By: Karen B

Summary: Season Seven finale spoiler warnings! No rhyme. No reason. No poetry. Dean went to hell for Sam. Sam went to hell for Dean/the world. I wish to see the boys together in hell…fighting their way out. Brothers. Warriors. Best friends. Side-by –side no matter what. Wallowing in the trenches and foxholes of Purgatory. This was born of that wish.

Disclaimer: Not the owner.

Rated: A 'nother kind of crazy. LOL.

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
We're off to never never-land - Metallica


Purgatory sucked ass. I'd been marching around for days; through miles and miles of nothing but endlessly looping, hellish, dark jungle. At least I thought it was days. The sun never set, because the sun never rose. It was always dark, and the air always fog-filled, always cold.

There was nothing here that followed the usual rules or supernatural patterns.

No flowing river nearby, that I could follow downstream to a town. No roads or trails. No high mountain vantage points to climb to gain a better lay of the land, and something told me trying to climb a tree would be a huge mistake. There were things that lived in those trees. There were things that lived everywhere. I wasn't sure what. All I ever saw were shadows. All I ever heard where grunts, and growls and howls. My mind seemed to play tricks on me. Maybe it was the lack of sunlight. Trees looked like faces and faces looked like trees.

Every direction was exactly the same as the other, making it hard to know which way to go, or if I'd passed that way before. Again, because there was never any sun, there was never any moss growing on any of the trees to tell which way was North or South. Direction by star – also not an option – as there weren't any of those either. The sky was one big, black blob of nothing that made me constantly wonder where the otherworldly light that lit this place came from.

There were no demons, no racks, and no mind games or hallucinations.

All I ever did was walk, moving cautiously and paying very close attention to my surroundings. I was well and truly lost, but I was never well and truly alone.

There were things that followed me along, glaring out at me from their confines of the darkly-framed jungle. I wasn't sure what they were exactly, but I knew they were many and I wasn't going to test my imagination and try and figure them out. I had nothing on me that would kill a ghost, let alone any big leaguers.

After a while of walking, I got bored and started running.


For Cas.

For Sam.

For a Seven Eleven.

For a door, a window, a friggin' mouse hole – any way out.

There was nothing.

I ran and ran, catching glimpses of shadows – creepy shapes slithering and sneaking – glowing red eyes bouncing about – watching. Always close observers of my every move, but never touching. This place was overflowing with creatures. The constant sound of rustling foliage and heavy panting and the drip, drip, drip of drool was unnerving, yet not one ever challenged me. Nothing ever made one attempt to attack.

Didn't count myself too lucky as I figured it was only a matter of time.

I got the feeling these weren't the normal monsters I was used to killing – in hell or on earth. I had a whole new customer base on my hands. There were hundreds of exotic and rare supernatural beings here, more than likely, the worst of the worst of the worst – all under one roof.

Normally I could come up with a plan. Not this go-round. I'd racked my brain.

Only thing I came up with was that I was one-hundred percent pure beef. Juicy, and stringy, and cheesy, and chock-full of awesomeness, in a world I could hardly comprehend.

It gave me the chills. So much so, the little hairs at the back of my neck wouldn't lie flat, while beads of sweat brought the smell of my own B.O. to my nostrils. I didn't know what the hours of operation were here, all I knew was I'd been running my legs off, my ass, too. If I kept that pace up I'd be the new poster boy for Weight Watchers.

My endurance finally came to an end. I slowed to a jog, and then went back to a swaggering walk, picking up a large stick along the way. My only plan was to walk tall. Make them – whatever they were – fear me. Pretend I was the new sheriff in town, tap, tap, tapping my stick in the palm of my hand, threateningly.

"Anyone makes a wrong move, I will single-handedly clean up this town of all you bitches," I muttered, eyes darting around.

Nothing made a move. Good. And not so good. Now I was really starting to feel lonely.

Crazy in the coconut, Cas, hadn't showed back up. Not that his winged ass would have been any help to me. I was pretty sure he couldn't fly me home, and his 'how to guide' on extracting honey from wild beehives wouldn't help, neither would a naughty game of naked Twister. I winced at the image.

Couldn't figure out where he'd gone. There was no sun. Therefore no flowers, therefor no bees, therefore no honey.

Two thoughts kept running through me. Sam was here. Or Sam was home alone. Those were the only two scenarios I was willing to dip my toe in where Sam was concerned. If he was here…I'd find him. If he was home alone…I could only hope he stayed that way. I didn't need him to go and make the fatal mistake of trying to break into Purgatory.

This was a whole 'nother kind of hell I didn't want Sammy experiencing.


Time was meaningless.

The loneliness and nothingness of this place was starting to get to me big time. Dragging me down. I kept hoping something would get brave and jump out from the shadows and bite me. Just so I could feel alive. A few times I even thought about charging into the shadows.

Stupid Dean.

