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A lot of people could say the relationship of SSA Derek Morgan and Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia was based right from the start on the same thing: sex. And maybe they wouldn't even be too wrong – but there was a lot more about these two than just sex. Although it technically was what got them together in the first place.

Morgan had always adored his best friend. She was everything for him and to him there was no one more perfect than his Baby Girl. There was so much love he had for her that on some days it hurt. Literally.

Penelope adored her best friend at least as much. But then again she always had. She always loved looking at him and spending time with him. And nothing of that had changed since that night. They were just like they had been before. Just that they were dating. All the rest was as always, just that now, she got everything Morgan had to offer, even the nights she previously had spent watching him leave with other women.

But despite that their relationship wasn't based entirely on sex, it still played a big part in it. And maybe it was the reason no one could ever find these two during their lunch breaks. Or general breaks. Or why the BAU seemed to constantly be out of paper and Morgan or Penelope – but usually both together – were the first to offer to get more from the supply closet. Most likely the closet in the tenth floor if the time until their return gave any indication.

*-*-*-*-*-* THE END *-*-*-*-*-*