. She was cast aside from the group and left for dead. Tears streamed down her cheeks at the thought of dying.


Her adrenaline continued pumping allowing her to continue running. She quickly turned into an empty alley to avoid a large group ahead of her. Yuuki quickly hid inside a large empty dumpster making sure she didn't make any sound. Based on what Takashi had said, these things only reacted to sounds. Tears continued streaming down her cheek at her present situation.

'Damn it, I wish I went to Takashi and his group. Now I'm going to die.' Slowly her adrenaline went away leaving her extremely tired. Her stomach growled a little reminding her that she didn't eat yet. Yuuki crawled into fetal position not caring about the fact that she was inside a dumpster, not was she naked. What mattered right now was that she was away from those things and that she would survive a little didn't have to worry about beating eaten alive by those things.

'I wonder how Yamada felt when those things ate him.' Thoughts of the former student brought back horrible memories of how she suggested that Yamada be kicked off the bus because he didn't follow Shido's beliefs. She felt guilty for suggesting such a thing and she was now able to experience betrayal Yamada felt when Shido actually went through with her suggestion. Her heart ached in pain bringing more tears out. She remained in fetal position and continued crying until she fell asleep. She shifts her body slightly in an attempt to stay warm.

4 hours later





Yuuki was awoken by the sound of a large explosion followed by the sound of gun shots. The explosion and shots were close so that meant someone with weapons were close by. She lifted the lid slightly to get a view of the outside. She was greeted to the sight of zombies in the alley she was in. She slowly dropped the lid without making any noise. If they discovered she was here, she would be dead soon. She tried to think of a way to reach the shooters and leave with them without getting the attention of the zombies. Fortunately for her, the shooter had seen her face when she took a peek outside.


Yuuki felt relief when she heard this. It would seem that there was hope of survival for her after all. Several shots were heard but closer indicating that he was coming towards her. The sounds of machine guns being fired was soon heard throughout the alley. The lid to the dumpster swung open revealing her soon to be savior in the form of a handsome teen with fair skin, bright blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and exotic whisker-like marks on both sides of his cheeks. He wore black jeans, long sleeve white button-up shirt, and black boots. Currently he was carrying an MP40 9 mm in his hand. A Mark XIX Desert Eagle pistol was visible on his waist.

"Are you okay Hime?" Yuuki couldn't help but blush at how he addressed her. Never in her life did someone address her as such. Her sexual side soon kicked in when she realized her situation right now. There was a nice guy in front of her with real guns and was capable of using them if the dead zombies were to go by. She could use her sex appeal to get protection. All she had to do was use her body to please him to get protection against those things. Using her sexy voice, she proceeded to take action.

"Please save me from these zombies and I'll do anything you ask. I'll make you the happiest man alive if you protect me." She pressed her nude body against his and placed a hand on his crotch and rubbed it a little to get her point across. She smiled inwardly when she felt his manhood slightly twitch.

"Um...Alright, I'll keep you safe hime. My name's Naruto Uzumaki by the way. What's your name hime?" He fired a few shots of his desert eagle nailing a few zombies in the head. He didn't need to completely see the zombie to get head shots. He was simply that good with guns. Yuuki leaned forwards and whispered her name in his ears softly.

"My name is Yuuki Miku Naruto-kun." Naruto smiled at the honoriffic.

"Well Yuuki-hime, I think we should leave this area soon before too many of those things show up. I have a ride and a safe one at that. I have a few supplies you could use." Her stomach growled a little which made her blush. "I also have some food with me as well." Yuuki smiled a little and climbed out the dumpster. Once she was on the ground again, Naruto placed his bag of ammunition down and motioned for her to get on his back. "There's a lot of glass around here so I think it would be best if I carried you plus my ride isn't that far away." Yuuki didn't hesitate in hoping on his back. Once she was on his back, he placed the desert eagle in his bag and lifts the bag up with his left hand. He used his right hand to hold his submachine gun. "Alright just hang on tight and don't let go."

