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Flashback/ Writing/ TV/Radio/ Internet feed


About 2 weeks ago, all we had to worry about were zombies and slow ones at that. Within two weeks, other threats of human kind started appearing throughout the world. First there was the zombie mutation which resulted in a variety of zombies with different strengths and weaknesses. We now have zombies capable of flipping cars thus staying in your vehicle is no longer an option. Adding to the list of threats are prisoners of various levels that managed to gain freedom during the crisis situation with the zombies. There is also a group of cults in the mix that sacrifices humans for their religion.

Zombies, prisoners, and cults

What has this world become? What does this truly mean for all of us? When will the zombie situation be over?

Sasuke turned the TV off much the Saya's irritation. Sasuke's cold look prevented her from responding to his action. "There's no point in watching the news especially at a time like this. The only thing they're managing to do right now is causing more panic amongst the general population. If you want information, just look at your device at the fox feeds application. The information there is more accurate than what you see on the news." Saya settled for a scowl against Sasuke for cutting off the news. What was so wrong with the news anyway? The purpose of the news was to-

"Hey Saya, the fox feeds has the name of the cult and a lot of information like the leader of the group. You should check it out if you want important information." Kohta continued scanning the new information on the application. Saya seemed hesitant for a while but decided to give it a try. The coldness in Sasuke's eyes went away becoming neutral again. He made a mental note to use his cold eyes on Saya when he wanted make her silent. He sat back in his seat and relaxed a bit. He pulled out a few snacks as well as a drink then proceeded to take a break from flying several hours straight. Saya and the others went to the fox feed application to read about any updates about what was going on in the world around them.

Fox Feed

A group of cult by the name of True eye has been spotted moving around various parts of the city in groups. The leader Sean Keanan is an American that traveled to Japan to spread his religion. Sean's belief is that the gods have plagued the world with the virus and that human sacrifices would please the god which they would remove the virus from the world.

Inmates Jackal, Juggernaut, Fury, and Zero were seen rallying prisoners to create a group of their own. They have taken over the Ling brother's convenience, weapon, and hardware store for their base of operation. Several prisoners were heading in that direction to help their cause of creating their own lawless home. They will kill anyone that isn't an inmate.

Zombie updates:

Walkers- They only react to sound

Strength: Slightly above normal

Speed: Slow

Infected- Zombies that regained a few more senses and is capable of running

Strength: Slightly above normal

Speed: Average

Thug- 8 foot zombies with incredible strength

Strength: Capable of wreaking a car and ripping the doors from one

Speed: Slow

Suiciders- Walking zombie time bombs that react to sound

Strength: When it explodes, it has enough power to completely wreak a car

Speed: Very Slow

Rams- They was insane people in straitjackets that became infected. They become larger on par with the thug in height and strength

Strength: Capable of flipping a Humvee if it tackles one


When charging: Average

Walking: Slow

Floaters- Large obese zombies from being submerged in water for too long. Their body produces corrosive slime that is very harmful to humans and animals. They spit out a stream of slime from their mouths

Strength: Normal

Speed: Very slow

Butchers- Brutal version of the infected that uses the remains of their arms which consist of bones alone to brutally beat humans into the ground

Strength: Slightly above average

Speed: Slightly above average

"Excuse me Sasuke, but who updates fox feed? Also where did they get information like this?" Kohta continued scanning over the recent updates on the zombies and the new threats.

"Fox feed is updated by members of Uzushiogakure. As to how they acquire that information, I'm not fully sure. You'll have to ask Naruto about that. Unlike me, he knows plenty of things about these devices more so than I do." Kohta nod his head in acceptance while making a mental note to do just that.

"Well do you at least know if this could contact my father or not?" Saya continued scanning the device for any indication that it could be used to do just that."

"Just head over to the search bar and punch in your father's name. If done correctly, multiple options will appear under ranging from facts to any communication device he has." Saya did just that and was surprised to see what happened next. She scroll down to find the list of communication device and selected the available currently available.

"Otousan this is Saya, can you hear me?" She waited for any type of response eager to hear her father's voice again.

Saya is that really you? I'm glad to hear from you. Where are you right now and are you safe?

Saya was relieved to hear his voice again. "I'm on an aircraft Otousan. We're currently parked on top of a large building for a break. Where are you right now Otousan and is Kaachan safe?"

You're mother's okay Saya-chan. She's talking to the commander of the base about making some sort of protection area for all survivors. We're tired of moving from one spot to another because of these things. We will take back our home and eliminate these things one way or another. There's no way we'll let zombies run us away from our homes. Anyway we're still in the planning phase right now. But once we get situated, I'll tell you when it's safe to come. Keep whatever device you have and stay safe.


