Blood & Magic

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Summary: Continuing from the last series "The Vampire and The Maid", Usui is now in England, preparing for his wedding with Bridget and Misaki is now trying to live a "normal human" life. Hinata wants to stay with Misaki a bit longer so she can remember who he is and Claire who is best friends with Bridget is not really liking the idea of having Bridget as a sister-in-law… will she meddle?

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Chapter One

All in One-Day

Misaki closed her eyes and fell back on Usui's old bed. When Usui left he had given them his apartment and promised to pay for it but Misaki didn't like the idea of him paying for the apartment, when he didn't even live in it anymore. So they both came to the agreement that Misaki pays half and he pays the other half.

She could feel tears coming but tried to hold them back. She promised herself not to cry but she missed Usui badly. Even though she always got angry every time he was around and he did all those perverted things, she still missed him. It had been six days since he had left and since she had last heard from him.

He never really said anything really memorable to her- no I love you, no wait for me, no I'll come back for you- he said nothing like that. He just gave the apartment and said he'll pay then goodbye. He was gone. He was never coming back. She thought to herself.

She was so annoyed because Usui was going to marry Bridget, if she hadn't been so weak, and had gotten away from Tora she would have never needed extra help and Usui would still be here. Well, this is what she thought.

Suzuna walked into the room and held out an envelope that was addressed to Misaki. "Hey, I won a tea post-card competition" she said holding up the box of tea in the other hand. "Also you have a letter."

Misaki just gestured Suzuna to put it on the bed-side table.

Suzuna walked over to the bed side table and placed the letter on top. "By the way, that guy is here. He says he knows you."

Misaki was so out of it she didn't even know that someone had answered the door or that someone was at the door. "What?" she rushed out of the room swiftly that it just seemed like a breeze passing by. "Hinata, what are you doing here?"

He smiled to himself then replied. "I was just wondering when you were going to return back to school. You do remember you are the school president."

Misaki's Mother walked into the room holding a tray with lemonade glasses. "Are you guys thirsty?" She showed the tray to Hinata "would you like a drink"

Hinata grinned "yes, please." He grabbed a drink and drunk it straight away.

Misaki's Mother let out a little laugh. "Oh my, what is your name?"

"Shintani Hinata" he answered.

Misaki's Mother seemed to know the name. "There was a boy who use to live around here with a name similar to yours." She commented. "He used to be best friends with Misaki but then he unfortunately left."

Hinata was going crazy inside. He wished they would just remember him but he didn't to force them to so he kept quiet and nodded, smiling. "Hey Misaki, do you want to go to an amusement park?"

"An amusement park?" Misaki repeated, not sounding so sure.

"How about the aquarium?" Hinata suggested.

"You should go Misaki. Enjoy life, since you're still young." Misaki's Mother encouraged.

Hinata looked up at Misaki and smirked "it's not like you're going to be seventeen forever" he winked.

Misaki sighed. "I think it would be nice" she said.

"Yay!" Hinata cheered.

"I'll be right back, I just need a coat" she stated as she walked to the room. she put on her jacket then stared at the envelope on the bed side table. She slipped the envelope in her pocket then rushed out to Hinata.

Usui sat up in bed and checked the time. It was two in the morning. He rubbed his hair then let out a long sigh. Claire walked into the room with a lamp "why are you awake?"

Usui looked towards her "why are you awake?"

Claire smiled "does it matter?" she swiftly ran and sat beside Usui. "So what is keeping you up so early in the morning?"

"None of your business" he replied.

"Is it the wedding? Because I heard Bridget wants children as soon as possible. Oh, it's going to be nice having Bridget as a sister. I've always wanted one."

Usui yawned "why would I worry of such things? By the way, to me she is still a child. She hasn't even evolved into a fully grown vampire."

"Then what about Misaki?" Claire retorted. "I thought you liked here? You even saved her with oyur own blood."

Usui pushed her off the bed "that was all in the past. A promise is a promise."

"Then what about your promise?"

"What promise is that?"

"That will never let me be unhappy." Claire responded. "And you being forced to get married to some you don't like, makes me unhappy."

Usui lay back down and pulled the blanket over his head "I'm going to bed now. Night" he said before he closed his eyes. Claire got up from the ground and dusted her sleeping dress. "Oh, Claire just wanted to warn you. Don't interfere with the wedding. I don't you to do anything stupid."

Claire walked out of the room silently and did not say a thing to Usui.

Hinata walked over to Misaki- who was sitting outside of the aquarium- holding two ice-cream cones. He grinned then gave her the vanilla flavoured ice-cream. He sat beside her and started to speak. "I didn't know what flavour you liked so I just got vanilla because I like vanilla for one special reason." He told her. "What is your favourite flavour anyways?"

"Oh, it doesn't matter. I'm fine with vanilla" Misaki replied.

"No, I'm serious. Just tell me."

"Chocolate" she answered.

"Even after all these years" he chuckled. He snapped his fingers and Misaki's vanilla flavoured ice-cream changed to a chocolate flavoured ice-cream.

"Whoa!" Misaki was amazed. "How did you do that?"

Hinata laughed because this type of magic was nothing to him but so amazing to Misaki. When everything calmed down and Misaki and Hinata had finished their ice-cream, Misaki took off her jacket and left it on the seat beside Hinata to help a little girl who had dropped her doll in the water fountain.

Hinata picked up Misaki's jacket and walked over to her as she handed the doll back to the little girl then sat on the edge of the water fountain. As he was walking an envelope fell out of her pocket. He picked up the envelope and studied it. He waved at Misaki as if to tell her I need to do something but I'll be right back. He put his hand over the envelope and closed his eyes. He was able to see what exactly was in the envelope and was able to read what was on the letter that was inside. The letter inside read:

"Dear Misaki, please come to England. I miss you and I this is a wedding invitation for you from Usui and Bridget. So I took the liberty of buying you a ticket to come over. So you can't that buying a ticket is too expansive. Hope to see you."

Hinata crumpled the paper and then dropped it on the ground in front of him. He stared at the paper then clicked his fingers. The paper went up into flames and then disappeared. To him, Usui was sort of a threat to Hinata. Hinata knew that Misaki had feelings for Usui which could get in the way of him trying to get Misaki to remember him.

Bridget ran through the store grabbing different dressing from the racks and then piling them on top of each other. She finally decided to stop and stand in front of a mirror and hold up the dresses in front of her.

Claire entered the store and stood behind Bridget. "Hello" she smiled. "Found any dresses that look nice?"

Bridget shook her head "no, it's impossible." She whined. She turned to Claire and put two hands on her shoulders. "You know your parents right? What should I wear when we have dinner tomorrow?"

"You're having dinner with my parents tomorrow?"

"Yeah, just so we can chat and get to know each other better."

Claire frowned "hmm…my mother's favourite colour is red and so is my father's."

"Thank you" Bridget thanked her. She noticed behind Claire that there were four men dressed in black suits. "Who are they?"

Claire took some time to think "I think they're supposed to protect me or not me do stuff my parents don't want me to do…either way, they're so annoying because they always have to follow me to nearly every place I go.

"Sound's annoying. By the way, on Wednesday we'll be going shopping."


"Isn't it obvious? We're going shopping for bridesmaid's dresses. I need one for you- my maid of honour and then three other ones for my cousins Alice and Jasmine and another dress for Isabella."

"Wait, Isabella is going to there?" Claire sounded shock.

Bridget laughed "what's wrong? Why so shocked?"

"I always thought you were closer to Isabella then me" Claire clarified.

Bridget hugged Claire "you should know, you're my best friend. I want my wedding day to be perfect and to just have you there would make it perfect."

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