Much to Yuuki's complete surprise, Naruto was able to run with not only her but a submachine gun and a bag of ammunition as well. He was physically more fit than any guy or man she knew. She could also feel his hard muscles through his shirt. She couldn't help but lean in more to get a better feel of his muscles. Right now she was feeling very lucky for running into Naruto. She continued watching Naruto from his back as he continued killing zombies on the way to his ride. She began wondering what this ride of his was. She was sure he had something capable of keeping them safe from the horde of zombies.

"Alright we're here." Naruto turned from the alley they were in to where he parked his ride. Yuuki's eyes widen when she saw his ride. While she didn't have much knowledge on military things like Kohta, she knew this was a military vehicle based on the shape.

"It's a Sisu XA-186 if you're wondering what it is. It's not the same as the ones the military have. I built it differently from the others so it could be better." Yuuki continued staring in shock at his ride. Naruto approached his ride and placed his bag down. He opened the back door then placed Yuuki down on the small bed he had. He retrieved his bag then entered the vehicle closing the door behind.

"Alright I have some alcohol wipes for you to wipe the dirt off your body. I'll retrieve them as well as some food for you. Just sit back and relax." Yuuki didn't need to be told twice. She leaned back allowing her body to rest on the small bed she was on. She felt much safer here plus he didn't seem like the type that would throw her out.

But to be on the safe side, she would make him addicted to her through sex.

She would make sure he crazed her body so much that he would do anything within his power to keep her safe. With a body like hers combined with her willingness, she was confident that she would be able to do just that. She was soon brought from her thoughts when he came back with a few cleaning supplies ranging from a bucket of water, rag, towel, alcohol, soap, and a few others. Naruto placed the items down on a small table before turning to leave.

"Wait Naruto-kun" She smiled inwardly when he stopped and turn towards her. "I'm feeling a little weak after going without food for hours. Could you help me get cleaned up and feed me. I'll be forever grateful Na-ru-to-kun." Her voice sent shivers up his spine the way she said his name.

"H-hai Yuuki-hime, I'll h-help you in any way I can." Yuuki smiled as Naruto turned towards her grabbing a few supplies on the way. As soon as he was close enough, she placed a hand on his crotch and gave a firm squeeze.

"Thank you Naruto-kun." Naruto's lightly blushed at her actions.


"That seems to be the last of them in this area. We'll be able to refill here and rest for a while." Takashi glanced around the area to make sure there weren't any more zombies they could have missed. Once he was sure they were all dead, he glanced over to his group which consists of one adult, 5 students including himself, a small girl, and a dog. All of them wore black track suits which they acquired recently from a sporting store.

The adult was their 27 year old high school nurse Shizuka Marikawa. Shizuka is a very tall buxom woman with ridiculous curves, known primarily for her large J-cup breasts. She has long blond hair that extends down pass her waist, and hazel eyes. Several bangs of her hair comes down into her face, with two bangs come down at the sides running all the way down while also framing her face. She was currently carrying a bag filled with medical supplies and ammunition for the small pistol she carried with her. She would act as a nurse and a support for the group. She would attack any zombies that came too close to the group.

The 5 students were 18 year old Saeko Busujima, 17 year old Takashi Komuro, 17 year old Rei Miyamoto, 16 year old Saya Takagi, and 16 year old Kohta Hirano.

Takashi has the appearance of an average male high school student. He has brown eyes and spiky black hair. His height is average, and he has a slender build. Currently he was holding a baseball bat while a shot gun was strapped to his back. He would use the shot gun when they had no other choice. The bat was something he preferred since it wasn't too loud and he knew how to wield it.

Saeko was a female with blue eyes, fair skin, and long, straight and shiny purple hair along with a triangular fringe at the front that barely touches the ridge of her nose. She has D-cup breasts and a slim figure. She had a sword strapped to her left hip and a pistol strapped to the right. The pistol was her secondary weapon should she find herself separated from her sword. While she wasn't a big fan of weapons, she would use whatever available weapons they had to protect herself and her friends. She preferred swords plus she was a kendo champion. She had won all the tournaments she entered.