Sasuke used his device to trace down the person Saya just spoke with then proceeded to send information from the fox feed towards them. He was sure the information would help them greatly. Once that was done, he turned his attention to the others. "Alright where are we heading to next?"

"I think we should head back home for now to get some proper rest and shower a bit." Takashi glanced over the members of his group as he said this. They all seemed tired which he couldn't blame them. Searching two large buildings and fighting off zombies requires energy and a lot of it. He glanced over to see how Sasuke was doing. Sasuke didn't seem tired at all but he didn't want Sasuke doing all the work.

"Alright prepare to head back home." Sasuke turned back to the controls then proceeded to restart the aircraft. He took off once more to return back to Uzushiogakure.


Ultimate challenge: Headshot zombie from 50 stories using handgun

Naruto Uzumaki

Bullets: 20

Zombies: 20

20 out of 20

Total: 100

Rika Minami

Bullets: 20

Zombies: 20

17 out of 20

Total: 85


Bullets: 20

Zombies: 20

15 out of 20

Total: 75

Tajima cried anime style that he lost to Rika once more and lost an opportunity to grab her breasts. He couldn't believe this teen won and was now living his dream to feel Rika's wonderful breasts. Naruto's hands continued squeezing Rika's breast firmly as he teases Tajima. "Don't worry Tajima; I'm sure you'll do better next time." Rika watched Naruto grab her breast with disbelief. As to what she was shocked about, it didn't have anything to do with Naruto grabbing her breast. She did tell him and Tajima that if they beat her score, they would be allowed to fondle with her breast for 5 minutes. What she was shocked about was the fact that a teen not only beat her score but earned a perfect score at that. How the hell did he do that?

Rika bit back a moan when she felt her body reacting to his touch. The area between her legs grew damp from his magic hand which she mentally dubbed them. Naruto continued applying chakra to her body as he massaged her breast. He smirked inwardly as she reacted to his teasing. The others stood by with blushes on their faces as Naruto continued playing with Rika's breast.




Naruto removed his hands from her breast when the time went off indicating that the 5 minutes was up. "Alright, let's continue our zombie slaying fun." Naruto walked away from a now horny Rika and went towards the pilot's seat.

"Wait Naruto-kun; is it okay for me to travel with Rika?" Naruto turned towards Shizuka and nod her head.

"Of course you can. I'm sure you two have some catching up to do." Shizuka smiled as she ran towards her best friend who was boarding the other aircraft. Naruto glanced back to see Saeko and Yuuki already seated in the back. "Let the zombie slaying begin."

Both UH-144 Falcons took off from the roof top. Yuuki and Saeko were on the side guns of Naruto's ride while Shizuka and Rika were on the side guns of Tajima's ride. A silent competition was issued between two pilots. Both pilots took off with the intent of slaying more zombies than each other.


"Leave it to the dobe to do something wreak-less." Sasuke could only shake his head but inwardly he was seething. 'Damn the dobe's having all the fun. Who the hell's flying my ride?' Sasuke watched from a distance as both UH-144 Falcons swerved around various buildings while firing bullets at the zombies below.

"What's going on?" Sasuke turned to see Takashi wide awake and alert along with the others. The gun fight must have awoken them from their naps.

"The dobe and someone else decided to have a little zombie slaying contest using the only two UH-144 Falcon prototypes." His eye twitched in annoyance that he didn't think about doing something like that.

"What the hell are they thinking? Now's not a time to be playing around like this." Sasuke was so focused on the competition that he didn't hear Saya's complaining. When Saya noticed that Sasuke wasn't listening, she stopped her ranting. She felt annoyed that he ignored her like that.

"That looks like fun" Kohta couldn't help but feel excited at the competition occurring right in front of them. Saya scowled at his comment but remained quite. "Sasuke, why don't we join them? Isn't this thing armed as well?" Sasuke allowed a smirk to appear on his face as Kohta's question.

"Now that you mention it, this does actually have some fire power and a great deal of it." He pushed a few buttons allowing a screen with controls to appear next to Kohta. "That is the controls for one of the guns Kohta. Why don't you play around with it?" He pushed a few buttons allowing identical screens to appear in various areas of the aircraft. "Those are the other weapons on this aircraft."

Takashi, Asami, and Matsushima went to each screen which displayed the area below them where the guns were aimed. Sasuke glanced back to each weapon to see which person had which gun. He then proceeded to tell them which ones they had control of.

"Kohta, you have control over our only auto-cannon. Asami and Matsushima have access to our two rocket launchers and Takashi has access to our large machine gun. Be careful how you all fire them and where you fire them. Now let the zombie slaying begin." Saya merely huffed in annoyance that the group for wanting to join such waste of time. Kohta fired a few rounds at a thug leaving a building killing it instantly. A silent announcement was made to the two other pilots that Sasuke and his team had entered the competition.


