The entire team of section 9 was in the weapons hanger. They were checking over all of their equipment, making sure it was ready if something urgent came up. Suddenly, an alarm went off in all of their cyber-brains. It was the Chief informing them of a new case all of them were assigned to. They were told that androids started to malfunction at a large company that produces them. They are putting the lives of the manufacturers at risk and section 9 was called in to eliminate all of the androids.

All of the members of section 9 quickly grabbed what they needed for this mission and put the rest away. They ran down the hall to the elevator, which they took to the roof. Once there they hopped on a chopper and took off.

About 27 minutes later they arrived at the company that the androids were at. They left the chopper and went around the building until they arrived at a door. At the front of the group was the Major, the fearless commander of section 9. Behind her were her teammates, who will follow here anywhere, who trust her completely given all of her skills.

"All right men. We move in and eliminate the threat, leaving no survivors. Let's move!" with that she broke the door down and rushed in, with her teammates following closely behind. When they entered the company they split up. They did this in order to finish the job quickly.

The Major ran through the building, slamming into androids, and sending clips of bullets into their unfeeling flesh. She moved so quickly that they didn't even see her coming. Behind her dead bodies of her victims fell to the ground and sprayed white blood all around them. At this rate they would be finished in no time. She ran down the hallway, her feet pounding on the concrete behind below her. As she ran around the corner her face was met with the butt of a gun. She fell to the ground and her vision went black as she was sent into a coma.