I had to get a grip. I took a breath. The air burned. Not like the sulfur of hell. Smelled more like rotten eggs, vomit, and rotten meat mixed together. The smell not only lingered in my nostrils, but lingered in my mouth too, making me gag.

I was stuck here, abandoned. Not even the monsters here wanted to eat me. I was stuck half-way between heaven and hell, and wandering aimlessly.

Nothing to do.

Nothing to fight.

No end in sight.

Just walking and walking and walking, chasing my own tail.

What for?

Who knew?

So I just kept walking, humming Metallica's Enter The Sandman.

Hours. Days. Minutes. Years. Centuries. I had not a clue. Time didn't seem to exist. I never slept. Was never hungry. Just nothing. A big, fat, nothing.

Suddenly something changed. Even though it was hot and as muggy as a rainforest, my blood ran cold. Like it always did when I knew the shit was about to hit the fan. Things started flying around all over the place. Winged things I had no words for because I'd never seen anything like them. Some appeared to be part bat, part dog. Some were thin and gangly, decomposing meat falling off their bones. Others were rubbery-skinned prehistoric lizards with huge jaws full of teeth, pointy horns and hooked claws. I quirked a brow at the things that looked like E.T. and Yoda had had babies. Crab-like creatures scuttled under my feet, while half-monkey, half-human creatures that were totally skinned from head to toe tried to eat them. Either that or they were breeding like rabbits. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this whole place was all a hoax. Either that or some back lot set of a new Steven Spielberg flick.

Whatever. I was finally going to see some action.

I raised my stick like a ballplayer planning to hit one out of the park. But the strange and powerful creatures of this world attacked and ate one another leaving me standing in the center of the chaos – untouched.

Their screams earsplittting.

I dropped the stick, and gripped the sides of my ears, clamping down tight and cringing hard as the howls got louder and louder. The high frequency sounds reverberated through me were like a thousand beating island drums, threatening to suck my soul out through my nose and then shove it back in through my ass.

Just when I thought I couldn't take the racket any longer, it all stopped. There came a whooshing sound from high above, and a whistling through the air. Stabs of electricity shot through the sky, lighting the black blob for the first time.

"What the f – "I shielded my eyes with my hand and stared upward, feeling like a blind cave fish seeing for the first time.

It was so bright. Either the sun finally decided to show, only to crash and burn to the ground, or every alien out there decided Purgatory was their new Roswell. Red rain fell like burning blood from the sky, pooling around my feet and causing me to sink deeper into the spongy terrain.

My vision cleared enough just in time to see something very heavy and very large fall from the sky and splat to the wet, swampy ground only a few feet away. I couldn't make out what it was because it was covered in thick red glop and black mud. The shape didn't move, just laid there.

I realized the howls and fighting had stopped. So had the burning red rain.

I took one step closer, then froze. Continuing to stare at what looked like an elbow. "No." I shook my head and took another small step forward frowning as I sized up the object. Was no meteorite, no satellite, sure as hell wasn't a pile of frogs or toads. The bulk appeared to be stretched out full length. Six feet four inches, probably weighting in at two-ten, and still not moving.

My frown deepened as the shape took on a familiar form. "No, no, no." Something deep inside me shattered and lodged in my throat - I think it was my heart. "Nooooooooooooooo!" I launched forward, slipping and sliding in the goo, falling to my knees beside the unmoving mass. My hands trembled, hovering over the form that lay face down in the mud. "Oh, God, no," I whispered, biting into my lower lip, and gently putting a hand to his back. "Sam?"

Nothing. No movement. He didn't appear to be breathing.

"Sam!" I cried. No longer gentle, I grabbed the flaccid elbow and quickly flipped him over onto his back, pulling strands of goop-covered hair out of his face. Whatever the crap was, it was slimy and Sam was coated in the shit. Quilling my panic, I swiped the glop out of his mouth and nostrils best I could and hauled him up into my lap.

He was limp and heavy and lifeless.

"Damn it, Sammy!" I shook him roughly. "Breathe."

Sam responded immediately, jerking and gagging – a good sign.

"Bro!" In my panic, I shook him harder still.

"Guh." Sam's eyes snapped open and he stared right up at me. "Dee?" he croaked, shuddering.

"Hey, hey." I swiped more ooze away from his eyes and mouth and nose.

Sam's uncoordinated hand came up to his face, smearing more muck. "Dea…uhhh…." he hacked and coughed.

"Just hold it right here for a minute," I said, easily wrapping an arm around him and hauling him up, hugging him tightly against my chest.

"What? Where?" He struggled against me.

"Shh, easy, man."

Sam sank back, resting and trying to catch his breath.

I continued to clear away his airways, glancing around. Everything had gone stone quiet. Not a red eye or creepy shadow or messed up monster in sight. It was weird. I turned my attention back on Sam. He was staring up at me, focusing his eyes.

"It's you?" he whispered.

"Of course it's me."