Rei has long, light-brownish hair with bangs and two strands sticking out above the rest of her hair. She has reddish-brown eyes and a slender figure with E-cup breasts. She was currently holding a large spear over her shoulders. A pistol was visible on her hip. Like Saeko, she wasn't a big fan of guns. She preferred spears or something akin to a spear. Of course she would use guns if the occasion arises. She too wanted to protect her friends from the walking dead.

Saya has long pink hair which she mostly keeps in two pony tails on either of her head. Her hair also has two thin, long bangs at the sides, two thin strands of hair over the left side of her forehead, and a spiky larger portion of hair covering the left side of her forehead. Saya has fierce orange eyes and furrowed eyebrows. She has F-cup breasts and a slim figure. She had two pistols strapped to her sides. One of the guns she carried was something she received from her mother Yuriko Takagi. It was a Kiku Crest Luger P08, a weapon used by German military.

Hirano is a teenage boy, slightly short, and a bit overweight for his age, with a shoulder-length hairstyle that has bangs reaching down from the side of his temples stretching outwards and obscuring the sides of his face. He had various guns strapped on his body. He was very proficient with any type of gun he got his hand on. He was the marksman of the group and a good one at that.

The small girl and dog was 7 year old Alice Maresato and Zeke.

Alice Maresato has shoulder-length pink hair with bangs reaching down from the side of her temples stretching outwards, burgundy colored eyes, a mole under her left eye, and wears a white headband on her head. She was armed with a slingshot, a few fireworks such as firecrackers, and a few other noisy items. They were items used to distract the walking dead. She would use the slingshot and a small object or firecracker to draw their attention towards where she fired said object or firecracker.

Zeke was a puppy with white coat and black ear flaps. He also wears a dog collar with a bone ornament that hangs at its front.

Currently the group was at a boat docks for fuel for their hummer and to rest a bit. The dock was located in an isolated area away from the village meaning there were fewer zombies to worry about which was a good thing.

"Takashi, what are our next plans? Shouldn't we plan ahead while we have the chance? I'm sure we're not going to be staying here for too long right." Takashi glanced over to Saeko who asked the question.

"Right now we're going resting up and possible gathering a few more supplies. Once we're done here, we're heading over to find Rei's parents." Rei perked up at this. She was really worried about whether or not her parents were safe or not. Her last connection with them didn't put her at ease at all especially when gun shots were heard in the back. A few morbid thoughts crept into her mind but she squashed them immediately. There was no point in getting frustrated for nothing. Besides, her father was a police man capable of handling himself. A few walking dead wouldn't be a problem for him. If anything, he was probably cutting them down right now.

Saeko nod her head accepting whatever plan he had in mind. "Do you have a way of getting there without any problems? Our ammunition and supplies are a bit low and I doubt we'll be able to retrieve much from here. The owners of this place must have left with most of it on a boat or whatnot." Takashi sighed at this. He had a thought like that but he still clung on to a little hope.

"We'll have to use what we can for now. I'm sure there's something we could use for the time being. I know it's not much but that's the best we could do for now. I'll try to find some supplies while we search for our parents especially weapon supplies. We'll also need to find a place we could settle down and a safe one at that." Saeko seemed pleased with the answer she received. It seems that selecting Takashi as a group leader was the best choice indeed. He was always trying to find ways to help the group as a whole. She turned away from him and went to assist the others in searching for supplies.

"What do you think that was all about Takashi?" Takashi turned towards Rei and shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't sure why Saeko asked all those questions but be made a guess that she was trying to formulate backup plans should his original plan fail. He knew that the chances that all his plans going as planned as slim. There were several factors that could throw his plan out the window or almost. An example of almost was the EMP that almost knocked their hummer out of service. They were lucky that the owner of the vehicle had prepared the hummer for almost anything.

