Chapter One



Gunfire echoed loudly off of the metallic walls of the two hundred meter long chamber. Florescent lights hung tightly to the roof providing the long tunnel with light. Five stalls were lined up beside each other at one end of the rectangular room, giving a direct line of sight to the bullet chipped wall at the other end. A Grated balcony was supported two meters above the stalls, giving on lookers a clear view of the gun range.

Six armed men all dressed in black kept their gazes transfixed on the sole figure using the range. They would remain unmoving until their shift ended, they were relieved, or they were needed. Most of the time however, it was the latter.

Six shots rang out in rapid succession, before a muffled click, and the sound of an empty magazine could be heard rattling onto the ground. The lone figure on the range wore a black textile motorcycle jacket, dark blue jeans, and a black baseball cap that covered unruly raven black hair.

His face was lightly tanned, and had small lightning bolt shaped birthmarks on each of his cheeks. His eyes however were hidden in the deep shadow that his hat casted down over his face.

He reached forward and removed a full magazine from the holder in front of him and slid it into the chamber, which locked into place with a click. He thumbed off the safety and opened fire. His eyes darted to the heavily damaged ballistics dummy thirty feet ahead of him and to his left. He fired twice in rapid succession, the first bullet sheering straight through the throat of the dummy, right as the second bullet shattered the replica bone in its knee, sending the dummy crumpling to the ground.

He snapped the gun thirty degrees to his right and unloaded three shots into a dummy a hundred and fifty meters away. The first bullet tearing cleanly through the center of the dummies lung, while both of the other bullets tore through its false heart.

With one last adjustment, his eyes darted to the dummy at the end of the hall. He sighted, and accumulated for the drop and pulled back on the trigger. The low caliber round passed straight through between the dummies eyes and out the back of its head, causing the ballistic material to blossom outwards like a flower in spring.

His thumb slid the safety back and he placed the M9 handgun on top of the shelf that separated him from the range. He looked to his left and pressed a dark grey button, which let out a pitched high buzzing sound blare through the chamber.

He watched as the walls of the range seemed to open at certain intervals and black dressed men ran over to the ballistic dummies and began removing them from the range. Only to bring out undamaged sets which they began to secure into place.

They worked like slaves he thought watching the men in black rush up and down the halls. Doing his orders, doing whatever he or the Boss wanted. It was pathetic; they were cannon fodder, sent out to steal low ranking Pokemon. And in the time of importance, to be sent out in the front lines to be slaughtered mercilessly. Pathetic.

He however was an Elite, a Specialist if you will. Born with natural talents in martial arts, strategizing to an extent that only he understood concepts that would seem to be insane, but would truly be those that succeed. He was the perfect soldier, the perfect-

'I really missed you' A voice whispered.

His eyes narrowed at the voice, they were back. His eyes scanned the range ahead of him, looking for some sign of the voice that constantly taunted him.

'You have to get out of here!'

He winced as another voice spoke to him, "Shut up," He hissed quietly as his eyes darted back and forth.

'No way man, training wheels are for sissy's!' His eyes darted to a man in black who was screwing in a dummy.

There was a soft giggle. "Leave me alo-Ah!" He winced as a brief flash of a woman with red hair appeared before his eyes.

Above him, one of the armed men noticed that the shooter was quietly talking to himself. He reached to his belt and removed a hand held radio, "Subject 237 appears stressed, bring security level up to three," He spoke quietly into the radio so that 237 wouldn't be able to hear from down below.

A voice came from the radio, "I copy, will the subject need detainment?"

The man on the balcony listened carefully to 237.

'Get Down!' 237 took a step back, he recognized that voice. It was slightly higher in octave, but it was his own.

'There's two ways this is going to end,'

"How?" He whispered, slowly reaching for the handgun. No answer came and he silently slipped the magazine out and replaced it into the holder. He picked up a full extended magazine, and slipped it into the chamber.

His eyes roamed the range; he was using all of his senses to locate where the voices were coming from. But there was silence.

He waited, seconds passed. But continuous silence.

'I can wait.'

His head slowly turned to look behind him, there was nothing there. Nothing except the three inch thick titanium alloy door that sealed him off from leaving.

'I… I love you,'

His head snapped forward and he thumbed the safety off. His eyes locked onto a man in black who was standing up from replacing a dummy. "Don't lie to me…" mumbled angrily. There was no answer, only silence.

His eyes snapped away from the man when he saw the flicker of a woman down the range. Shoulder length orange hair, aqua blue ruffled dress that cut off just over her knees, and the matching blue flats. It was her. And she wouldn't be getting away, not again.

In a heartbeat he raised the handgun and fired three rapid shots at the female, but she was too fast. She moved out of the way and he ended up hitting a man in black once in the shoulder, kidney and knee cap.

The armed man on the balcony took the radio and spoke urgently, "237 has reached critical stress levels, detain at all cost! Lethality is not an option!" He barked as he clicked the safety off of his rifle and hand signaled the others with him to do the same.

