You asked and here it is. The story continues in "I.S. Academy Year Two: Wings"

I.S. Academy Year Two: Wing


Ichika paced circles in the waiting room. Less than half an hour had passed since the battle ended. Less than ten minutes had passed since Adrian entered emergency treatment.

"Orimura, I would like to ask you a few questions." a voice said.

The sudden interruption made Ichika jump. Turning his head, his eyes greeted a woman in front of the door way.

"Come with me." she ordered.

Ichika obeyed and followed her out the door. He recognized the woman as one of the agents who immediately appeared after the battle in the park.

The agent walked into the hall and opened a door on the right.

"In here." she said as she walked.

Ichika followed and sat down in a chair across from the agent.

As soon as Ichika settled down, she immediately began speaking. "I am agent K. as you know, we at the I.S. Academy detected I.S. activity and investigated. This investigation led us to that park where we found you, that boy currently in the emergency ward, and damaged I.S. equipment. After arriving, you asked us to "save" your friend. We then brought the two of you here and collected the equipment."

Agent K. paused and stared at Ichika measuring his reactions and expressions. After a moment, she continued speaking, "Due to the circumstances, we believe you connected to this situation."

'Circumstances' Ichika thought, 'As the "supposedly" only male in the world able to pilot an I.S. I tend to attract attention. Just last year, I dealt with Phantom Pain.'

"It's like I said on the way here. I went grocery shopping with my friend Adrian and we decided to take a break in the park. While resting, three drones attacked us. They shot Adrian and then attacked me." Ichika replied.

"How is your friend, Adrain, related? He was shot three times and upon examining him, we discovered his ring is an I.S. in stand by mode. He is not just a civilian."

'I.S.' Ichika thought, 'short for Infinite Stratos. A powerful exo-suit developed elven years ago that far surpassed all of the times modern weaponry. There was one problem, only women could pilot I.S.s. Since then, the balance of power shifted from men to women. Then it was discovered that I could pilot an I.S. last year throwing the world into chaos. I thought I was the only one...'

"I'm not sure how Adrian is related. They may have been after the I.S." Ichika lied.

"I see." Agent K watched Ichika closely.

"If anything develops, we of the I.S. Academy will contact you again." continued Agent K. who then stood up and left the room.

'I.S. Academy' Ichika thought as he stood up, 'The world's most prestige school in preparing the next generation of I.S. pilots. Since only girls could pilot I.S. it was an all girls school until I was forced to enroll. Whenever something I.S. related occurs, the Academy becomes involved.'

Concerned about the future, Ichika stepped into the hall and reentered the waiting room.

"Ichika, you're alright!" A voice cried out bringing Ichika back to his senses.

"Cha-Char?" Ichika replied, confused as a blond girl tackle hugged him.

Looking around, Ichika saw Cecilia, Rin, Laura, and Houki were also in the room.

"Ichika, we were so worried. We came here the moment sensei told us you were in the sick bay." Cecilia explained.

"When we got here, we couldn't find you and saw someone was in the emergency room." Rin complained.

"But, you're fine." Laura commented.

"Ichika, who's in there, Adriana?" Houki asked.

Ichika blinked, he had not noticed, but the girls had completely surrounded him with looks of concern.

Less than an hour had passed since the battle. Even less time since Adrian had been placed in the emergency ward. The recent interrogation caused Ichika to mentally relive the battle. His friends' faces reminded Ichika of Adrian's peaceful face dying on the ground.

"What happened?"

Ichika couldn't tell who asked. As he stumbled forward, everything spun.

"There was an attack..." was all Ichika could say before he collapsed on a sofa unable to say more.

"Uhhh..." Ichika groaned sitting up.

Opening his eyes, he saw he was still in the waiting room.

"Ichika, how are you feeling?" Charlotte asked in concern.

"I'm fine. What about..." Ichika trailed off as he looked towards the emergency room.

"That person is fine." Laura answered, "The doctor finished an hour ago."

"You've been out for three." Cecilia stated.

"Ichika, who's that guy?" Rin asked.

"And, what happened to Adriana? We can't contact her." Houki continued.

"""Ichika, what's going on?"""

"I'm not sure." Ichika responded walking to the door. "Did the doctor say where his room is?"

"203 on the left wing." Charlotte answered.

Ichika thanked Charlotte and immediately left the room. Confused the girls silently followed.

Ichika reached the room and knocked.

"Come in." a voice hollowly responded.

Entering, Ichika saw Adrian sitting up on his bed. The expression Adrian wore could only be described as blank. An empty shell from when he was Adriana.

'Or, this is his true face.' Ichika thought. 'Those smiles were starting to feel weird.'

"You survived..." Adrian stated, his voice remaining dead.

"What does that mean!" Cecilia cried

"Ichika, it's time you explain yourself." Houki declared.

Adrian faced the girls and spoke, "I tried to kill Ichika."

