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This fic has dark, evil Lemons, strong cursing in some places, and is a mystery/angst story.

Who has been raping Gwen? Ben and co. need to find out before she is killed.

This does not have anything to do with my other fics.

This fic is dark and twisted – don't come crying when you find something you don't like. Sort of a tragedy, too, but not strongly; also contains a bit of Gwen/Peter and Gwen/Kevin romance.

Enjoy... or not.

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Gwen's Rapist

Gwen was sure she had locked the doors and windows. How could somebody have gotten in without breaking something and setting off the alarmed locks? She sighed and got out of her warm bed, shivering as the cold air hit her exposed skin.

Coming here wasn't her idea. Gwen, Ben, Kevin, Grandpa Max and a cute boy called Peter were undercover in this 'snowy shithole', as Kevin called it – it didn't even have an official name. Break-ins and robberies were not uncommon. Anyway, whoever was downstairs wasn't very good at robbing houses; he/she was not staying quiet.

Gwen pulled her fleecy jacket lower down her arms. It sure was cold in Alaska.

She went downstairs slowly. The burglar was in the lounge, and by the sound of it was punching the wall rapidly. Gwen frowned. Why would somebody punch a wall? That person was making a hell of a lot of noise and – oh.

It was a trap, designed to lure Gwen downstairs.

Well, she had gone halfway down the stairs, and wasn't going to stop there. If there was a trap she would meet it. She gathered balls of energy around her fists and walked down the rest of the stairs.

"Hey! What do you think you're-" Gwen gasped, letting go of the energy. It wasn't a human. It was an alien – a Tetramand, a.k.a. a 'Fourarms'.

What was an alien doing in Gwen's house in the middle of the night? Did anyone know the team was undercover? Was she a target?

The Tetramand chuckled. "There you are. I've been here a while, you know." He spoke with a deep, growling voice that made Gwen shiver (she didn't know why).

"Who are you?" He didn't answer.

Instead, he grabbed Gwen's upper arms with his top pair of hands and her waist with his other pair, lifting her up to his lips. She struggled against the alien, but it was no use. He was a lot stronger than her. His tongue slid into her mouth so she, seeing her chance, bit down hard – he growled and pulled his mouth away, glaring at her.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Gwen yelled at him, sending a powerful blast of mana into his chest and throwing him back a few steps. He growled again, louder this time, and bent to all four – no, all sixes – no wait, all fours now.

Gwen gasped as he morphed into a Vulpimancer, one pair of arms and all four eyes disappearing into his body, sprouting orange and white fur and growing huge claws. He growled and sniffed at her, then grinned. The scent of fear was pouring out of her.

He reared and grabbed her again, ripping her clothes off and shoving her to the floor. She shot a blast of mana at him again, trying to cover herself with her other arm, but he turned intangible when he was still in his Vulpimancer form – he was powerful, and could warp and change his form and even mutate his powers to evade her mana attacks.

He shot a wad of Arachnichimp web at her face; it covered her eyes completely. He grabbed her wrists and pinned them down at her sides, and Gwen noticed that, from the feel of his skin and his approximate size, he was in a human form now.

She screamed in agony as his large dick penetrated her, breaking her wall and stretching her hole. He growled in a tone she thought she recognised... He lifted her up a bit, then he slammed her down and her head banged against the floor, dizzying her slightly and knocking the thought out of her mind. He continued the rape, the almost unbearable pain making her scream again and try to escape. It felt like he was trying to break her bones.

Soon, he cummed inside of her, and let go with the words 'I'll be back' in a strange, ghostly voice. She immediately ripped the web blindfold off her eyes, just in time to see an Ectonurite disappear through the wall.

She wrapped her arms around herself, scared, hurt, and freezing. Tears of pain and hopelessness rolled down her cheeks as she waited for morning, too devastated to get off the floor.

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