237 heard the click of the safety's and looked for the red head that ran off of the range. "Subject 237 Stand down!" A male voice ordered loudly over a PA system. Quickly grabbing two extra clips, he looked upwards and saw that his guards were gone.

With great urgency, he vaulted over the stand and began sprinting down the range, towards were one of the fast closing side doors. He caught sight of two men in black pulling the door shut and quickly brought up his side arm.

Three shots went off, the first hitting the closest one to him in the forehead spraying crimson blood and bits of flesh across the wall behind him. While the other two bullets tore through the other man's throat and upper torso which sent him crumpling over backwards.

237 sprinted through the semi closed wall and looked around frantically for the girl. He ran over to a door and pressed the lever that opens the door. It was locked.

Stepping back, he raised the pistol and unloaded three shots each into both hinges and emptied his current magazine before replacing it with a fully loaded one. He tried the door again, and this time the door fell over without its supports.

Quickly running around the corner he found that he was in a warehouse. There were crates, boxes, large shelving units, plenty of places to hide. "Show yourself!" He shouted furiously as he slowly begun to walk through the many aisle and piles of equipment, pistol at the ready.

There was silence, except for the muffled sounds of his boots on the dark tiled floor. He slowly walked towards a large open crate that appeared to have been opened recently. He watched carefully for any sort of movement that may alert him to any company.

He held his breath as he pulled aside the wooden lid inch by inch. Then with one final tug, the lid slid off and he pointed the gun frantically around the inside of the crate. He let out the breath he'd been holding as all he saw were assorted machine or computer parts.

Quickly he turned away from the crate and begun to search through more of the warehouse, checking every square inch for a trace of the girl. He reached to pull a cloth away from something when a sixth sense told him someone else was there.

Slowly he gripped the pistol tightly and continued to reach for the cloth, when his fingertips grazed the sheet he dove to the left behind a pile of crates. Muffled gunfire erupted above his head and to his right. Quickly spinning around to where his attackers were, he counted to three and stood up.

As soon as he saw the first of the men who had opened fire on him, he fired a single shot that took him in the heart, killing him instantly. He didn't wait for the body to hit the ground before he stepped out from the crate and began unloading suppressing fire towards the remaining enemies.

He kept firing as he picked up the dead man's assault rifle and rushed towards where his attackers were. Two feet from where his attackers were, he went down and slid past them before unloading the rest of the pistols clip into two men's back, and the rifles into another's.

He swore when all that happened to the man he fired the rifle into cried out in pain. Rubber bullets. Discarding both weapons, he dove at the pained man and knocked him onto his back. Furiously he savagely continued punching him squarely in the nose for a solid minute before letting up.

He grabbed him by the collar with both hands, and brought his face right in front of the nearly unconscious man, "Where is she!" 237 barked angrily.

The bloodied man mumbled something incoherently which in return let him receive another solid blow to the nose, "Where is she dammit! And don't you dare lie to me!"

"I… I dunt no. I'm sor-" 237 gave him another solid punch to the already heavily shattered nose.

"Don't lie to me or I'll fuc-" He was cut off as something heavy threw itself into his side and off of the heavily battered man. He rolled back and eyed his new foe. 237 went to attack, but was driven off of his feet when something tackled him from behind and onto the ground.

He went to roll over, but the first man who tackled him pinned his shoulder s down, while the other kept himself firmly on his back.

Furious, he used his adrenaline rush to millimeter by millimeter push himself off the ground, his arms buckled from underneath him and he cried out in pain as a sharp object buried itself deep into his neck. He felt the object slide out from his body, as his mind began to become hazy and his limbs go numb.

"Subject detained, we have two visual fatalities and one wounded on our end. Bringing subject over to infirmary for treatment, ETA two minutes." The two men got off of 237 and one of them picked him up, while the other helped up the nearly unconscious attacker.

Together the three left the warehouse and carried the incapacitated 237 towards the infirmary.


[Two Hours Later]

A man with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes walked swiftly through the dimly lit corridors towards a pair of large wooden oak doors. The man wore black sweatpants that tucked into knee high light grey boots, and a black shirt that was emblazoned with a large red R in the center.

Marching up to the door he took a deep shaky breath and knocked firmly three times. And then he waited. His heart pounded rapidly in his chest, the Boss was not someone you wanted talk to. Especially if it involved bad news. After a minute of silence a voice came from the other end.

"Come in." The voice was deep and rang with pure authority. Quickly pushing open the wooden doors, he entered the Boss's office. Book shelves lined the walls of the small rectangular room. Except for the wall opposite of the doors, where a large triple monitored screen filled the wall. A large oak desk, engraved with cursive designs for a border was positioned in the center of the room.

Behind the desk sat a man who wore an orange suit, with a large build and hard facial features. His dark brown hair was gelled backwards, which showed off the beginning traces of steel grey flecks of hair. His black eyes drove straight into his own, sending a shudder running down his spine.

