Max Payne: Redemption

Description: Takes place sometime after Max Payne 3. May also contain spoilers from the plot of MP 3 - also includes characters from MP3/MP2/MP1. In this saga of Max Payne's chapter - he is tired of his life and wants a change. Little did he know when he gets what he wants, theres always a bitter taste at the end of it.

Author Notes: Please review everyone - this is my first story I ever wrote online and grammar may be wonky, please criticize so I can fix!

Chapter 1: Awakening

I stirred as I woke up from my bed. I could taste a hint of alcoholic still on my tongue from the other night. This is how it usually went, drinking, popping some pills, anything that could ease the pain. Life was simple; this is what the American dream was all about huh? Having a perfect life, a piss-poor job, and a nice and loving wife. Except that was taken from me years ago.

My past was like pieces of a broken mirror, I try to pick them up and put it back together but I just cut myself. A man can only try to fix things so much, after a while you want to look at the future, the bigger motive, and for me that was redemption.

It was tough over the years, if you knew my story you would probably feel sad for me, want to help me, or some other type of stupid bullshit. The truth was I didn't want or need any help – or that's what I told myself to keep my inner turmoil's at rest. I was simply tired of killing, it became a virus that would eat my soul from the inside out – and I wanted to get rid of it.

From helping Passos with that security job, my life has simply been a failure. I wanted redemption, but the things I wanted always had a bitter taste to them.

"Knock, Knock" Who the hell could that be at the door? I haven't done anything but go to the bar in the past month so I knew this couldn't be any good news.

Maybe finally someone was hired to put a bullet into my skull (perhaps former members of the Punchinello crime family, or some of the Mafia) and perhaps this time I would allow it.

But then again I still had things left on my agenda and when I wanted to die I would do it on my own time.

I picked up the Colt M1911 pistol in my hand, it was heavy and cold similar to my soul– Both weren't used it in a while so that was expected.

As I was putting the bullets into the pistol I heard a cracking noise at the door as if someone was trying to use a lockpick, so I quickly got up loaded the gun, and opened the door.

And my god, I didn't expect what was about to happen.

As I opened the door It was Passos "Yo bro, cool it man I'm not here to kill you". I sat down on my bed and after taking a sip of vodka "Damnit Passos, shouldn't you be with your wife and your kid?" I said in a angered voice.

"Relax bro, relax, I'm here with something very important I gotta tell you"as he walked over to me.

"You don't have anyone else here with you right?" Passos asked with a concerned expression. "Of course I don't, now can you tell me why the hell you're here? And it better not be about another security job.." I replied. Passos starts laughing, "Don't worry bro, I'm here with a message from the company, you're daughter is alive Max".