Author's Note: I struggled quite a while to get this written down and I'm relatively happy with it. I hope you'll be too. Once more, thank you all for following and reviewing this fic, I love you all.
Warnings and triggers: none really.

The Bond is gone, completely erased from his heart as if it was never there. His soul feels scoured and raw. He wants to lose himself in his grief, briefly he wonders why he survived as all he wants now is to go back down into the dark.
The hand on his tightens, nails digging in and the pain brings him back. He turns to look at Mrs. Sanchez, she looks angry and fierce and her eyes burn.
"Kurt is not dead, you idiot. Do you feel a broken Bond? No, you don't. You'd be howling in pain if you did."
Sebastian bristles. "He's gone! Everything is gone! There's nothing left!", he sobs, then the words sink in; "Kurt's alive?"
Nina's whole demeanor softens and she smiles, rolling her eyes briefly.
"He's alive and stable though he hasn't woken up yet."

Kurt's alive. He takes a deep shuddering breath and wraps his arms around himself. Kurt's alive. He can't believe it.
"What happened?"

"You should know, you sought him out and between you you did something. I don't know how, I didn't even think it was possible but you're two very exceptional people and I really shouldn't be surprised that you'd manage to defy all existing knowledge.", she laughs.
Sebastian is confused, his mind is whirling and still in shock.
"What do you mean?"
"Look at your sigil."
Sebastian turns his arm to see where he burned the mark in his skin so many months ago but there is nothing there, not even a scar remains.
"Somehow, Kurt and you severed the Bond and doing so saved you both."

He remembers cold and dark, a howling wind and Kurt screaming. He has an image in his mind of trees being uprooted and thrown in an abyss. It's all confused and muddled and seems too unreal to be true, but only the Creator knows where he was and what happened. He needs to be with Kurt.
"Can I see him?"

The Ugala gives his hand a final squeeze and stands up.
"I'll call the nurse for a wheelchair. You've been out for days, you're not steady enough to walk there."
"Why didn't they put us in the same room? It would've been better if we stayed close to each other, no?"
The Ugala's lips whiten in anger. "Yes, but your parents disagreed. Initially, they wanted to transfer you to a private hospital but our lawyers and medical experts intervened. This was the best arrangement that could be agreed on."

While she's gone, Sebastian turns it over in his mind. He turns eighteen in a few months but maybe he can get a power of attorney even as a minor; his parents obviously don't have his best interests at heart - what a shock. He'll have to talk to the family lawyer and Kurt of course, if he trusts anyone to be his medical proxy it's his Bondmate even if they're not bonded right now.
God, he doesn't even know if they can be Bonded again, if Kurt wants to be bonded again or if he wants to wait until they're twenty-one this time. What if the ritual doesn't take this time around? What if what he did doomed him? What if-

At that moment, Nina and the nurse enter his room and heave him in the wheelchair without much fuss, arranging his IV, and wheel him out and down the hall towards Kurt's room.
Sebastian is strangely tense, gripping the armrests tight and just when he wants to tell the Ugala to stop and turn back, Finn exits Kurt's room. To Sebastian's shock, Finn breaks into a wide smile when he sees them.
"Dude!", he exclaims and stuns Sebastian into silence by leaning over and giving him an awkward hug. "He's gonna be okay, the doctors said so and you did that, man. Or both of you did that, I don't know but thank you! You gave me my brother back, dude."

Sebastian pats the babbling boy on his back, uncomfortable but moved nevertheless. Finn steps back and drags a hand through his hair, he's blushing so hard even his ears are red but Sebastian can see the lines in the boy's face. Like Nina Sanchez, he looks older and tired and the childishness that seemed to cling to him has disappeared.
"You, uh, should go in. He's been asking for you."
"He's awake?", Sebastian exclaims.
"Woke up a few minutes ago, I was going to get Mom and Dad from the cafeteria but I think you should see him first, okay?"
Finn claps him on the shoulder and squeezes for a moment before turning and heading towards the bank of elevators at the end of the hall.