"What do you want?" He asked calmly.

The man in black stood uneasily, "Giovanni sir… It happened again." He informed nervously.

Giovanni's eyes narrowed, and flashed with anger. "When?"

"Two hours ago sir!"

Scowling, Giovanni looked the Grunt dead in the eye, "How many casualties?" He asked bluntly.

"Six killed, and one lightly wounded sir."

"How'd it happen?" He asked suddenly, forgetting about the casualties.

"Security tapes are being transferred to your computer as we speak sir, they should be ready any moment!"

"Get out." Giovanni said angrily. The Grunt new better then to question the Boss, quickly he saluted the Leader of Team Rocket and disappeared from the office. Giovanni pressed a button on his desk and spoke, "Get me Dr. Fuji on the line, now!" He barked furiously. He was greeted by silence, in which he responded to by turning on his computer and opening a new file.

Giovanni opened the security tape, and skipped ahead to minutes before 237 begun shooting. His eyes never left the screen as a female voice spoke to him, "Fuji is ready on line three sir!" Giovanni paused the security tape and took a remote that was on his desk and turned around to face the monitors.

Pressing a button, the screens lit up with a picture of a balding man with glasses, who had a nose shaped like a beak and an ash grey goatee.

"Giovanni sir, what can I be of assistance to you for?" Fuji asked curiously.

"It happened again Howard. This is beginning to get out of hand!" Giovanni stated angrily.

Fuji scowled and swore under his breath, "How long ago did it take place?" He asked disappearing off screen.

"Two and a half hours ago."

There was a delay, before Fuji returned with a file in hand. His eyes scanned its contents and he looked back at the screen, "He had gone just over a month without a relapse. The serum is growing weaker,"

"And what are we supposed to do about that?"

Fuji sighed, "There are two options we can do. Both of which are risky, the first being we administer a higher dosage and hope that it halts the memories."

Giovanni raised an eyebrow, "And the risk with that?" He asked impatiently.

"If we administer too much in at once, his mind will be wiped. Completely gone."

"We could just retrain-"

Fuji shook his head, "No I mean gone. He'd forget everything, how to speak, how to walk, he'd be reverted back to an infant. It would take years to reteach him all of his skills."

Giovanni swore and looked Fuji in the eye, "And the second option?"

"We continue as things are. We keep him away from objects or places that may trigger a flashback or a lost memory and hope that he doesn't fall into another relapse. If he ends up coming full circle and regains his memories, then we can go ahead with the first option and hope for the best."

The Rocket leader drummed his fingers across the arms of his chair in thought, "Tell me doctor, you said it yourself that he should have forgotten his past hours after the first injection. Why hadn't it worked?"

Fuji looked away in thought as he pondered the question, "The boy is stronger than we thought. He's been fighting it, he refuses to fully forget and that's where our problems really lie. His will power I suppose."

Giovanni sat motionlessly as he thought over what the doctor had said, he knew the boy was strong. And they needed him stable for the next phase of the plan. He was supposed to be ready months ago, but his damned will power kept him unfit for solo missions, or any missions in general without going AWOL.

"We can't keep waiting; it could take months for him to stabilize. I want you to go ahead with the first operation." Giovanni ordered firmly.

Fuji gaped in shock, "Sir I don't thin-" Giovanni cut him off with a sharp look.

"I want this done doctor, and soon." Fuji stared at Giovanni for a whole minute before slowly nodding.

"Yes sir… I'll have to do multiple tests' to find the exact quantity of the serum, which will take at least a month," Fuji stated seriously as he gestured to someone off screen.

Giovanni nodded, "Good, keep me informed of your progress and send me any alternative methods that become available!" He ordered.

Fuji nodded, "Yes sir!" With that the transmission cut off and Giovanni turned back to the computer screen. He resumed watching the security tapes in silence, his eyes darted back and forth across the screen as he watched Subject 237 shoot his way to the warehouse.

He watched intently as 237 began viciously beating one of his Elite's. His intelligence force had provided him with the entire history of Subject 237's past; there were only a small amount time fragments that remained elusive to him.

These small increments of time seemed to be the focus of 237's memory flashes, and the source of his problems. There was one memory that appeared to be more prominent then the others, 237 keeps remembering a female. Every time they go to ask for the description of the girl, he has already forgotten due to his medications.

Giovanni ended the security tape and leaned back in his black leather chair. "What are we going to do with you…?" He muttered quietly as he scratched his chin thoughtfully.

He sat in silence as he thought over his situation. Growing frustrated, he shoved the thought aside and picked up a file that was on his desk. Thumbing it open, he removed the lone document and read it over. Slowly a malicious grin began to etch its way across his mouth, as he set the document back onto the desk.

Funds would begin to soar as another operative completed a high priority assignment.

Dethroning the current Hoenn League Champion.






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