Transformers Prime – Epilogue

This story is based many years after the TV series and is a one-shot. Unlike many other stories, I have decided to avoid doing a human-to-cybertronian or cybertronian-to-human transformation since it does not seem to fit with canon and is not required for the plot. In fact, it would detract from the emotional impact.

This is my first proper fan-fic. Any errors are mine, the intellectual properties belong to Hasbro/Taraka.

Story Start

Jack looked up into the night sky, the fingers on his hand absently stroking the blue metal of his artificial leg as he leaned back against the side of his larger companion. Above them, the moon shone not only with the reflected light of the now-set sun, but also with the shimmering lights from the city that was slowly spreading across the surface (and deep down into it).

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"Not sure they're worth that much." Jack sighed. "I was just... thinking. About how things have changed. You think Optimus is looking down on us now?"

"Perhaps." Arcee said, turning her optics up to look at New Cybertron. "He's a busy Bot. Has been ever since Megatron died and the War ended."

A moment passed and then Arcee snorted slightly. "When the War ended. For megacycles I never thought I'd be able to say that."

"But the cost..." Jack mused.

"Yes." Arcee said softly. "I used to think that the human saying 'An arm and a leg' was funny."

"But I got new ones." Jack said, using his natural arm to lever himself upright. "Anyway, it's almost time for us to go. We promised we'd meet Raf for dinner."

Arcee nodded and stood, then shifted form. Once Jack was aboard, she accelerated gently back towards the large complex that had once been the Autobot's secret base.

"So much has changed." Jack mused as ahead of them, one of the outer ground-bridges powered up in response to their approach.

The queue outside the Tech-Café started cheering as Jack dismounted and Arcee reverted to her bipedal form. Jack waved to them as he and Arcee walked to the main entrance where one of the more recent cybertronian immigrants was waiting.


"Here to meet with Raf and Bumblebee." the 'bot finished with a smile and slight bow. "They are already inside. Welcome to the Tech-Café. I hope you enjoy your evening."

"The advantages of fame." Arcee murmered as they entered the cybertronian-scaled building. From across the room, Raf waved at them, smoothing his mustache with his other hand and trying (but failing) to hide his grin. On the other end of the table, Bumblebee sat with a large half-drunk mug of energon. Jack waved back, then grinned as the crowd parted almost as if by magic, allowing them to reach the table. Arcee sat down on one of the stools sized for her while Jack walked up the stairs and sat down at one of the human-sized chairs on the facing side.

"Jack, been a while."

"That it has, 'Bee." Jack replied, marvelling again at the fact that 'Bee's voice-processor had been repaired so seamlessly. Raf finished talking to the waiter, then turned his attention to Jack and Arcee.

"So," he grinned. "How's the world's favourite bi-species couple doing?"

"Doing fine, Raf." Arcee replied with a slow smile. "Miko sends her regards, by the way. She and Bulk doing fine."

"Miko? Great. I'll have to go up to New Cybertron again sometime to catch up. Still can't believe that she became the official ambassador for the Cybertronians. You remember all the trouble she used to cause?"

"She's steadied down." Jack said. "Being married and a mother have really caused her to start thinking things through. Even if she does rely on Bulkhead to keep an eye on her kids. They love their 'Uncle Bulk'."

Raf nodded again, then accepted a glass from the waiter. Jack picked up his newly-delivered drink and took a sip, then almost choked as a familiar figure placed an energon-drink before Arcee.

"Knockout? What are you... how are... huh?"

"I see time hasn't dulled your wit." Knockout smirked, ignoring the long stare that Arcee was giving him. "Nice arm by the way, very swish. I see Arcee donated some of her plating for it."

"It's okay." Raf interjected. "Knockout and I were talking earlier, he runs this place."

"I'm also the main chef for our cybertronian clientel." Knockout agreed.

"And in his spare time, he designs cars." 'Bee said with a wry smile. "You'd be amazed how many cars he's helped with."

Arcee continued to stare at him and Knockout sighed.

"I know. I was a Decepticon and proud of it. But after Jack here killed Big Meg and Prime smashed Airachnid when she tried to take over, I kind of realised how outmatched I was. I was prepared for a century or so in a holding cage, but Jack managed to swing a total amnesty for all us 'cons who hadn't actually committed any war crimes on Earth. That left me at a loose end, though and..." Knockout shrugged and waved at the rest of the giant restaurant. "I teamed up with a few humans, and we started this place up. It's suprisingly fun, actually. And everyone loves a reformed affable villain. Especially a style-genius like me. So, here are the menus and I'll be back soon to take your order."

Arcee stared at the retreating form in near-shock, then looked back at the others. "Well, that was... unexpected."

"It's because of him that we have stable synthetic energon." 'Bee said. "He and Ratchet were able to work out what the problem was and overcome it."

