KakuHida: Free

Will have father abusing son, rape,etc. Meaning if you don't like it walk away from this. Other than that please read and it will be better for Hidan later in the story... please continue to read and Review~

Chapter 1: Suicide Attempt

Hidan was one of the most unpopular kids in high school. Even the unpopular kids and the teachers didn't like him. Even in class when the teacher gives out assignments for groups to do, no one ever worked with him. When the class count was even, 3 people would work together just so they didn't have to 'torture' themselves by working with the most hated person in school. Hidan didn't know why anyone didn't like him and it wasn't fair that he always has to be alone. Hidan thinks the universe hated him since he fell head over heels in love with the most popular person in school, Kakuzu Tomori. Kakuzu had flawless skin he could have any girl he wanted in school. Hidan couldn't make one person like him, he is good looking, but that didn't matter.

In class Hidan sighed out loud and started drawing something since whatever the teacher was saying was as boring as hell. The drawing started as a black blob and began to grow. Hidan, not knowing what it will be, finished it (it ended up looking like the lightning mask heart monster of Kakuzu's in the anime)

"…Hey" Hidan started as someone took the drawing away from him. Hidan turned his head to the left to see of one Kakuzu's friends looking at the picture and started laughing

"Dude look at this" he said giving the paper to Kakuzu, who was sitting behind him. Kakuzu's cold eyes were looking at the paper. Cold… that was another reason that Hidan thought the universe despised him. Kakuzu and his friends are the ones that hated him the most; they try to make his life a living hell at school. Hidan knew by the look in Kakuzu's eyes that he was going to say something in hate…

"That's so fucked up" Kakuzu finally said after looking at it for a few seconds. Hidan tried to get it back after a pang of pain to his heart

"Give it back" Hidan said and Kakuzu scrunched the drawing up in a ball and threw it at Hidan's head as hard as he could and Hidan looked taken back

"You said you wanted it back right, you reject?" Kakuzu asked hurting Hidan. Hidan looked around the room as Kakuzu started the whole class to chant the word 'reject'. The hurt disappeared as anger took over and Hidan stood up and slammed his hands on his desk

"I'M NOT A FUCKING REJECT!" Hidan yelled, 'Just anti-social…' Hidan finished in his mind and froze when the teacher growled

"Even if you're in denial of what's obviously true, you have no right to yell and cuss in my classroom! 1 hour detention after school" she started and Hidan froze

"B-but" Hidan started frantically trying to think of something to say

"No buts, you reject" she said going back to teaching. Hidan fell to his seat in shock

'E-even the teacher…?' He thought before grabbing his things and started to run out of the room clenching his eyes shut tight as he heard Kakuzu yell 'Get the hell out of here already'. Hidan ran out of the school as fast as he could, knowing no one will stop him, the 'reject'. They all knew their high school was highly strict and called parents when the kids are missing, skipping, leaving during, or are late to class. That means they all wanted him to get into trouble with his parents… his dad. Only if they knew…

Hidan ran home and up the stairs to his room down the hall. Dropping his things on the floor, he fell on his bed hard, like all the weight of the world pulled him down as hard as it could. He looked to the side with tired eyes, tired from no sleep and just tired in general. Why… why do they think he's a reject? He never did anything…

"I-I wish I had at least one friend…" Hidan mumbled before letting the darkness of sleep eat at him.


Hidan snapped his eyes opened at looked to the clock. The time was 3pm…right when school got out. Hidan sat up and looked to the door hoping it was his imagination that he heard someone yell his name out, but the door opened and someone came in.

