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Chapter 4

The Pikachu groaned again, and I poked her with my left foot.

"Wakey-wakey, you'll be late for school." I attempted to smile; Lila hated to be late for anything. Not that I enjoyed being late, but Lila really hated it. "Don't make me get the air horn." She also hated the air horn that I kept above my bed.

"No…" the Pikachu mumbled, "I… I have too…"

I attempted to frown, the Pikachu sounded nothing like Lila. But it's not like it could be anyone else. "Have to what? Wake up? Wakey-wakey eggs and snakey."

"It's… uh… huh…?" the Pikachu opened her eyes, "a… a beach…?"

Wait a minute, the Pikachu had green eyes. That wasn't normal.

And anyway, Lila has brown eyes.

Today sucks again.

"Hey, you're awake," I attempted a comforting smile. But of course, there was my beak. "You were lying there groaning and mumbling about something. How long were you asleep?"

"I was asleep?" the Pikachu shook her head, "Funny, I don't remember falling asleep at all." She suddenly jumped to her feet, "In fact, I don't remember anything! Oh Arceus, I think I shrunk!"

"You are one messed up Pikachu," I mumbled, shaking my head. "Seriously, did you get a concussion or something?"

"Huh? Pikachu?" the Pikachu shook her head, "What are you talking about, Torchic? I'm human."

"Uh-huh, sure," I rolled my eyes, "you're fluffy electric mouse with green eyes. Other than the eyes, you're a perfectly normal Pikachu. And anyway, don't use the human excuse. You'd be the third one of us in a week."

"Huh?" the Pikachu stared at her paws and slowly began to examine other parts of her body. "Yellow fur… a tail… pointy ears… oh no. This is bad. This is really, really, really bad." She moved unsteadily over to the same pool of water I had stared into yesterday. She seemed to be petting herself, and fell back. "Oh no, please no. I can't be a Pikachu, it… it isn't possible! I was a human, I know I was!"

I snickered; this was actually kind of entertaining. "Like I said, you're the third one of us humans turned Pokémon. We have a fire type, a water type, and now an electric type. I guess the grass types were too mainstream."

"The third…?" the Pikachu gasped and started to rub the sides of her head, "What could've caused this…? Come on, Jade, think! What happened… what… oh no."

"This is very, very, very weird." I mumbled, "And who's Jade?" seriously, this Pikachu has more issues than Lila when she gets a bad mark on a science test. It's a lot more interesting, though.

The Pikachu shook her head, "I don't know… I want to say that it's me, but I can't remember if that's right… this is really, really bad… I can't really remember anything! I know my name… I think… and the fact that I was human! After that, nothing!"

"Oh, poor amnesic muffin," I replied, and Jade mumbled something under her breath. "Seriously though, is this some kind of trick? We already have our local amnesic human turned Pokémon."

"You do?" Jade looked really interested, "That's odd…" she shook her head, "but really Torchic, I'm serious. I was human."

"First of all, don't call me Torchic. My name's Kira." I attempted to smile again, "Secondly, it doesn't matter what you were before. You're a Pikachu now, get used to it."

Jade groaned, "That's not the issue here! I need to figure out how this happened and why the last thing I remember doing is swimming…"

"Maybe your mind is playing tricks on you and you weren't really human or something," I suggested, and Jade face palmed. Or would it be face pawed?

"Why don't you understand?" Jade groaned, "I have to figure out why I was human! I just have to- Kira, behind you!"

I was about to ask her why she was yelling at me when something sent me rolling right into Jade.

"Wow, you are weak!" a voice announced, and I turned back to see who it was.

A Koffing and a Zubat.

You have got to be kidding me.

"Greetings, wimp!" Koffing, I officially hate you. "Why don't you be a nice little Torchic and hand over the Weather Band you have on?"

"Let me think about it… no," I rolled my eyes, "how about I call on the Piplup and Bulbasaur that wiped the floor with you a few days ago?"

Koffing and Zubat broke out laughing, "Those wimps? More like we wiped the floor with them!"

"Uh- huh, I'll bet. That must be why Bulbasaur still has his rock." I replied nonchalantly, "Seriously though, you guys suck. And don't start with the 'that's because we didn't have chief with us!' crud. How about you do yourself a favor and go away before you end up well done." And now I want steak. Stupid fire puns.

"Very well, we'll take it by force!" Zubat swooped down towards me, and I jumped to the side. He crashed into Jade, and I fell over laughing.

"Oh my God… that was too perfect!" I laughed, and both Team Skull members groaned. Jade mumbled something under her breath before rolling over to my side. She pushed herself to her feet, looking like she was about to kill something.

"If you want to play it dirty… we'll gladly do so too!" Koffing sent a blast of stink towards Jade and me, causing the both of us to start gagging.

