"What's the matter, scared of a little lightening?" Steve asked Loki as the weather began to act up, lightening forking in the sky, shocked that he should be afraid of something so commonplace and ordinary, especially after the beating he had just taken from the Asgardian.

"I'm not overly fond of what follows." He replied, anxiously looking up, waiting for the ceiling of the plane to be ripped off.

Steve and Tony exchanged glances.

Feeling the thud of something large landing on the outside of the plane, Tony grabbed his helmet, putting it on on his way to opening the cargo door (because its always a smart move to open the door to a stranger, let alone a strange with superpowers who could easily be there to take back the prisoner). Emerald eyes flashing in fear, Loki's heart stalled at the sight of his older brother, standing in the now opened door (Thor looked better than he had remembered, his golden hair growing longer with time). But his eyes were hard as stone as he grabbed his little brother, manhandling him single-handedly, Loki's feet lost in the equation.

Holding him by the front of his shirt, Thor glared at his brother, a rush of emotion flooding his mind all at once. So, he was still alive, and that meant that the whispers were probably true... Dammit!

Disregarding the others, forgetting what he had heard these last few months, Thor took Loki (bobbing around like a rag-doll) and mashed his lips passionately against the other man's. He had missed the taste of the trickster, maybe almost as much as Loki had missed him, his other hand wrapping around the back of his neck. Nipping on Thor's lip, Loki deepened the kiss, shoving himself closer to his brother in a single fluid motion that reminded the other's of a snake (leaving them all in shock with nightmares).

Taking Loki away so that they could have a moment, Thor flew out of the still open door. Landing on a cliff overlooking a romantic little wood, Thor threw Loki down.

Landing on his back, he chuckled, "I missed you too."

"Do I look to be in a gaming mood?" He fixed his kinsman with a stern frown.

Standing up, dusting himself off as he did so, Loki returned his brother's grimace with a scowl, "Did you morn?"

Not comfortable with that, knowing that almost nobody took Loki's apparent death to heart, Thor was slow to respond, "We all did."

"I'm sure. But I don't want to know about the others, or your father..." He smirked, "I want to know if you mourned for me."

Thor cast his eyes down, trying his best to contain himself, for he had a mission to do, "How could I not? We were raised together. We played together. We fought together. Do you remember none of that?"

Walking away from Thor, he looked back, "I remember."

"You give up the Tesseract! You give up this poisonous dream! Come home," He pleaded, voice failing.

So tempted to to say yes, wanting nothing more than to return home, he knew that it could not be that way, because if he did not give the Other what they had agreed upon, he would pay dearly, "I don't have it."

His eyes were shining, a dead give away to his deceit, but fortunately, Thor would not not see the pain in his eyes, but hear the refusal in his voice.

Heartbroken, but not admitting defeat, Thor was forced to change tactics, raising his hammer at Loki, "You listen well brother-"

Enter Tony, who launched himself at Thor with all that he had, sending them both crashing to the forest floor.

Loki smiled in amusement, "I'm listening."

I got this one from re-watching the scene when Thor comes into the picture (take long enough to happen? Lucky I love this movie so much!), and even though it happens in less than a second, his proximity to Loki was more then enough to make me wonder if they didn't accidentally kiss in a take. Unless they want my mind to make this conclusion, don't have Thor (or anyone) manhandle Loki (or anyone else). That simple. Personally, I don't ship them, but I don't not ship them either.