"D-dad?" Hidan asked in fear. He knew every time his dad came home early, it meant the albino was in deep trouble.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY ABOUT DITCHING CLASS?" Hidan's dad yelled on the top of his lungs

"…D-dad…I—" Hidan started and flinched when his dad came closer


"N-not to…" Hidan said and his father punched him in the face so hard that it sent the boy flying across the room into the wall… Hidan slowly got up

"I-I had a reason to skip though…" Hidan said and his father walked to him

"And what's that?" His father asked and Hidan wiped his bloody lip

"They called me a reject, even the teachers…" Hidan said wincing as he heard his father growl

"THAT'S NO FUCKING EXCUSE!" his father yelled kicking Hidan in the stomach making him gasp in pain. After a series of beatings, Hidan was roughly thrown on the bed and was pinned there by his father

"Wh-what…? D-dad pl-please don't! I'll follow to your rules, please!" Hidan begged and his father shook his head

"You need a lesson" his father said unzipping his pants and ties the frozen boy's wrists to the headboard of the bed

"PLEASE!" the boy yelled out in fear

Dad Rapes Son (Read the last author's note at the end of the page)

"YOU FUCKING WHORE!" his dad yelled pulling out and zipping his pants up and answered in ringing cell phone

"What?... yeah, I'll be right there" He said hanging up, "I need to leave, in the mean time you get clean before I get home. Or else" he said leaving and Hidan let out a gasp as he realized that his father forgot to untie him

"MMM! MM!" Hidan tried to yell but his father also forgot to take the gag out of his mouth… then the front door slammed shut and Hidan froze

'Shit!" Hidan yelled in his mind and tried pulling his hand's free from the tight rope bondages. After a few minutes of failing at freeing himself Hidan shook in fear

'S-shit' Hidan thought and closed his eyes and groaned. After another 30 minutes of so, Hidan was still bound to the bed. He even tried to move his legs for more strength to free himself, but it hurt to move even an inch.

'SHIT!' Hidan thought. 5 more minutes passed and Hidan froze completely in fear as he heard the front door open and his father saying he was home.

'SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!' Hidan yelled in his mind before pulling his arms as hard as he could. Hidan's energy left him as he felt his heart and blood freeze as his bedroom door opened and had fear written in his eyes


"MMM mmm mph!" Hidan tried to say, his whole body shaking in fear as his father rolled his eyes and took the gag off

"Now answer the question"

"I…I would have b-but you forgot to untie me!" Hidan said and got punched in the face, hard

"Shut up!" His dad yelled and untied his son's wrists and kicked him towards the bathroom making Hidan gasp in pain, "Get in there and get cleaned up, now!" He said and Hidan got up from the ground and started limping towards the bathroom


Hidan pit his lip as he tried his best to talk normally even if it hurt like hell. Hidan cleaned himself up and walked to his room and slowly and carefully sat down. As carefully and gently as Hidan sat down it made him clench his eyes in pain and he slowly reopened them with tears

"Th-this fucking sucks" Hidan mumbled and heard his father yell out that he will be back in an hour and the door slammed. Right then, Hidan started crying even though he despised it.

"I-I fucking hate my life…" Hidan mumbled getting on the floor next to his bed and reached for a box underneath a few floorboards under his bed. This was his secret stash of things he hid from his father knowing what is in the box will make his father more ballistic towards him. He opened it and took a few things out to find what he was looking for, the razorblade. Hidan sighed and put the things in his box and put the box back in its hiding place. Hidan still sitting next to his bed stared at the razorblade thinking of what happened. Hidan had tears falling down. He wanted his first to be Kakuzu, even though he knew that was just one of those impossible wishes that would never get granted in a million years. But he still wanted someone other than his father as his first. The universe did hate him didn't it?

Hidan placed the blade to his left wrist. He knew if he wrote a note, no one would care or bother to read it since it came from him since he's just a 'reject'. Without a second thought, Hidan swiped the blade across his main vein and did the same thing to his other. Hidan let out a calming breath and looked to his work. Hidan smiled seeing the blood flow from each vein. Wasn't it wonderful? Not even in minutes he would finally be set free; free from the world, the people who despised him, his father… simply free.

UPDADE 7-9-2012: Well, I have to take down all the sex (Rape, non-rape love making) and stuff from FF if I dont want to get my story removed here (But It wont be gone forever, I'm making a website of my very own to post all my yaoi- M-MA rated to Shonen-Ai -but will take a few days to make a fully working website)