Chapter 41: Best Apology Ever

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"You remember?" Hidan asked and Kakuzu nodded. The look Kakuzu gave him told him he was speaking the truth and smiled. He couldn't feel but a little frustrated though; I mean his lover remembered only because of the stupid nickname he gave him. Hidan should have thought of that sooner instead of wasting time with the other things. But other than that, Kakuzu finally remembered him! Before Hidan could think any more, Kakuzu pulled him into the most passionate kiss the two have ever shared.

"I… will… never… forget… you… ever again" Kakuzu said in between kisses. With that said, Hidan started crying during the kiss.

"K-Kakuzu" Hidan said pulling away and Kakuzu gently wiped the tears away from Hidan's face wile gently placing his forehead onto Hidan's.

"Shh, shh, it's ok" Kakuzu said in his normal kind and gentle tone and Hidan hugged him and cried more.

"Pl-please tell me this isn't a dream… please tell me you're not just telling me this to make me feel better" Hidan said and Kakuzu cupped Hidan's face and gently made Hidan look at him. Kakuzu gently used his thumbs to wipe away the newer tears

"I love you Hidan. I promise you that it isn't a dream. If this a dream then may lightning strike me down" Kakuzu said and a few seconds passed and no lightning.

"T-tell me what you remember" Hidan said still somewhat unsure that Kakuzu is telling the truth.

"You were being abused by your father. You moved out of your dad's place a day or so after you got arrested, on the day of Bryce's funeral. You moved to Pein's place... What else? Oh you initiated our second time at love making" Kakuzu said and still saw some doubt in Hidan's eyes and leaned in close

"You killed Tobi's dad" Kakuzu whispered and Hidan had wide eyes and hugged Kakuzu harder

"I love you Kakuzu, I-I love you" Hidan said starting to sob

"Shh, it's ok Hidan. It's ok" Kakuzu said rubbing Hidan's back

"I-I'm so… glad… you actually remember" Hidan said and Kakuzu smiled and kissed him

"I know, I am too" Kakuzu said and pulled Hidan from the swing and gently pulled him over to a bench to sit. Hidan cuddled closer to Kakuzu and put his head on Kakuzu's shoulder

"I can't believe you like me when I look like this" Kakuzu said softly and Hidan sighed and looked to him

"Don't talk like that Kakuzu. I love you for you. Doesn't matter how you look. Though you do look hot like this" Hidan said with a slight blush and Kakuzu blushed slightly at the sincerity in Hidan's voice

"Uhm… th-thanks" Kakuzu said not knowing what to say and Hidan smiled

"No problem, just don't talk down about yourself" Hidan said and Kakuzu agreed not to seeing how upset it made Hidan.

"I promise not to. I'll call our friends" Kakuzu said and Hidan laughed

"It's weird that your phone survived the crash and not mine" Hidan said and Kakuzu playfully rolled his eyes and called Pein

"Hey Pein, it's Kakuzu. I remember. Want to come to the park where me and Hidan are?" Kakuzu asked and the other line agreed and Kakuzu gave him the directions

5 minutes passed, Kakuzu and Hidan were met up with Pein, Sasori, Deidara, Konan, Tobi and Zetsu

"Where are Itachi and Kisame?" Hidan asked

"Do you really need to ask that Hidan un?" Deidara asked and Hidan rolled his eyes

"Of course they are" Hidan said and Pein smirked

"It's good to see you remember us" Pein said and Kakuzu nodded and smiled

"It's fantastic" Kakuzu said grinning and looking to Hidan who blushed slightly and smiled too but then frowned

"So now what?" Hidan asked and looked to Kakuzu, "You can't go back to your place because of what your mom did" Hidan finished and Kakuzu sighed

"I know" Kakuzu said and Pein looked confused

"Wait, what happened?"