3 hours later

"Alright guys, the teme won the competition. But that doesn't surprise me at all. He has the most ammunition anyway." He sighed at the thought of losing to Sasuke.

I'm simply better than you dobe and you know it.

It looks like I lost to you Naruto so we're last once more.

Tajima sounded defeated when he announced this. Naruto couldn't help but snicker at this. "Alright, let's head back home to get some rest and resupply our aircrafts." The others agreed with this idea and soon turned their aircrafts towards Uzushiogakure.

"We sure killed a lot of infected today Naruto-kun. I'm sure this will benefit the survivors that are still out there. They should be able to move around the city with ease." Saeko continued scanning the area below taking notice to the zombies scattered around. "The noise we made in various areas must have scattered the zombies around." Naruto scanned the area below as well to see what Saeko was talking about.

"Naruto-kun, do you think this world will be zombie free one day?" Yuuki watched the mass of zombies as they flew by. Just the sight of the large army sent shivers down her spine. Naruto merely shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm not sure about that especially with how things are going right now. These things are all over the world and their numbers are increasing each day. These things are slowly overwhelming the military and the living population. If things continue like this, there won't be any humans left. It will be a zombie based world." Both Saeko and Yuuki shivered at that thought. "But I'm sure the military of each country will come up with a solution plus they do have weapons and other weapons. Of course they won't protect everyone. They'll most likely accept certain people and reject many due to power, food and water supplies, and other issues. Things like that will be hard to gather now especially at a time like this." Saeko already knew why having hearing this from Saya. It was something to do with workers not being at the power plant to work. Without workers, there wasn't as much power as it was before the zombie outbreak.

Naruto, Saeko, and Yuuki continued scanning the ground below but nothing was said between the three.


"Alright guys, we're here." Naruto, Tajima, and Sasuke land their aircrafts in Uzushiogakure's landing pads. The three groups exit their base and proceeded to group up. Naruto walked over to Rika and Tajima then proceeded to explain what they would need to do next. "Since you two are new to the island, you'll have to get registered here in which you two will be allowed to travel back and forth without any problems. My men will escort you two to the registration building and to where we will reside." Several armed men approached the two SAT members and motioned for the two to follow.

"Hey dobe, I'll be heading off to see a certain two girls." Sasuke smirked when he thought about the two girls he gained recently. Naruto smirked back when he picked up on what Sasuke's intention was.

"Alright teme but don't be too rough on them or they'll be out of commission for a while." Several blushed were now visible on the other's faces. Sasuke saluted Naruto before walking off in the direction his mansion was. Naruto turned his attention to the group and led them towards his mansion.




Naruto stopped walking as did the others when they heard their device went off. Naruto looked up when he realized that all their devices went off at the same time. "I'm guessing that you all have the alert system for the fox feed active." They all nod their head as they read the new information the fox feed had to offer.

The true cults along with their leader Sean Keanan has been eliminated by a group of inmates armed with military weapons. The true eye cults are no longer a threat while the inmates increase in both numbers and power.

Naruto whistled at the information he just read. "I guess that's one less lunatic to take care of but it would seem the inmates are growing stronger in power and numbers. Survivors will have a hard time especially with these guys around." The device beeped as new information appeared.

The inmates now go by the name of Brotherhood, an organization of only criminals. Be careful when dealing with them. Their targets are both humans and zombies.

Naruto put his device away once he read the new updates. His attention went to the group in front of him. "I guess we'll have to be careful when flying close to any inmates from now on. Since they have guns, they'll most likely shoot at anyone that isn't an inmate. While my aircrafts will be able to handle that and much more, we won't be able to unless you all have bullet proof skin." This made the others nervous about the new threat but not Naruto. The UH-144 Falcon and the D77-TC Pelican weren't his only aircrafts. He had other aircrafts that was well protected.

The D77-TC Pelican would be able to shield them from attacks as they traveled back and forth. The pelican would be an issue since the sides were wide open. The only time he would be able to use this was if he and Sasuke were the only ones aboard. Armed prisoners didn't mean anything to the two but for everyone else it did. They didn't have their unique abilities or anything close to it. They were simple civilians trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

"Hey Naruto, what's up with the live feed button." Kohta stared intently at the button. He had an idea as to what it does but the thought of actually being able to spy on anyone in the world didn't seem possible except in movies that is. He never heard of anyone being able to use a satellite to locate individuals or anything like that. Kohta looked up to find Naruto with a smirk on his face.