"You're alive," he said it with aw, wriggling frantically to reach a hand up to my face, but was too weak.

I quickly grabbed hold, and squeezed tight. "It's me," I repeated, noting his sallow, haggard look and the dark-purple, half-moons under tired, sleepless eyes. "Holy crap, Sam, how'd you get here?" But before Sam could answer anger flared inside of me and I yelled, "Son of a bitch, Sammy! Why are you here! What the hell did you do? "

Sam opened his mouth to talk, but I cut him off.

"This is no three-day spa pass, bitch. There's no sleeping quarters, no food, no sun, no back roads, no salad shakes, nothing….only a zoo full of Dr. Frankenstein's rejects." I was spitting nails, I was so mad. "What are you doing here?"

"I – " Sam swallowed and closed his eyes.

I wanted to kill him. "Dude! How?"

"I – "

It struck me hard and fast, like a bullet to the brain. "You made a deal… didn't you?"

"I – "

"Answer me, Sammy!" I screamed my voice hollow and echoing.

"Don't yell at me, Dean." Sam shivered, taking in deep breaths, trying to control his trembling body.

My stomach knotted. I glanced up, sensing the freaks were back, cloaked in the shadows.

I glanced back down at my brother. "Sam," I released a shaky breath. God it was good to see him. Alive and kicking. I didn't want him here, but I was so glad he was here. "Then how?" I asked, clapping my hand to his shoulder, and rubbing my thumb back and forth soothingly. "How'd you get here?" I softened my tone.

"I don't remember much," Sam said, his erratic breathing slowing as he relaxed a bit, taking in his new environment.

"Welcome to Purgatory. It's a whole 'nother hell," I said sarcastically. "Joint is just one big geological abnormality that keeps going and going and never ends. Everything looks the same. I've been walking this labyrinth for –

"Five months," Sam injected.

"Five months," I uttered, in astonishment.

Sam nodded.

"Okay, then." I accepted the timeline. "So, what do you remember? "

Sam turned back toward me, blinking heavy lidded eyes. "I made a wish."

I drew back, taking in more of Sam's haggard look. His face was unshaven, his hair unruly, and he moved sluggishly.

I raised a brow. "What kind of a wish? A click your heels 'no place like home', wish? When You Wish Upon A Star, wish? Rub the Genie in the golden lamp sort of, wish? What?"

"Close." Sam struggled to stand. "A Genie in a fortune teller machine at an amusement park sort of, wish," he said, still taking in his surroundings.

"Like in that movie where Tom Hanks wishes to be…" I took Sam by the arm and helped him up to standing. "Big?" I asked, staring at his glob-coated face.

"Something like that," he said.

"Impossible," I drawled out.

"So's falling out of the sky." Sam closed his eyes and wobbled sideways.

"Whoa, Sam, you dizzy?" I gripped him tighter.

"Little bit. Think my right ankle's broken."

"Let me see." I bent down to look, but Sam stopped me.

"Trust me, Dean, it's broken."

"You just couldn't stay away could you?" I ground out, straightening up.

The monstrous things in the shadows started prowling and growling again.

"And miss the show?" Sam stiffened, and titled his head. "What is that?"

"If there was a Zoltar machine around here someplace I'd wish them all to be lions, tigers, and bears," I barked, sarcastically.

"That bad?"

"My bet… it's about to get worse, Sammy. You falling from the sky was the most action I've seen. So far they've never attacked me. Just constantly are watching. I've pretty much covered every square inch of this maze and there's nothing but what you see. Nothing ever changes. Can't tell which tree is which. It's always the same and it's always dark and I can't figure out the rules. You're the first thing that's changed here. How's that for five months' worth of hands-on research?" I snarled.

Even under all that glop on Sam's face I could tell he'd paled and his breathing and heart rate had picked up. I was dealing with a whole new set of emotions. Fear. Worry. Panic. Not for me, but for Sammy.

"Where do we go from here?" Sam asked.

"I'm up for random suggestions."

Sam looked at the black blob that was the sky. "Wish we had a rope, a set of stairs, a ladder."

We both held our breath and waited, but shockingly, nothing happened.

Sam shivered again and clutched at my jacket.

I sighed, there was nothing to do but keep moving. "You in too much pain to walk, pal?"

"I'm okay, Dean." Sam looked away hastily.

"Uh-huh." I dipped my head, catching his eye. "Because you look just peachy," I snipped, doubtfully. "Come on." I dragged Sam's arm across my shoulder and held it in place as I started us moving.

"Where to?" Sam hissed, stumbling along beside me.

"Going to get you out of here, Sammy."

"Dean, I'm supposed to be the one getting you out of here."

"Fine," I said, "New plan."

"Which is?"

"We get each other out. Together."

The end

AN: Just needed the boys back together again. They've each had their own separate hell. I think it would be neat to see them fighting their way out of Purgatory together for once. A 'my hell is your hell' sort of theme.

Thank you for your time and care in reading!