"His mom… disowned him" Hidan said hating to say that because Kakuzu's a good person and something like this happens because of his sexuality… he doesn't deserve it

"Oh right, you did mention that" Pein said and looked to Konan and she nodded

"So Kakuzu since you don't really have a place to stay, do you want to stay with us?" Pein asked shocking them

"What?" Kakuzu asked feeling like he didn't want to intrude and Pein felt this and smirked

"You get to share a room with Hidan, all by yourself" Pein said and Kakuzu smirked as Hidan blushed

"Sounds great" Kakuzu said and Hidan chuckled as he felt Kakuzu pull him closer

"Of course it does to you Kakuzu, you pervert" Hidan said

"Actually I was thinking of just spending time with you, but now that you mentioned it, I really can't wait" Kakuzu said and Hidan smiled and shook his head lovingly

"Yea, yeah" Hidan said kissing his chin

"So anyways let's go" Pein said breaking the awkward moment. He was ok with his friends being gay as he's still friends with them, but he was not entirely comfortable with them making out or doing any lovers' things in front of him. Kakuzu and Hidan knew that and kept the feeling of teasing Pein up but making out fully inside and agreed to go home. Kakuzu groaned

"What is it?" Hidan asked and Kakuzu sighed

"I miss my car" Kakuzu groaned out and Hidan sighed and nodded

"I do too" Hidan groaned out. Pein and Konan took small glances at the rest of their friends and Pein sighed

"Let's just take you home by my car" Pein said and Kakuzu and Hidan nodded. Pein was about to get the car keys out to drive when Konan took them

"Oh HELL NO, Kakuzu's driving" Konan said and Pein pouted

"What why does he get to?" Pein asked

"Actually, can I pass on driving, I need to be with Hidan" Kakuzu said and Pein smiled at Konan as if she had to let him drive

"Fine, I'll drive then" she said and Pein had his jaw drop

"What that's not fair!" Pein groaned

"It is too Pein. Kakuzu and I don't have any violations against our licenses" Konan said and Pein pouted and more and got into the passenger's seat of his car. Everyone took his example and headed out. Konan was driving and in the back seat were Kakuzu and Hidan.

Kakuzu was whispering sweet nothings into Hidan's ear as well as 'sorry' like a dozen of times. The look in Kakuzu's eyes would have mad Hidan weak in the knees if he wasn't already sitting

"…Sorry Pein, but…" Hidan said bringing Kakuzu into the most passionate kiss they had shared yet that turned into a noisy, very, very, heated make out session. Once they got to the point where they would rip off each other's clothing and do the nasty, Pein growled deeply

"Would you two stop almost having sex in my car?" Pein yelled and Kakuzu and Hidan looked to him to see he was uncomfortable as Konan was blushing

"… I'll make love to you when we get home Hidan" Kakuzu said kissed Hidan, "Slowly" he added huskily on Hidan's lips

"Lalala, I can't hear you" Pein said blocking his ears like a child would

"Very mature Pein" Konan said causing Kakuzu and Hidan to laugh hard.

When they got home, Pein's mom was gone, Sasori and Deidara went to their room. Kakuzu took Pein into another room to ask him something when Hidan and Konan waited in the living room wondering what they were talking about. Once they returned, Pein was deep red when Kakuzu was grinning

"What happened?" Hidan asked and Kakuzu's grin never left

"Nothing" Kakuzu said grabbing Hidan's hand

"Let's go to your room" Kakuzu said and Hidan shook his head

"Our" Hidan corrected with a smile causing Kakuzu to smile warmly

"To our room" Kakuzu said pulling him along to go to the room

"So what did Kakuzu want?" Konan asked curiously

"You do NOT want to know" Pein said and Konan sighed out as they were alone once again

"Movie?" Konan asked


In Hidan's room, he found himself pinned to the bed gently by his lover. Kakuzu gave Hidan a passionate kiss and broke free and gazed lovingly into Hidan's purple eyes

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Kakuzu pulled out and fell to Hidan's side. They stared gazingly into each other's eyes when panting and gently leaned in and kissed each other slightly

"That was great" Hidan said

"You liked my apology?" Kakuzu asked and Hidan smirked

"Of course. Only you could make me feel like this" Hidan said and Kakuzu grinned

"Better be that way" Kakuzu said protectively and Hidan laughed and Kakuzu's grin got bigger

"Ready for round 2?"

"Hell yeah" Hidan said and Kakuzu got on top of him to go for another round.

Kakuzu was glad that he thoroughly got his apology across to Hidan. He needed to give Hidan the best apology ever for being a stupid idiot and forget the only thing that would make his life worth living.