A/N: This story was written intially for Klcm, as an incentive. For every 500 words she manahed to delte from her essay for uni, I would write her 500 words of fanfiction. It turned into a story with about 10 chapters. And yes, every chapter is around 500 words. It was posted on Facebook and she loved it - as well as some others - and wanted to see it published here as well...

Hours and hours did she run through the streets.

Okay, maybe it was more like walking. But Penelope needed to get her head cleared. Never in her life had she felt as embarrassed as today. And it was Kevin freakin' Lynch's fault. Okay, technically it had been her fault last night, when in the moment of passion her best friend's name might have slipped her lips instead of her boyfriend's name. And she understood Kevin – fully. After all she herself would have felt exactly the same if the tables had been turned and he had called out the name of some girl that wasn't her. But that clearly did not give him the right to run to Derek Morgan and tell him.

Penelope had only seen the end of it, walking in on them by pure accident and the face of both Kevin and Morgan told her more than she needed to know. Kevin had told Morgan that she had called out his name, while … sleeping with Lynch. Kevin looked still pissed – and who could blame him really -, Morgan looked shocked – to say the least – and Penelope wondered whether someone could die of über-embarrassment. She would probably find out soon. Catching a glimpse of Morgan, who had just spotted her, she took that as a sign that now would be a very good time to get running. And fast. No matter in what direction as long as she just kept going. The further away from this situation - and the inevitable talk she sooner or later would need to have with Morgan - the better.

When far enough – like the tenth floor – still didn't seem far enough away, Penelope made a run for the ladies room, at least she was sure he couldn't really follow her there. That also gave her the time she probably needed now to think about what just happened. And what happened last night. And what potentially would and could happen moving forward.

Kevin always had been suspicious and maybe he had all right to be after last night. Penelope knew that with last night's incident her relationship to Technical Analyst Kevin Lynch was history. After years of suspecting and accusing her that she wanted more of her best friend and her constantly denying everything and working hard to prove she didn't want anyone – okay, maybe that was a lie, but she also knew there was never going to be anything reciprocated by Morgan, so end of story – she pretty much buried herself last night. And pretty much confirmed involuntarily what might not have happened, but what she wanted – or rather who.

Penelope had managed to get herself into a lot of deep shit over the years with all sort of weird situations – jobwise or not. But this certainly took the top spot and right now, Penelope found herself more wondering about Morgan's potential response than his reaction.

And that should have been the first clue.