"Good thing too." Raf interjected. "You may not know this, but the population of New Cybertron hit 5,000 'bots recently. With the Vector-Sigma complex now in the middle of the city, the 'bots have a real reason to protect it. And with all the solar panels feeding the synth-energon plants, they have more than enough power."

"Yeah. I still prefer the natural stuff." Arcee said, taking a sip from her mug. "I still remember the effect the first batch had on Ratchett."

"How's it humming!" they all chorused before bursting into laughter. 'Bee shook his head as it died down. "Sixty years and he still hasn't lived it down."

"So, how are the others?" Jack asked.

"Wheeljack visited briefly, but he's gone out again to find if any other groups of cybetronian refugees are out there. Soundwave's with him, I think 'Wave looks to him as a replacement for Megatron."

"Well, his sensors will come in very handy." Jack noted.

"Dreadwing is happy in his job with the Presidential Guard."

"I knew about that." Arcee said. "He saved your President from that terrorist attack a decade back. Picked him up, dropped him in the cockpit, transformed and flew him to... to camp... daniel?"

"Camp David."

Arcee nodded her thanks as she continued. "How many presidents has he loyally served now? Four? Five?"

"Five, and he's won a bunch of bravery awards for it." Raf said. "His sense of honour and duty almost means he has to serve someone. So he chose to serve the President. Arcee, you may like to know that Prowl is running a Dojo on New Cybertron, teaching the traditional fighting styles."

"I'll have to take the Moon-bridge up there to pay him a visit."

"Most of the others are up there too." Raf finished. "It's mainly the young ones who are volunteering to come down here. I think half of them want to get a human partner."

"Like you and 'Bee?" Jack asked.

"More like you two. 'Bee replied. "Life is never boring with you organics around. And with you to keep things interesting, we should be able to avoid another War caused by boredom and stagnation. Knockout's returning, I think we should order. Arcee, I recommend the Energon/mineral salad."

"Sir? Two to see you."

Optimus looked up from the screen and his optics brightened slightly as he saw Jack and Arcee standing in the door. Rising, he walked round and waved them in and across to the conversational nook in the corner.

"Jack, Arcee, it is good to see you again. It has been some time."

"My parent's funeral." Jack said as Arcee lifted him onto the 'bot-sized couch. "If I didn't mention it then, thanks for giving that eulogy."

"I am only sorry I could not have saved them." Prime said, his voice heavy with remembered sorrow. "They died bravely, and their sacrifices helped to end the War."

"June was a great woman." another voice said and both Jack and Arcee turned to see Ratchet enter the room. "And Fowler... well, although he and I argued a great deal, I had much respect for him. Greetings, I came as soon as I heard you had come."

"Hey, Ratchett, how's it humming?" Arcee asked mischievously and Ratchett closed his remaining optic briefly, emitting a sigh.

"Will I ever live that down?

Jack looked down from the balcony at the scene below where a mixed group of 'bots and humans were moving towards the Moon-bridge.

"I wonder where they're off to?"

"Probably on a mission for Optimus." Arcee said as she stepped up behind him and lightly rested her fingers on his shoulders. "He's always looking for new ways to ensure that cybertronians and humans learn to live together peacefully."

"Yeah, he's a great leader." Jack said, resting his hand on Arcee's fingertips.

"Like you were." Arcee said quietly.

Jack nodded slowly, his hand lightly stroking her cool metal skin.

"Hard to believe, I was once Optimus' second in command."

"And you were good at it." Arcee said. "If not for your..."

Jack stepped out of her grasp and turned to face her.

"We had a great time, my love, and Primus willing, we'll have years yet." he said softly, catching her hand in both of his. "And even after I'm gone, I'll still be with you."

"I... I know." she said softly, "but seeing you aging like this..."

Jack smiled sadly and reached up as Arcee knelt down.

"Arcee, believe me. As you are here," he tapped his chest with his metal hand "I will always be in your Spark. Trust me."

Arcee glanced down to his hand, resting just above her Spark-chamber, then back to his face.


For a few moments, the silence seemed to hold them, then Arcee blinked.

"One thing, did you ever regret that you and I couldn't..."

"Arcee," Jack said firmly, "It doesn't matter. We love each other. So what if I'm human and you're cybertronian? That's just the surface. I'm organic, you're cybernetic, does that matter? No."

Arcee looked at him searchingly, then pulled him into a firm but gentle hug.

"Sorry. It's been bugging me for some time. I saw how you acted around Miko's kids and I knew I could never provide you with sparklings of your own."

"I have you. What more could I need?" Jack asked, returning her hug. "Apart from you, is there anything at all that I could need?"

Arcee reflected that there was no answer to that as they watched light move across the Earth above them..