"Just press the button and be amazed." Kohta did just that to see what it was. What he didn't expect was a live image of prisoners around the Ling brother's stores. His eyes widen at what the communication device was capable of. The others pushed that button as well and scanned different areas or cities using the fox feed. They couldn't help but admire the small device they help in their hands. They couldn't believe they were holding something this advanced in their hands.

"This has to be against the laws. If it weren't for the zombie apocalypse, you would have been in so much trouble right now." Naruto looked up when he heard Saya's angry voice. Her entire face was red with fury or so it seemed at first. There was a noticeable blush on her cheek as well. He pulled out his device and traced the area Saya had scanned. A live image of an older version of Saya and a muscular man doing sexual activities appeared on his screen. Naruto whistled at how brutal the man was with each stroke.

"Damn that guy knows how to fuck." The others perked up at the mention of sex. Saya's face turned a darker shade of red when she heard her parents on Naruto's device.

"STOP STARING AT MY PARENTS PERVERTS." The others had a small blush on their cheeks when the couples were revealed to be Saya's parents. Naruto glanced back and forth between Saya and the other woman on his screen.

"You guys do bore a resemblance now that you mention it. You're both attractive." Saya's cheeks turned a darker shade of red at this. Naruto cut off the live image of her parents to avoid angering her any more. "Alright let's head home for some food and a hot bath." The others put their devices away and made their way towards the mansion for some relaxation.


"So dobe what will you do?" Sasuke stared at Naruto whom was current thinking over his options for his next move. Sasuke had requested that he meet up with him in private to talk about something important. Curious as to what Sasuke had to talk about, Naruto went to Sasuke alone. Once they were alone, Sasuke brought up the subject revolving around Naruto and his heroic ways. Sasuke asked Naruto as to the limitations of people they would allow entry to their land. Naruto mere shrugged at this then told Sasuke that he never thought about that which was true.

Naruto never thought as to how many people he would grant access to his land but now that he thought about it, it would be a good idea to do so. He simply didn't want too many people traveling to this island which would lead to several bad things ranging from an overcrowded place, a higher chance of the infection reaching within the walls of Uzushiogakure, and several other things that would work against them as a whole. Naruto thought about what he would be able to do. AN idea soon appeared in his mind which he voiced to Sasuke.

"Well we could always expand Uzushiogakure into Tokonosu. With the ways things are, we could take control of an actual city and merge it with Uzu allowing me to gain power over both areas. Staking claim to Tokonosu during this zombie crisis won't be hard plus it seems like a smart move to do. I'll be able to make some adjustments here and there without problems. What do you think about this teme?" Sasuke thought about the idea thoroughly. It did actually sound like a good idea plus Naruto would be expanding Uzushiogakure thus making said place larger.

"Well, that does sound like a good idea dobe. I'm sure this will help Tokonosu overall especially when we clear the area of zombies. You can recreate this country into your image without any problems." Naruto nod his head at this. The thought of rebuilding Tokonosu into his image was very tempting by now.

"That sounds like a great idea Sasuke but where will we start with the cleanup process and when. The only starting point I could think of is our gates. From there we would work our way towards the city clearing away the infected as we go along. We could set up tents and other things for temporary protect while we reform Tokonosu. What do you think about that teme?" Sasuke thought about Naruto's idea and ways he would be able to improve it.

"That sounds like a good idea but I think I have a better one. Why don't I start from one end which is opposite from here while you start at the gates. I will set up a few of your technology as we come towards the center of the village. This will allow us to help any survivors and decrease the zombie population. If we start at the gates, the chances of survivors living through the ordeal will remain low." Naruto thought about Sasuke's idea before agreeing to it.

"Aright teme, I'll prepare some technology and weapons to help you. Also how will we go about doing this?" Sasuke thought carefully about a way to start operation 'take over Tokonosu'. If he was going to start on the opposite side of Uzushiogakure, he would need a starting point or base. This will be where survivors would head to for shelter, hope, and much more. This would be one of various safe bases for survivors.

"Well dobe, we'll need a base for our operations where I'm heading. It has to be safe and armed to the teeth with weapons. This will eliminate zombies and boost moral for others." Naruto pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down Sasuke's ideas. "We'll establish a link between one another so we could alert each other as to what's going on. Anyway we will send a broadcast to the survivors telling them about a safe place away from the infected. I'm sure many will come running towards my base." Naruto quickly wrote this down.

"Alright teme, things sound good so far. The only flaw would be that the broad casting system will attract inmates to your base though I'm sure they won't be a problem for you. The survivors on the other hand are a different story."

Alright I'm cutting this chapter short. For some reason I don't have the urge to continue this and write a new High school of the dead. If I do, I will look at the reviews you all submit and improve based on that.


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