(Author's notes are in bold like this) Welcome to my first story! I'm The Blazing Torchic, but feel free to call me Torch because that's what I will be referring to myself as!

Anyway, "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Just a Dream" is a fanfiction about a girl who is stabbed and somehow ends up in the story line of Explorers of Sky. She refuses to believe that what's happening to her is anything more than a mutilated side effect from being stabbed and falling flat on her face, believing that it's just a dream. However, this dream does seem a little too real. And with events happening that she can't recall from the game, it keeps getting harder and harder to convince herself that this is a dream.

Just a few points about the story now;

The majority story is told from Kira's point of view, though there is a chance I could release some "special chapters" that are told from another Pokémon's point of view. I'm still debating over whether or not to that. Rarely, there may be a point from someone else's point of view.

The story starts the day before the hero and partner head to Waterfall Cave.

Now for the final point; I own nothing except for Lila and Kira.

Chapter 1

The street was dark, and cold, and wet. My twin sister, Lila, was holding onto my arm for dear life.

"I don't like this…" She whispered with wide eyes. "Are you sure we were supposed to meet them here?" I shrugged.

"Them" were our friends Jessica and Alexia. For some reason, the two of them preferred to meet us in a dark alley rather than a brightly lit house.

You see, we were going spend the next week in a haunted house. Not the cheesy kind either, it was supposedly a full blown ghost house. I had a fascination with darkness and ghosts, so there was no way I would've turned them down when they asked. Lila, though, was a different story. She was scared of almost everything. That was our biggest difference; I loved danger.

But I just didn't like to be away from my twin for long, and she didn't like to be away from me.

I let out a low sigh, leave it to Alexia to want us all to meet in some dingy alley. I swear, sometimes I thought that girl was insane. I was probably right, too.

A metallic click jolted me from my thoughts, and I spun around. A lanky teen in a dark green baseball cap stared down at Lila and me, a switchblade in his hand. "Well, what are you two ladies doing out here? Don't you know how dangerous it is?"

"Bug off," I waved my hand dismissively, and Lila gripped my arm harder.

"Feisty, eh?" the tall guy let out a dangerous chuckle. "Just the way I like 'em."

I kicked him where it counts. "Bug off!"

He shot a glance at me, his face twisted with pain. "You'll pay for that." He held up his switchblade.

Lila took a step back. "Uh, we'll be going now… Uh, bye!" she turned to run, but I spat at the guy before following.

That was a mistake.

The guy lashed out with his switchblade, and pain raced through my body. I felt sick, and rushed towards the ground.

The last thing I heard before my eyes rushed shut was Lila call out my name in fear.

When my eyes flickered open next, I was confused. How on earth did I get to a beach? My head felt like it had been bashed in, and for some reason I was very warm. Although, I couldn't feel my arms, which was enough to trigger minuscule panic.

"Oh! You're awake!" The voice was so unexpected that I flinched, and once I regained my composure, I turned my head slowly to face the voice. It was coming from a brown beaver-like-thing, and my heart skipped a beat. It was a Bidoof, a Pokémon.

And I thought my day was bad before.

"You were out cold… I didn't know what to do… Oh, I thought you were a goner!" The Bidoof blubbered on as I rolled onto my back.

I pulled myself into a sitting position and stared at him. Pokémon weren't real, and even if they were they shouldn't be able to talk, so this had to be some sort of side effect from being stabbed and falling on my head. I nearly sighed. Why couldn't I have a normal side effect like memory loss or nausea?

"So Torchic, how did ya end up out cold on the beach?"

This guy was so cheerful I wanted to puke. There was no way I was telling him anything even if he wasn't real…

It was that moment when I realized he had called me Torchic.

"I'm not a Torchic," I told him, looking away. "Don't call me that."

"Well, golly," Bidoof replied, tipping his head to one side in confusion. "You look like a Torchic to me."

I shook my head. "That can't be right; I don't look anything like a…" It was then that I noticed my feet weren't right. They weren't the normal, they weren't even close. They looked like bird feet. "Huh?" I slowly stood up and moved each foot in turn.

I had bird feet. This couldn't be right.

"Maybe you aren't a Torchic, I've never seen one before anyway, so I wouldn't know…" Bidoof was talking, but I wasn't listening. I made my way over to a small pool of water by the side of a huge rock, and looked down.

I looked like an orange chick with no wings.

"I'm a freaking Torchic!" I gasped, falling backwards. Bidoof was by my side in an instant.

"Yup yup, you sure are. A mighty pretty one too." Dear god, was he flirting with me?

"No, this can't be right!" I screamed, jumping up. "I'm a fourteen-year-old human girl, not a flightless orange baby chicken without any arms!" This had to be a side effect. Is it possible to have really weird dreams if you get stabbed and fall on your face? Really weird dreams which feel real?

Bidoof look amazed. "Wow, human? That's amazing! Just like Piplup!" I stared blankly at him until he explained, "Piplup's part of Team Poképals. He joined the guild a few days ago."

