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Gwen: Oh no! Why are you doing this to me?


Gwen's Rapist

Max Tennyson was determined to find his granddaughter's rapist. The semen and hair was the only DNA they could find; if there was a link between the hairs and semen, then the rapist was a shape-shifter – this was human semen and Vulpimancer hair.

"Sir!" Max turned as a voice sounded from behind him. "Sir! Something's happened in the lab – the hairs are gone! There are no fingerprints or anything from who took them!"

Max growled in anger, cursing the stupid lack of security in a colourful vocabulary.

"No, sir, that's the thing – there was a complete lockdown, and the walls and floors and ceilings are reinforced with protective enchantments, so an Ectonurite or anything else of the sort couldn't have gotten in."

"So? Somebody got in; security failed. A stranger got in here."

"No, sir, a stranger didn't. It was one of our own men!"


After three days, Gwen was now well enough to check out of the infirmary and go back to her cabin. The bruising and bleeding was now better, and those sudden short and terrifying flashbacks to her assault had ceased.

There were over three dozen guards outside, ready for an attack. She was sure that she could get away with her Teleportation spell while the guards held him off, and if that didn't work, then Ben would be alerted anyway.

She went to sleep that night thinking she was safe.


His plan had gone a bit wrong.

Firstly, the place was swarming with the town's toughest guards, and Gwen had her spells and stuff and could do that Transportation spell or whatever it was called; she would know he was there from the loud shouts and the noise and flash and she would be gone.

Also, with Ben watching over the building closely, which would mean a lot more difficult to sneak in and out than he had thought.

The first reason meant that he had to pays those losers extra for rescheduling. The first reason also took some of the fun out of the attack; he had been looking forward to a good fight. And the second reason made the job much harder – oh, of course he was going to visit that night. Maybe more afterwards. Just for a few nights though. A week at most.


Gwen was sleeping soundly in her bed when an Ectonurite floated up through the floor. It had travelled underground to get here, making sure to stay out of sight of the guards stationed in the tunnels beneath the town.

He came closer, morphing into a Kineceleran (XLR8) and picking her up out of her bed gently. She opened her eyes and then opened her mouth to scream, but he clamped his own mouth over it, his tongue flicking around in her mouth. She tried to bite down again, harder than last time, but as a Kineceleran he was able to move his tongue away from her teeth and back into his own mouth with inhuman speed.

Placing her back on the bed, he ripped her shirt down the middle and parted the pieces, ignoring Gwen's protests. He studied her body, pinning her wrists to the either side of her head and chuckling as Gwen's eyes began to water hopelessly.

"Don't worry... it won't hurt as much this time." She hated him. She really hated him. She hated that voice, changing but with the same mocking tone every time.

She blasted mana at his chest, but he turned intangible just in time. The blast hit the wall, leaving a crater a foot deep in the thick side of the cabin. He slapped her hard across the face. Tears spilled out of her eyes as she cried out in pain, and the rapist, loving this, hit her again, then again and again. He left three deep slashes on her right cheek on purpose the fourth time (his fingers were very sharp) and blood was pouring out of the wounds. She sobbed harder, the pain flooding her mind and the blood flooding her face.

A few moments later, he spoke in the Kineceleran voice. "If you don't fight me, I won't cut or hit you again..." He leered down at her. She gulped at his words. She didn't want to be hit again, but at the same time, she didn't want to give up.

Shaking slightly, she let him take her fleecy bed clothes off of her body. She let him take complete control over her, and he changed into Fourarms again and pinned her wrists and waist into place. She didn't even try to move away from him when he brushed his free hand against her good cheek, now wet with pained tears, in a sort of tender way. She didn't want it to be any more pain than she was in already. He shot another web at her face, blindfolding her again while he turned back into a human.

He kissed her gently on the lips as he pulled off his tattered pants and shoved his dick hard into her. She cried out in pain, then bit her lower lip to stop herself from doing it again. He liked it when she was in pain. It turned him on.

He pulled out of her tight hole and grinned when he saw the blood on his dick. Wonderful.

He moved his dick into her again, out and in again. He sped up, knowing it was only a matter of time before Ben got a call from the guards. Or maybe they didn't have good hearing, and couldn't hear the sounds of Gwen being fucked mercilessly. The bed was slamming against the wall every half-second or so with a dull thud. Gwen lay there, hoping that someone would hear them and put a stop to her torture, but no one came, and half an hour of pain had passed before he cummed, filling her up, paused for about a minute, then continued. He bit her neck roughly with an intension of leaving a hickey, loving how he was able to harm and mark her at his will – and was caught off guard when she shoved him away and tried to pull off her blindfold. He wasn't tolerating that.

He changed into the Vulpimancer, slashing at her bare stomach with his long, black claws. She screamed, agony destroying her; the cuts weren't deep, but they were wide and about 20 of them when he had done and morphed back to continue, ignoring her screams of pain. He soon cummed in her again, and as he pulled out he changed back into the Kineceleran.

He let go of her weak, used and punished body and pulled a thin blanket over her. He tapped her wounded stomach to see what effect it would have, cue more screams, then put his torn jeans on again. He was done for tonight, sated and satisfied. He grinned as he left through her window, morphing and throwing himself into the crowd of guards below as a Tetramand, deciding to have his fun of battle then and there.


Gwen couldn't move from that spot, or her whole body would ache with double the pain she was already suffering from her many cuts. She had lost quite a bit of blood, and more was pouring out of her. She felt weak. She felt dizzy. She felt like she was floating away as she listened to the sounds of the evil monster fighting the guards outside her cabin.

She hoped they killed him for what he did to her...


Kevin was beginning to get worried. He had been woken up by the noise outside; he heard a lot of noise and commotion coming from in the street. The guards were looking for somebody – another attack on Gwen? Kevin had to make sure that his – well, not really his girlfriend anymore – wasn't hurt.

He climbed out of bed and slipped on his combat boots. He always slept in his usual black-over-gray shirt and jeans.

Kevin rushed to Gwen's cabin, finding the bedroom window smashed. He gulped, wondering what had happened...

He smashed the lock on the door and let himself inside, ignoring the flashing red light on the wall. That just alerted the robber that it was alerting Ben to the locks being broken.

He moved into the bedroom, and saw Gwen lying naked and unconscious on the sheets, a blind ford over her eyes. But that wasn't what made him gasp.

She was covered in blood, bruises and long, thick, and probably deep scratches; she looked like she had been mauled by a bear that wasn't hungry. He ran to her side. Her pulse was weak, and most of her blood was outside of her. He sobbed, had hand on hers, and he heard the door swing open. Ben and Max walked into the room, giving loud gasps when they saw the mess that used to have been Gwen Tennyson.

Oh no Gwen! (She won't die.)

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