Immediately, the girls took defensive positions.

"It's ok." Ichika reassured them. Ichika turned to Adrian and complained, "Why did you say something like that?"

"It's true."

"Yeah, but...other stuff happened too" Ichika struggled to get his point across.

Houki then approached Adrian narrowing her eyes.

"Houki, what's wrong?" Charlotte asked.

"Adri-ana?" Houki questioned watching the boy's face.

If Adrian was surprised by Houki's observation abilities, Ichika could not tell. Not once did Adrian's lifeless expression change.

Shocked by Houki's comment, the other girls also approached Adrian.

"Tan skin..."

"Long messy black hair..."

"Black almond eyes..."

"And a light scar next to the left eye."

Adrian reacted to the last comment. Slowly, he raised his left hand and touched the scar. Gently, he traced it from beginning to end. He started on the corner where eye lid began and lowered a few centimeters. He then held his hand, lost in deep thought as though remembering something from long ago.

"What's going to happen?" Adrian suddenly asked.

"Are you just ignoring us?" Rin and Cecilia cried.

"What do you mean?" Ichika asked.

"Am I... to be interrogated and then killed?" Adrian asked.

Only silence could be heard. All anger and confusion was stifled by those words.

"Adrian... is that what you're expecting us to do?" Ichika asked.

"I tried to kill you." Adrian replied.

"You also saved me."

"You almost died because of me. Now everyone's in danger..."

"A- Adrian, are you..." Rin began, "Do you feel guilty?"

"Am I to be executed?" Adrian again asked.

"That is an option." A new voice intruded.

"Instructor." Laura greeted Orimura Sensei.

"Visiting hours are over, leave." Orimura Sensei commanded.

Ichika and girls left the room and walked to the cafeteria.

"Ichika, what's going on?" Cecilia repeated everyone's question.

"You said that man's name was Adrian, was that Adriana?" Laura questioned.

Ichika took a deep breath, and explained everything that happened that day.

"Tell me what happened, all of it." Orimura Sensei told Adrian in his room.

"I infiltrated the I.S. Academy as Adriana so that I could get close to Ichika. While her, I spied on Ichika, Laura, Charlotte, Rin, Houki, Cecilia, and both Kanzashi sisters. After the observation period, I lured Ichika away from the academy so that I could bring him, his I.S. and his I.S. core to my base. I was ordered to bring Ichika back dead." Adrian replied, his voice still dead.

"Yet, you didn't kill him and he claims that you saved his life."

"I couldn't do it. Then we were attacked by three drones."

"You fought the drones, together?"

"My ring acts as a communication device, a hologram projector, and an a stratos.

"Who sent you?"

"The organization."


"I don't know much about them. Their goal is to return the world into a male dominated society. I think they act independently from any nation or government. Even my contact from Argentina was fake."

"Where is the base?"

"I don't know. Pilots aren't privileged with that knowledge in case they get captured. The base I operated in occupied at least few kilometers. It has a seven kilometer looped training course as well as other training facilities. While there, I never saw a window to the outside."

"There are other I.S. pilots in your organization?"

"There are, but I am not familiar with them. There were a few scientists developing their own I.S.s with their own pilots. My scientist only had me as a pilot."

"How did they discover you could pilot an I.S.?"

"In truth, I am unable to pilot a stratos. None of us can." Adrian paused to take a breath before continuing in his emotionless voice. "The scientists developed their own I.S. cores for the I.S.s they designed. For some reason, the previously selected pilots were unable to pilot the I.S.s they created, but they still could. They then search for "new candidates" to pilot their I.S."

"The I.S. cores they developed only worked for some men?"

"Yes, they gathered all the new candidates and checked us for qualification. We were told the I.S. core determines who can be its pilot. Once it selects its pilot, it will operate as the soul for any I.S. the pilot uses. My guess is that the scientist and I have something in common that the I.S. core liked. As long as I have that I.S. core acting as the soul of the stratos I pilot, I can pilot any stratos. Without it, I'm a normal person."

"How did those scientists develop an I.S. core?"

"I don't know. Oh, my scientist had me call him professor."

"How was it you could pilot our academy standard I.S.s?"

"As long as I had my stratos, it would bypass the original core in the I.S. and act as the I.S.'s core instead."

"Anything else?"

"No, that's everything I know. How long do I have?"

"Is that what you want?"

"I have another option?"

"Are you still a member of your organization."



"But..." Adrian froze. Such a simple action seemed impossible for him. "I tried to kill Ichika, I spied on everyone's I.S.s, I-I don't even belong to a country."

"Ichika says you saved him, all the students here are ordered to spy on everyone elses' I.S. to begin with, and-"

Thuak, Adrian's head is slammed by Orimura sensei's textbook.

"That's for not reading your manual. It clearly states various solutions to students acting independently from a home country." Orimura Sensei scolded.

"So, what will you do?" She firmly demanded to know.

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