Dear Readers,

Unfortunately this isn't a chapter. I'm REALLY sorry! But high school is being an ass and my brain is not working. I also haven't seen YuGiOh in probably three years, so I don't think I can update any of the following Yu-Gi-Oh! stories:

Human and Humanoid

More Than One World

YuGiOh! Attends Hogwarts

YuGiOh! Pocahontas

Due to severe lack of creativity, I have made the horrible decision to choose to either:

Delete them

Put them up for adoption

Forget about them and move on with my life

I have placed a poll on my profile on which you can CHOOSE which I do. Unfortunately, continuing the listed stories are not on the list, so don't look for that option. The results will be announced in June when my school gets out.

However; there is a bright side.

Due to the severeness of imagination I placed in them, I will TRY to continue the following stories:

Fullmetal Jutsu

I'm Not Ordinary

I Summon

Immortal YuGiOh!

Ten Spooky Stories

Whether or not I will finish them is completely up to my brain and creative personality.

Please head to my profile to vote for the first 4 stories.


Rain of the Forest