"Blue! Take a shower!" Jade yelled, and I broke out laughing.

And then I realized she said Blue. I don't think she meant the colour.

"Wait… do you mean…?" I couldn't continue because at that moment Zubat attacked, ripping my Weather Band from my neck. "Hey! Give that back!"

"Make us." Koffing taunted in a very childish voice. "You want it? We'll be in this cave here, come fight us. Come on Zubat, let's go." They turned to leave, leaving me and a still gagging Jade behind.

"Those… those idiots!" I stammered, staring at the entrance to the cave… wait, to Beach Cave. The first dungeon the hero and the partner enter after Koffing and Zubat steal the Relic Fragment.

…I'm the partner, aren't I?

Okay, that's just weird.

"Karma's evil, isn't it?" Jade smirked, and I turned back to her.

"Yeah, whatever, can you please help me get my Weather Band back?"

Jade didn't miss a beat before replying, "No."

"Aw, come on!" I moaned, "Please help me get my Weather Band back."

"Yeah, no," Jade shrugged, "I have bigger problems. I have to figure out how I became a Pokémon!"

"Please! Don't make me beg!" wow, I sounded pitiful. "Just come with me so that we can get the stupid Weather Band back!" much better.

"If it's so stupid, why do you want it?" great, now Jade's taunting me. What did I ever do to her?

…Don't answer that.

"We don't have any time to waste!" I groaned, sounding like an idiot. "Just help me! I need to get that Weather Band back!"

Jade crossed her arms, "But can't you just…"

"No, I need you to help me," I grumbled, "okay?!" this partner business is getting annoying.

"But I have no memory…" Jade tried, and I sighed.

"I know it's difficult, but please hurry! It doesn't matter if you have no memory. You can still help! Please!"

Jade didn't waver. "But I'm sure I was human…."

I let out a scream of frustration, "Human, ghost, it doesn't matter! You can still help! So, just do it! Help me get the God-forsaken Weather Band back!"

Jade took a step back, "Okay, okay. Keep your feathers on. I'll help you."

Well, that took long enough. "Really? Thanks! Let's go right now!" I led the way into Beach Cave, trying not to trip.

Why does Lila get to be the hero in the previous game while I'm stuck being a messed up version of the partner?

"We should go along that corridor, and then take a left…" Jade was mumbling to herself just loud enough for it to be annoying.

"Can you please shut up?" I sighed, "Seriously, you're kind of annoying."

"Gee, thanks," Jade shook her head and took the lead, "listen, Kira, right? If we're going to be working together, we should get to know each other more. You know everything I know about me, so tell me about yourself."

I attempted to shrug, "What's to say? I have a twin sister named Lila, I was stabbed and turned into a Torchic yesterday, I'm part of an exploration team with two jerks…"

"Whoa, wait a minute," Jade frowned, "back it up a bit. What did you just say?"

I tried to give Jade a quizzical look, "Uh, I'm in an exploration team with two jerks?"

Jade sighed, "Before that, genius."

"Oh, I have a twin sister named Lila."

"I swear to Arceus…" Jade mumbled through gritted teeth, "in the middle. What did you say in the middle?"

I rolled my eyes, "Why didn't you just say that the first time? I was stabbed and turned into a Torchic yesterday. Or would it be slashed? I really don't know."

"Does that mean you're the local amnesiac human turned Pokémon?" Jade asked, and I stared at her in disbelief.

"Oh my God," I whispered in surprise, "you were listening to that? I was thinking out loud, and you actually listened?" okay, Jade gets an award.

"Well, yeah." Jade sounded honestly surprised, "So are you?"

I attempted a smile, "Nope, I still have my memories. You know, we should head downwards. If I'm right, they'll be in the pit of the cave."

"And if you're wrong?"

I think I actually managed to smile somehow this time, "Then I'll sprout arms and teleport to the next universe over."

"Well, that's good to know," Jade laughed, "and it would be even better if I could figure out what the heck it meant."

The smile that I had somehow managed to achieve stayed on my face as I replied, "It means I'm right."

Jade's laugh was abruptly cut off, "The ground is moving," she mumbled, "that can't be right. It's like someone…" she closed her eyes, and I stared at her blankly as she lifted a paw.

"Jade," I tipped my head to the side, "what are you doing?"

"Yes, I see it now…" she mumbled, "two Pokémon. A water type and a grass type, both male. They're upset… it's almost like they had an argument… ah, I see it, they're in pain, like they were attacked, but not quite. Now the water type is alert. He's looking around… judging by how strong his aura is, he must be close, and he's mad. There are no two ways around it, we are about to meet these two." She lowered her paw and opened her eyes.

"Jade," I tried again, "care to explain what the heck that was?"

The Pikachu shrugged, "Not a clue. Maybe's it's something I could do before…" she gestured to herself, "all this happened."