If I had hands, I'd be face-palming right now. Somehow I'd ended up in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon anime. I hadn't been a fan of it, since it always seemed like they messed up the voices, but now I was in it. God, kill me now.

"Where are they now?" I asked, fluffing up my feathers. It was most likely close to sunset, and I was cold. But if I was in a show, I might as well meet the main characters.

Bidoof smiled, "They should be at the guild. C'mon, I'll take you there, Torchic!" He started away from the beach, and I hurried after him.

"Bidoof, my name's not Torchic!" I called racing right behind him, his legs were stubby but somehow he was still faster than me. I blamed it on the bird feet. "My name's Kira!"

If I had known how to use fire attacks, I would've attacked Bidoof right then and there as he laughed, "That's a funny name!"


The guild looked even creepier in person. But then again, Wigglytuff was creepy to begin with. An awesome kind of creepy.

"Yup yup, just come right in!" Bidoof called to me from where he stood by the door, or at least what should be a door. It was just an opening in the front of the tent. I had always thought it looked like a mouth, and now my theory had just been confirmed. I get to be eaten by Wigglytuff, oh joy.

"Bidoof, quick request," I called to the brown beaver as I skirted around the sentry grate. "Don't tell everyone that I was a human. I'd prefer to tell them myself."

Bidoof shot me a confused look, "Why?"

I shrugged- if that's even possible. I think I did. "You see, I'd kind of like to be part of the guild, but I hate it when others look at me like I'm different, so…"

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert!" The new voice startled me, and I stumbled backwards as a Diglett popped out of the ground.

"Dear God!" I gasped, and my bird feet gave out. I fell down, bouncing off what I assumed to be the ladder. Surprisingly, when I hit the ground it didn't feel like it had when I'd fell earlier. It felt… softer, more comforting. Like someone was looking out for me.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" a voice asked, and I looked up to see that Sunflora had caught me. "That was a spectacular fall!"

"I'm fine," I replied, wiggling out of the grip of her leaves and jumping to the ground. "Thank you very much."

"Oh, no problem!" Sunflora answered happily, waving a leaf. "But why are you here?"

I smiled, "I want to become an exploration team member, though I fell when Diglett startled me and I tripped." I looked around slowly. "Wait, Bidoof was with me… where'd he go?" I was provided with an answer as Bidoof calmly climbed down to me.

"Yup yup, that was an interesting fall you did there Kira!" once again, his cheerfulness made me want to puke.

"What's going on?" somebody called, and a collection of Pokémon raced up a ladder that was beside the one I had fallen down. There was a Loudred, a Corphish, a Chimecho, the god-forsaken Diglett, a Dugtrio, a Crogunk, and a Chatot. Well, so much for Team Poképals being here.

"The intruder is Torchic! The intruder is Torchic!" Diglett was sounding his alarm, and I once again wished to facepalm. Well, I wished for palms at least.

"I can see that Diglett," Chatot replied, coming towards me. "However, I am unsure of why she's here."

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here!" I burst out, ruffling my feathers. "If you want to know things, just ask! You have a beak for a reason!"

Chatot looked surprised; I guess nobody talks to him harshly. Although, I don't think I was very harsh. Meh, who knows if that was or not? But having anyone talk about me as if I'm not there is a pet peeve of mine. A very large pet peeve.

"Well, care to explain why you're here then?" Chatot spoke up, crossing his wings.

I rolled my eyes. "Well let's see, this is an exploration guild… I'm obviously here for taco night."

Everyone but Chatot broke out into laughter. "We do not have a taco night." He replied instead. "You must be at the wrong place."

I tried to crack a smile. That's really hard to do with a beak. "That was a joke. I came to join the guild."

Chatot's wings fluttered. "Well, why didn't you say so? Come along this way and be registered, if you please!" He flew down the ladder to next floor, and I reluctantly followed. After staring down the ladder for a few moments, I attempted to hop down it.

It didn't end to well.

My left bird foot knocked against one of the rungs on the ladder, and I was sent into a downwards spiral. I wished for arms, wings, something to stop me from hitting the ground. I scrunched my eyes closed, waiting to fall flat on the ground, but instead it felt like something caught me. I opened my eyes as I was set gently down, and looked around in surprise. Two vines were moving towards a Bulbasaur who was standing beside a Piplup. The Bulbasaur was wearing a rock with a strange pattern on a string around his neck.

"Are you okay? Not hurt or anything?" Bulbasaur asked, and I gave a slow nod. In the anime, Piplup's partner had been a Chimchar, not a Bulbasaur.

… Maybe I wasn't in the anime after all.

Okay, that was chapter one. For pointless information's sake, I'll just post here that Bulbasaur and Piplup are both boys. Piplup isn't Piplup's real name, though his real name won't be revealed until later on in the story.

So people, I hope you have enjoyed this chapter. I would appreciate reviews, but please no flames.