Aramaki turned to the major. She was watching him intently, noting every move he made. She was calmer since Batou left the room .she relaxed and somewhat relaxed her back against the pillows, still on her guard. He walked closer to her but still kept some distance between them.

"How are you feeling?" he asked

"Fine" she simply said

They sat there awkwardly until Batou came back with the medic. He asked both men to stand outside the room while he talked to her. After many minutes and many questions later he walked into the hallway and closed the door.

"Well, it seems as if she has amnesia"

"What!" Both Batou and the chief yelled in union

"Is that even possible for cyborgs?" Aramaki asked

"There has never been a case of a cyborg losing their memory. She is the first one to show symptoms of memory loss over something like a bump on the head"

"How can we get her memory back?"

"You don't. There is no way to recover the memories ourselves. Over time they will hopefully come back on their own. For now you should only tell her small things like her name, maybe show her around places she knows and see if they jog her memory. But do not push memories on her. That will only make things worse" With that the medic walked away.