Based on what Kohta said, the hummer was built to stand against explosions, rocky terrain, water, and EMP. Takashi began to wonder what kind of friend Shizuka had. She owned an expensive apartment complex, illegal weapons, and a military hummer capable of reaping havoc. Takashi was of course glad Shizuka had a friend like that. The guns, the ride, and the apartment helped them. They were able to rest and gather supplies from the apartment, the weapons which they still had allowed them to eliminate the zombies throughout their journeys, and the hummer allowed them to move back and forth without any problems.

"I think she's just making plans on her own should our plan fail. With the way things are, anything could go wrong so it's best to have a backup plan."

"What if her plan fails as well Takashi?" Takashi didn't even turn in the speaker's direction as he addressed her.

"Then I guess we could rely on our team's genius then right Saya?" If he was looking in Saya's direction, he would have noticed the blush upon her cheek. Saya turned her head in the opposite direction of Rei not wanting anyone to see her blush.

"So it seems that the leader needs me in the end. I guess it can't be helped that the idiot leader has to rely on littler old me for backup plans. You should be lucky that I'm in a helping mood today. I'll think of a few backup plans should yours and Saeko's plans fail. However don't get too comfy on relying on me too much." She turned away from the two and walked off. She would need some time to think of plans that would help them greatly. For this to happen, she needed complete silence to allow her mind to go through different scenarios. Takashi and Rei soon joined the group in their search for materials.


Yuuki massaged Naruto's tongue with her own as she slowly lift her body up then dropped low allowing his manhood to continue to impale her. She moans softly as she felt his penis stretch far beyond what the other males in Shido's group or any boy she ever dealt with was capable of. She leaned Naruto back a little in a more relaxing position. Using her right hand, she reached down to massaged his testicles and continued riding him relentlessly. Soon she found her current pace inadequate so she removed her hand from his testicles and then slowly increased her pace. She moaned softly at the pleasure she was experiencing right now. Her moans grew louder as she continued increasing her speed.

Soon the sound of wet skin slapping against each other echoed throughout the vehicle. Yuuki kissed Naruto and slipped her tongue into his mouth. They exchanged tongues with one another as Yuuki continued bouncing on him. They both moaned from the pleasure they were experiencing right now. When Naruto noticed her pace slowly decrease, he gripped her round bottom and stood up. Yuuki wrapped her legs around him instinctively and braced herself for the ultimate pleasure she was about to experience.

She didn't have to wait long when Naruto started impaling her harder on his rod. The sound of wet skin slapping one another had gotten a little louder by now as did her moaning. He increased his speed and strength behind each thrust which ended up in Yuuki breaking the kiss to moan loudly. Naruto didn't give her a chance to kiss him again, which would have successfully silenced her moans.

He allowed he moans to be heard by the walking dead outside his ride.

Naruto slowly lost himself in Yuuki as he savagely fucked her. He didn't even slow down when he felt her tighten nor did he make any move to stop when she gushed all over him. The soft, warm skin rubbing against his shaft was the only thing he was focused on right now.

Yuuki felt pleasure beyond what she ever experienced with any guy she had sex with. Never in her life did she think she could experience such a powerful orgasm but here she was doing just that. The best part was that he was continuing with the same inhuman speed and thrust. It didn't take long before her toes curled and she released another torrent of clear liquid onto him.

This guy, no sex god was amazing. To think she had a man like this by her side made her feel extremely lucky. To think that all it took to meet such a guy was to be thrown off the bus by Shido and left for dead.

She was brought from her thoughts when she had yet another orgasm but unlike the others, this one was the strongest. Her entire body began to spasm uncontrollably as she soaked Naruto.

Naruto stopped and watched with a smirk at his work. 'It looks like I'm a natural.' The sight of Yuuki losing consciousness from her orgasms added to his growing pride. 'I could already see my new nickname, Naruto Uzumaki, the Zombie Slayer and the Sex Viking. I'm such a badass.'

