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This is a fill from the anon meme, about how Artemis was sent to find her fairy prince in the mortal realm, only to find out he has no memories of his former life, doesn't believe in magic and until recently hasn't been too fond of her. Yeah. But anyway.

Angst-filled, but somewhat amusing just because of my...subjects.

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Broken Fairytale

The man known in this world as "Wally West" does not believe in magic.

…how does he not believe? Does he not know what he is, what he is to her? Does he not remember where he comes from, the things he's done?

(These are Thumbelina's-Artemis, now-first thoughts as she meets him again.)

She does not tell him.

If Cornelius doesn't remember her, if he doesn't even acknowledge the fact that magic exists, much less fairies, then she's not going to tell him.

There's no way he'll believe her, anyway.

And it hurts.


She watches with despondent eyes as her fiancé (that doesn't know he's her fiancé) flirts with anything that moves. She gets mad and argues with him because he's flirty and scientific and oblivious, and it's tearing her to bits inside. She goes to the apartment she shares with her 'mom'-never home, because it's not home, not to her- and cries her eyes out because the man she loves more than anything doesn't even like her.

She came to this world to find her love and bring him home, to explain to a human that he was a fairy prince (her fairy prince), cursed to live out his days as a human without memories of his former life. When she discovered her Cornelius as a redheaded superhero named Kid Flash, she found a way to get onto his 'Team' (by becoming Artemis) so she could tell him. So that she could wake him up. So he could remember her. She expected it to be hard.

She just didn't expect it to be this hard.

She misses being able to fly (and flying with him). This 'being human' thing was harder than she thought it would be. She can hardly remember what it was like without her wings, even though she spent the first eighteen years of her life without flying. Cornelius-Wally, she reminds herself- doesn't have wings either, although she supposes his super-speed is the substitute for them in this upside-down, screwed up world.

Even six months after she's found him, when they're finally boyfriend and girlfriend (such strange terms these humans come up with, she muses), Thumbelina's-Artemis, she reminds herself; she is Artemis- heart still aches.

Because she can't tell him.

He still doesn't believe.

And it's breaking her heart, slowly and excruciatingly.

Cornelius doesn't remember her, doesn't even think magic exists. He still tries to explain magic, fairies, his whole life, with science.

One night, Thumbelina-she's not Artemis, not lying to herself anymore-sits in her room, staring out at the moon. The moon Cornelius lifted her up to see that first magical night. The night he sang to her and promised to be her wings, to never let her fall.

And now he doesn't have wings. Now he doesn't entertain her with stories of the fairy-court, and all of the silly things that happened that day. Now he doesn't even believe in magic.

'What happened?' she thinks forlornly, staring blankly out at the moon.

What happened to my Happily Ever After?