Max Payne: Redemption

Chapter 5: Redemption

We sat in Passos Corvette overlooking Vlads new research compound. It had been relatively easy to find. In the distance, the sun was rising in the sky. The same could be said for me, as I was beginning a new life. A life that was new, had no regrets, and would be spent with my daughter. Passos was listening to some Mexican band and smoking a cigar. I was never one to smoke, but I was an alcoholic so I couldn't really talk. Vlad always assumed he was the best strategic planner, never having any flaws, well today that would change. Me, Bob, and Passos all got out of the car. "It's time Max". "All right, what goodies do we have today Passos" I asked in a curious voice. He opened the trunk of the Corvette and I knew this was going to be fun.

In the truck Passos had a grand arsenal. Big enough to even take out the mafia I thought to myself. This would have been helpful back in Jersey, but I couldn't complain. This assortment of weaponry was unusual to my style. It was all silenced weapons – we wanted to enter quietly. Hopefully without getting noticed. Passos tossed me a Silenced Beretta M9 "Thought you would want this" Passos said with a grin. I took a couple of grenades, my staple painkillers. While Passos opted for the usual Spas-12 Shotgun, Bob picked up his favorite AK-47 Suppressed.

With our gear accounted for, we were all set. The plan was now in motion. It was funny, the so-called hero sneaking into the bad guys base. It all felt a bit superficial but that didn't matter anymore. I was a different man now, not the same as before. That meant things would go differently, there wouldn't be anymore "bad ideas" so to speak. The plan was to sneak in and sneak out – except things never go as planned.

We got into the facility relatively easy. The security was easily destroyed due to Passos EMP Grenades and The Company's technology. As we walked in I noticed the first soldier on the right. The outfit was different; he had body armor and held a LMG in his hand. This was serious shit going down. I quickly took his neck and snapped it. I dragged his body outside so the other soldiers inside won't notice. This was going to be difficult I thought to myself.

As we made ourselves to the second security post the alarm went off. How did they know we were here? I thought to myself. I looked up above my head and noticed we missed a extra camera. "Shit, they know were here" I explained to Passos. Bob took out his AK-47 and lined it with the Soldiers head. The bullet exited the barrel and hit the soldier right in the head. "No problem, we fight our way through". Said Bob with a smirk.

Time began to slow down. I immediately saw bullets flying our way. "Get into cover now" I yelled to Bob and Passos. One of the soldiers on the upper platforms had a LMG and was suppressing us with the large bullets. It seemed like we were stuck until Bob revealed a trigger. "I've had this whole place armed with explosives. Bob said with a grin. "This explosives should also deactivate any type of powers Vlad have, assuming he is in the area. It seemed like a bad idea, but we didn't really have much of a choice. Bob pressed the trigger, time tried to slow down but my mind couldn't work fast enough. I saw the shrapnel fly everywhere and then everything was black. Nothing.

I woke up with a startle. Passos was trying to wake me up. "Yo bro you ok? I think it worked". Passos said in surprised voice. I looked around; the whole facility was in ruins. It smelled of a type of fuel I couldn't name. Bob was serious with his tech – but this was crazy. I saw bob lying over the floor passed out "Is he okay?" I asked Passos with concern. "Yeah, he'll wake up in a bit but I think." Before Passos could finish his sentence he got shot in the chest. "Passos NO!" I yelled. To my horror, in front me stood Vlad. Passos fell to the floor with a thud.

Vlad was a dangerous man. That's why I killed him years ago, I thought myself to be a hero. But who was I to take another mans life away? Who should have that power? No one should have it, its dangerous, and can backfire just like getting a hangover. But Vlad, he had to be stopped, and my redemption would be earned.

"Hah, it seems like that bomb Bob planted did work. He's smarter then he looks – but he didn't expect it to put him out cold." Vlad said in a calculating voice. I took a pain pill and got off the ground. "No more powers Vlad, no abilities, nothing. Pure skill, you and me, lets finish this now." I said. I then tackled him onto the ground punching him into his chest.

"You bastard, give me my daughter" I yelled. Vlad then kicked me in my stomach making me hit the concert wall. "You were always the weak one Vlad said. As he raised his pistol on my head I hear a voice behind him "Don't shoot him or I'll kill you". It was my daughters voice, what the hell was she doing I though. Vlad laughed "I'll kill you're daughter first then – I suppose as he aimed the pistol at her. "NO". I yelled as I then took my Beretta and shot Vlad in the leg. "Why don't you finish me" Vlad asked angrily. "I'm different now, where you're going you will wish I finished you." I said in a remorseful tone.

I saw Bob helping Passos up, I assumed they were both well. Bob would get Passos patched up and all was well. I walked over to my daughter. She had the same eyes as their mother, the same hair. It would have almost made me cry as it reminded me of her – but it didn't. That was my old life and this was a new one. A new life with my daughter and I would protect her no matter. "I love you" I told my daughter. " I love you too Dad". She said.

I sat at my favorite restaurant Joe's shack on 27th street in Jersey. I got my daughter the kids burger and the waiter then asked "The usual Vodka for you, Mr. Payne" asked Jenny. "No thanks, I'll have the club soda". I was a changed man, I finally earned my redemption. It didn't come easy but nothing ever did. I would raise my daughter and give her everything and anything she needed. You see, the thing about redemption is it doesn't come easy. It doesn't happen over a day either. Redemption would happen over my lifetime as I raised my daughter. I threw my pain-pills and my alcoholic beverages away. I don't need any of this anymore. I have her, and that was all I needed to fulfill my life. In the background I could see the sun setting. It was funny; the sun was setting just like this chapter of my life was. Finally coming to a close, while a new one opened.

In the restaurant entered Bob "Hello, Mr. Payne. I wanted to thank you for saving my life." "Ah you're only drinking a soda – how amusing." said Bob in a confused voice. "Alas, we may be needing you're services again in the future." Said Bob. "You know, you help The Company now that we helped you". Said Bob with a grin.

I was still holding my daughters hand while looking up at him "I know, call me when you're ready". I said with a smirk. Bob then handed me back my old Beretta M9 "You'll probably be needing this" he said with a grin. "We have Vlad in jail as we speak – all is good". And everything did feel good.

I had a feeling a time would come when I would be needed again. The darkness was gone - my daughter was my light. The future was no longer a worry, and that put me at ease. I drank some of my soda –life was good. At least for now it was.

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