Alternative Chapter Ten

Better than Yesterday

Misaki stepped out of her room and walked down the hall way with a smile planted on her face. She couldn't help but smile since today was a new day and better than yesterday. She bumped into Aoi and Claire on her way and even they were curious to while she looked so joyful today.

"Did something good happen yesterday?" Claire enquired with a mischievous grin on her face.

Misaki's smile lowered a little and her eyes looked away from them. "Nothing big" she replied.

Unexpectedly, Usui appeared beside her and smirked. "Nothing big?" Usui raised an eye brow.

Claire giggled to herself as she watched Usui grabbed Misaki's arm and pulled her away from them. "You're so mean, we were talking" Claire sounded whiny but only in a teasing sort of way.

Usui let go of her as he walked with her outside of the hot springs and close to the outdoor hot springs. "Want to go into the co-ed hot springs?" he asked- giving her a wink.

Misaki's face flushed red as she pushed Usui. "Don't joke like that" she retorted.

Usui stepped closer to her and held her hand in his. At first she tried to struggle but when she realized she couldn't fight it she just relaxed and smiled. They walked slowly together without speaking, the moment felt right to them.

Usui was the first to speak. He stopped walking and looked down at her face. "I miss seeing you at Maid-Latte" he spoke.

Misaki froze in shock. "I can't believe it. I forgot all about work" she realised- letting go of Usui's hand.

Usui took her hand back into his. "Calm down. It's alright."

"But everyone at work and the chief and…." Misaki ranted on with thoughts.

Usui took a deep breath and breathed out. "Just do this" he demonstrated.

Misaki begun to relax. She did as he said and calmed herself down. While walking they ran into Gerard who was watching a fish pond. He seemed to be entranced with the fond. When Misaki and Usui came it distracted him. He turned his gaze over to the couple.

His stare made Misaki quickly release her hand from Usui's grip. Usui looked down at their hands which were now separated and then looked towards Gerard with suspicious eyes.

"Well, if it wasn't for the two that will probably be killed for murdering someone's only daughter" Gerard pointed out.

Misaki frowned in confusion. She turned to Usui who closed his eyes for a brief moment then replied to Gerard. "It wasn't my fault." He took a deep breath in and continued to speak. "Anyways she said that I'm free."

Gerard shook his head in disbelief. "Yet, the only person who heard this was… you?" he questioned.

Misaki stepped back unsure of what was going on.

"Misaki, it's nothing to worry about" Usui tried to reassure her but his eyes were glued on Gerard- watching him.

"What did you mean by murder before?" she asked Gerard.

"He didn't tell you?" Gerard answered. "Bridget is dead and the only one who witnessed this accidental" Gerard put quotation marks around accidental "death was Usui."

Usui stepped forward. "How many times do I have to tell you that it was not my fault? It was the mountain were-wolves. I couldn't bring her here fast enough."

"You could have tried harder" Gerard almost yelled at Usui.

"Oh, here you guys are" a familiar voice said.

Misaki turned to see who it was. "Cain…" she murmured.

He grinned and nodded. "Yes, it's me. I was just wondering…" He broke off and tackled Usui against the tree. "Why is my daughter DEAD!" he growled.

Gerard's eyes shot open. "How did you find out already"

"What happened to the agreement?" Cain questioned.

Misaki didn't know what to do. She just stayed in place frozen to the ground.

Usui shook his head. "I tried to get her here but I was too late" he defended.

Cain punched Usui in the face then stood back and kicked him. "What kind of stupid excuse is that?" Cain was frustrated with this topic of her daughter.

Usui tried to stand up but Xavier shoved him back down. "But what was I to do. I tried to stop her from going out and then I tried everything I could to get her away from the mountain were-wolves."

"If you tried hard enough, she wouldn't have gotten bitten." Cain snapped.

Cain clicked his fingers and Xavier started to lift Usui up by his neck with his right claw. Misaki could see the blood streaming down his neck. Misaki winced then turned back to see Xavier with his left hand raised as if to slap Usui.

Misaki abruptly ran at Xavier and pushed him away. Xavier swiftly got up and got ready to charge at her. Unexpectedly Misaki and Usui disappeared. Everyone was shocked and confused until Gerard looked in Hinata's direction.

"I thought I told you to go back home?" Gerard shouted at Hinata who was staring at them with his wand in his hand.

He just smiled innocently then waved his wand and disappeared.

Cain clenched his hands than shouted "Usui when I find you, you better watch out"!


Misaki sat up and noticed Usui lying on the ground beside her. "Are you alright?" Hinata wondered?

Misaki weakly nodded. "Yeah but… why am I so tired."

"It drains a lot of energy to travel far away with people that it took it from you two as well."

"Well anyway, thank you for helping us." Misaki thanked.

"Don't need to thank me; you just need to find a way to clear Usui's innocence so you don't have Cain and that on your back." Hinata replied.

"I don't know what I could do."

"It's alright, I have a plan but it'll involve a lot of magic."

To be continued…

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