Swan Song

Summery: How will it end? Everything comes to an end, and this era of Dr. Gregory House's life is no exception to this. With Wilson dying, the team falling apart, and Cuddy gone, what is there left?

Asclepius sighed as he looked across the way of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, to where his target was; Dr. Gregory House.

Ever since the fall of the Ancient Greeks, the Gods had been in trouble. While all of them were pretty much immortal, if the being in question was forgotten, and their domain left to wither, they could lose the will to stay immortal, and Fade.

'Just like Pan.' Asclepius sighed to himself as he thought of the Satyr-like God. The God of the Wild had been gone for a while now, and signs were starting to show upon the world.

Most of the Main Olympians, from Zeus to Hermes to Athena, were still going strong. Artemis and Apollo held a bit of a weaker hold, but they were still going strong. However, while all the Gods hadn't seen each other in who knows how long, they had all found new ways to keep on going.

Point in example; finding those who were passionate about what they did, and keeping them going. Whether it was tipping their luck slightly, to giving them inspiration, they acted as Pseudo-Muses.

And now, one his brood was about to end his era of this life that contained the God of Healing.

He had watched over Dr. Gregory House from the beginning, sensing that he was special, important. From his living in Egypt, Japan, and the Philippines, to his fateful visit to the Japanese hospital, had was finally able to…budge… the boy's mind in the way of healing.

Taking the appearance of a buraku, a member of an "untouchable" caste, he had helped in the hospital for many years, both as a janitor, and an advisor, before finally helping the young boy in his decision to become a doctor.

From there, he had watched over the boy from John Hopkins, to his eventual post at Princeton-Plainsboro, to the fateful infarction in his leg that led to his injury.

Becoming a narcissist and a misanthrope, with a dry, acerbic, almost cruel sense of humor, House had become enigmatic, and proceeded to conceal many facets of his personality with a veneer of sarcasm. Now, over ten years since that time, their eventual split was upon them.

Driving so much of his team away, including the wonderful Dr. Cuddy, who he had very much hoped would crack House's shell, Asclepius knew that the endgame was almost upon them. With the consequences of House flushing the tickets down the toilet leading to pipe break, and his parole broken, Asclepius knew that no matter what happened next, that it would be beyond his control.

Smiling slightly, the older, silver-haired man in the corner of the clinic whispered outwards.

"Goodbye Gregory, and know that I have always been here for you. Whatever happens next, it's all up to you."

One moment later, the nurse on duty blinked in surprise in seeing the corner of the clinic. She was sure that a man had been standing over their just a moment ago…

A/N: As I write this ending, I am watching the opening seconds of the Retrospective episode, or as I shall call it, the end of an era. Once a doctor of Princeton-Plainsboro, always a doctor of Princeton-Plainsboro. Long live House M.D., long live Doctor Gregory House, and know that your fans live on forever.