"Go on in.", Nina says; "I'll let you have some privacy."
She wheels him in the room and closes the door behind him. Sebastian swallows heavily and looks at the still form in the bed. Kurt's head is turned away from the door and if it weren't for the soft beep of the heart monitor, Sebastian would think him dead. He grips the IV stand tightly, heaves himself out of the wheelchair and carefully makes his way over to the other side of the bed on trembling legs.
Just as he's about to sink down exhausted in the chair placed near the head of the bed, Kurt opens his eyes and looks at him.

Everything freezes.

He wonders what it must look like to outsiders, the two of them staring at each other like statues but he can't look away.
Kurt is pale, his cheeks are sunken and he looks frighteningly frail but Sebastian can see the strength and fire in his eyes.
"Kurt." He breathes the name like a blessing and when Kurt smiles at him, slow and happy, everything shifts and feels right again. Still silent, Kurt wraps a hand around his wrist and tugs, Sebastian goes easily and lies down on the bed next to him. They face each other for a moment longer before Kurt wraps himself around Sebastian and holds him tight.
The tension breaks inside of him and he can breathe again; Kurt's safe and alive and crying in his neck and even if they're not bonded anymore, they're together.

They're still clinging tight to each other when Kurt looks up and rests his brow against Sebastian's. They lie silently, breathing each other's air, smiling like fools.

"We're not bonded anymore."
Kurt's voice is rough and hoarse, unused and injured by the respirator and entirely strange. Sebastian briefly closes his eyes.
He waits for a moment, biting his lip.
"Do you remember anything?"
Kurt's eyes go distant, hazy, trying to recall.
"I- There was pain. I think I... Did I yell for you?"
"You woke me up screaming over the Bond and then you were just gone."
He shivers and Kurt runs a comforting hand over his back.
"I fell, at least it felt like falling, in a storm. Is that possible? That I remember a storm?"
"Yeah, it felt like a hurricane."
Kurt considers this and nods; "Yes. I was alone for so long but then you were there, you grabbed my hand."
"I reached for you. I thought if I died holding your hand or even just touching your fingertips, then that would be okay."

Kurt looks at him, eyes wide and reaches for Sebastian, framing his face with his slender hands. His thumbs gently brush away the tears he hadn't even felt and then he stretches up and softly kisses him. Kurt's lips are dry and chapped and taste of salt, the kiss is entirely chaste and gentle and it's the best thing Sebastian's ever experienced.
Kurt breaks the embrace and they touch foreheads again.
"I love you."
Scratch that, this is the best thing Sebastian has ever experienced.
"Bond with me again, Sebastian."
"Are you sure? You could have those years I stole back."
"No. I don't want them back. I want to share them with you. Please, Sebastian, please say yes."
"Yes. Yes of course, idiot. All I ever wanted was my Soulmate. All I want is you. I love you."
He presses a kiss to Kurt's lips, meaning for it to be brief, but when Kurt runs the tip of his tongue along the seam of his lips, Sebastian deepens the kiss. The void where the Bond used to be hurts less now that he's got Kurt so close. He winds his hands in Kurt's hair and tugs him even closer, Kurt's hands grab at his shoulders and he moans low. Heat blooms in Sebastian's stomach but this is neither the time not the place, so he pulls back placing soft pecks on Kurt's lips. They both laugh at the protesting heart monitor but Kurt has some difficulty catching his breath. It's too much, too soon.

"We'll just wait a little so you can regain your strength and when we're both healthy we'll ask Mrs. Sanchez to bond us. I don't think she'll refuse."
"That would be nice.", Kurt murmurs sleepily.

The hubbub of voices behind the door is growing louder and Sebastian knows their privacy is over for now. Kurt has people who want to see him. When Sam pokes his head in, smiling widely at them, he nods and the entire Hummel-Hudson clan with added Evans's and Puckermans floods in, laughing and crying and burying them in hugs.