A month ago I announced that I would be taking down my stories at the end of May, and now that bittersweet day is here. I will forever remain proud of the time I spent in the Twilight fandom. The experiences I've had and the friends I've made have changed me, have supported me through good times and bad, and I have no doubt that some of them will stay with me forever.

My stories have always been about the characters finding themselves:

In Find the Cost of Freedom, Edward figures out how to stand up for what's right, no matter what the cost, becoming a boy from a man.

In Welcome Foolish Mortals, Edward finds out he's not the monster he thinks of himself as.

Candy Hearts Edward gives up the publishing company that is his birthright, and Bella discovers she's more than an Ugly Duckling.

In Have Yourself a Sneaky Little Christmas...no, wait, that's just smut! :-P

My one foray into femmeslash has a Bella and Victoria who figure out what they want, only to have it slip away.

Teacherella finds her strength in ABC Countdown, and ABCward finds a way to forgive himself for Tanya's abuse in All the Reasons Why.

In The Pact at Misty Mountain, Bella helps Edward to pursue his passion.

And, always near and dear to my heart, in The Ride SpinderBella and Grungeward let go of their tortured pasts through finding one another again.

The last two years I have been writing these stories has been a journey of discovery for me, and while it is hard to break away from fanfiction and take a leap in a new direction, all good things must come to an end. I am *not* pulling to publish – all my stories will remain fanfiction, and will stay on my blog, www(.)aylahfanfiction(.)com, which I hope you will all come find me on. I'm also happy to give out my stories in .pdf, .mobi or .epub files. I will also still be on twitter, where, if you care to hear about all the ramblings of my life, I hope you'll drop by and say hi.

All my love to the readers who've been with me since my first terrified posting of chapter 1 of The Ride, and to those of you who've just found me – thank you.