Yuuki leaned her head against his shoulders and closed her eyes. Naruto pulled out from here then carried her to a small bed he built in. He placed her on the bed then went back to where the cleaning supplies were. It was there he wiped himself down and got dressed. He went back to where she was then proceeded to clean here again. Once she was cleaned off, he opened the top latch then dumped the water on the crowd of zombie surrounding the vehicle. Seeing the amount of zombie around his ride surprised her. 'Was our activities that loud?' He released a small chuckle before retreating making sure to close the latch behind.

The Sisu XA-186 soon came to life and drove off squashing a large amount of zombies standing in front of it.


"Well it looks like we've reached our destination ladies and gentleman. I don't see too many of them around here so it's safe to assume that most of them left the area." Shido allowed a sigh of relief at the thought of fewer things to worry about. Tsunoda surveyed the area for a while and his eyes widened when he recognized the area they were in. His head turned towards two particular stores close to each other and a smile made its way to his face.

"It looks like we're in luck Shido-sama. The convenience store is located close to the weapon shop and the hardware store. The three stores are owned by the Ling brothers and it's linked to one another. We could turn the convenience store into our base and create our home here. We'll be able to repopulate the human race and keep those things at bay." He groped on Kawamoto when he mentioned repopulating the human race. Kawamoto blushed at this action as did Taniuchi when she figured out where Tsunoda was going with this. Shido smiled at the idea.

"Well does everyone else agree with Tsunoda's idea?" He scanned the group's faces to see who agreed and who disagreed. Everyone agreed with the idea. Shido clapped his hands together. "Very well, we will create our base here. This will be our start for helping humanity survive. We could recruit any survivors that wonder here to help us build our future utopia. This place will be 100% zombie free." Shido continued his speech about building a peaceful place and repopulating the human race. The students listened to his words eagerly like obedient dogs. Once Shido was finished his speech, the students were all staring at him like someone akin to a god. Shido smiled at their facial reaction and knew he has won them over.

"Alright, let's start building our home but first we need to fortify the place. We need to make sure those things don't get to us during construction. We'll gather some cement to seal off certain the doors and windows. Those things have shown that their capable of breaking normal doors with ease. Tsunoda, I want you and the guys to start gathering the required material. As for you ladies, please gather some weapons for us. We'll need the weapons if we are to live through this ordeal." The group quickly dispersed to gather supplies leaving Shido to think about his current plans and backup plans should it somehow fail.

Tsunoda, Miura, and Kurokami opened the door leading to the hardware store all wielding blunt weapons. They quickly attacked the zombies wondering around the store not giving them a chance to attack. The bashed the creature in the head ending its life once more. They spent the next few minutes killing off any infected found within the store then went over to several wheelbarrows which they proceeded to fill with the items they would need. Once they had filled their wheelbarrows until it was no longer capable of holding any more items, the pushed them to the convenience store then proceeded to make the cement which they would use to block the infected from entering. The girls came back with a few bags filled with hand guns and ammunition. They placed the weapons close to the men for protection purposes then left them to work on their home.

"Good job girls, you all make me so happy." The two girls Kawamoto and Taniuchi blushed at the praise Shido was giving them. Shido licked his lips at the two girls standing in front of him looking so innocent. Seeing them alone all alone looking the way they did made Shido want to fuck them right now. The fact that he was a 27 year old teacher while they were merely 16 year sophomore students didn't bother him at all. Right now things like that didn't matter. In his mind, as long as they were old enough to produce children, then they were considered old enough to fuck. It was the only way of saving human kind or so he believed. The two girls couldn't help but shiver slightly from his lust filled stare.

"So girls, while the guys work on our home, why don't we move to a more quite place. I'm sure the guys don't want to be bothered by us while they work." Shido's heart rate increased as sexual thoughts involving the two passed through his mind.

"Okay Shido-sama"

"Of course Shido-sama"

Shido smiled as he led the two girls away from the others. By now he had a full erection which was poking through his pants.