"Kira?" a voice that sounded like peaches once more called out, and I turned back to see Blue. A random scarf was around his neck, the treasure bag was over his shoulder, and his voice was just plain peachy.

Okay, why do I keep comparing his voice to peaches? Honestly, I'm hungry for pancakes, not peaches!

…Or waffles.

Evil beware, we have waffles.

"Kira!" Bulbasaur called out coming around beside Blue. "Kira, thank Arceus! We've been looking…" he trailed off, "where's your Weather Band?"

"It got stolen," I replied, "by a certain Zubat and Koffing. Take a guess of who they are."

Both Blue and Bulbasaur winced, "Did they say anything?" Bulbasaur asked, "Anything about us, specifically?"

I shrugged, "Nothing important, and if you'll excuse me, Jade and I will be going to get my Weather Band back now."

"Hey, wait," Jade spoke up, "can you at least introduce me to your friends first?"

I sent Blue a glare and spun around, "After this morning? They aren't my friends."

"Hey!" Bulbasaur protested, "For the record, I'm the one who told Blue that we needed to come back here and find you!"

"You what I like?" Jade spoke up once more, "Explanations. One would be really useful right about now."

Blue looked confused, "I'd like one too. I feel like I know the Pikachu…"

"Jade," I grumbled, "her name is Jade. We should be going now." Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

"How about they come with us?" Jade suggested, "We'll be able to take Koffing and Zubat down faster with more Pokémon on our side."

"I agree," Blue called, "The faster we get this done, the faster we can get back to the secret waterfall and use Kira's weirdness to figure out how to get in."

…What? Okay, now I'm confused.

"Blue!" Bulbasaur protested, "We were supposed to ease into that!"

"Can we just go get my Weather Band back?" I sighed, "Please? I would really like it back now."

"Sure." Jade smiled, "Come on, everyone. We can't be that far behind them. Blue, right? Would you mind leading the way?" Blue nodded, and the two of them started walking. I exchanged a glance with Bulbasaur before the two of us followed them, voicing the same thought.

"Do those two know each other?"


"And this is our stop. Thank you for traveling dungeon Beach Cave."

My joke earned me nothing but blank stares at first. Than Bulbasaur gave a forced smile while Jade and Blue just exchanged an all-knowing look. Blue looked behind him to see if Koffing and Zubat had heard my joke, and Jade poked him in the side so that he turned back to our little group.

"Okay, so these two are just up ahead." Jade frowned, "We need a battle plan. I suggest that we send Kira in as a distraction, and then Blue, you lead an assault from the left side. I'll come up with Bulbasaur from the right. When Kira gives the signal, we all attack. Bulbasaur will use his vines to hold the two together while Blue and Kira use their beaks to attack. Any objections?"

"Whoa, what? My beak?!" I grimaced, "Ew! I'm not attacking anything with my mouth! I need that to eat! Speaking of which, does anyone have food? I skipped breakfast."

Jade rolled her eyes, "Just do it, Kira. The faster we take them out, the faster we'll get your Weather Band back and find some food. Any other questions?"

"Please tell, Jade," Bulbasaur frowned, "what are you going to do in this fight?"

"Well," Jade looked nervous, "I, uh, don't know if I can fight. So, I'm going to be off to the side, waiting for a moment where I can jump in and grab the Weather Band back."

"In other words; you are just going to leave it all to us." Blue looked pouty, "No fair."

"Suck it up, princess." Jade rolled her eyes, "Good luck. Starting, now!" she gave me a sharp push, and I stumbled out towards where Koffing and Zubat were floating. As I moved forward, I noticed three flaws with Jade's plan.

One, the last time Blue and Bulbasaur fought those two they were apparently used to wipe the floor.

Two, I don't think I know how to fight.

Three, Koffing and Zubat weren't alone.

"Well, who's this? Boys, care to introduce me to your new friend?"

At Skuntank's request, Koffing and Zubat turned to face me. Koffing smirked, "Hello there, little Torchic. Have you come for your item? What, is it your personal treasure?"

"No, I just want it back!" I replied, attempting to enter a battle stance. "And I brought some others to help me get it!"

I swear I heard crickets chirping in the moments that followed.

"Oh, please." Skuntank scoffed, coming up beside Koffing as Zubat moved to the side. "You're just a little chick. I'm not even sure the noxious gas combo has a point to be used on you."

"Hey! I resent tha… oh my God…" I gagged as I noticed the stench that was coming from Skuntank. "That's disgusting! Have you ever heard of deodorant? I mean, seriously, you spell like old milk! Ewww…"

As it turns out, that was not the right thing to say. Koffing and Skuntank readied their attack, and I cringed.

So, this is how I die.

Death by mouth farts.

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