Chapter 42: Pein's Rich? And Dolly Parton Reference

The next morning, around 5 in the morning, Hidan and Kakuzu woke up in each other's arms. Though they were very tired, Kakuzu smiled and stretched. He was happy to wake up with Hidan in his arms and was even happier to think he would do this almost every day.

"Good morning Hidan" Kakuzu said and Hidan smiled tiredly

"Good morning. Last night was fantastic" Hidan said and Kakuzu chuckled and kissed him on the head

"No, it was more than fantastic" Kakuzu said

"You mean fantabulous?" Hidan said smiling and Kakuzu laughed

"Exactly" he said smiling and then frowned, "Do you forgive me for forgetting us?"

"Kakuzu. We were in a bad car wreck. It wasn't your fault in the slightest. What happened was more my dad's fault" Hidan said and Kakuzu kissed him

"You are an amazing person Hidan, I love you" Kakuzu said in the kiss. Kakuzu got up and helped Hidan up who winced in pain, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah… just a little sore, nothing I'm not used to" Hidan said smiling, "Mind taking a shower with me?"

"Not at all" Kakuzu said smiling and pulled Hidan to the shower to take a warm shower together. They went into the kitchen after getting ready for the day and saw everyone eating

"Why is it everyone is up this early?" Kakuzu asked confused as he and Hidan sat down, Hidan wincing slightly in pain

"I don't know" Pein said tiredly, eating cereal

"How was last night un?" Deidara asked in the smug tone earning a bagel being tossed at his head by Hidan

"Shut up" Hidan said glaring to the side and Deidara laughed and silently ate as the others

"So you know the whole issue of Pein taking too long in the shower Sasori? Well here's the solution. Merge your shower time with Deidara's" Hidan said and the redhead and blond looked to each other. Deidara groaned and slapped his head with his hand

"Why didn't we think of that un?" Deidara whined and Sasori groaned and shook his head

"Because we're morons" Sasori said and Hidan laughed

"So what's going to happen now?" Hidan asked and Pein looked to him

"Like it has, only Kakuzu would be staying here" Pein said and Konan nodded as Pein's mom walked in

"Well, I must be off to work, so I expect you to be at school on time" Pein's mom said and everyone went into the living room where they saw luggage

"So mom, what's up with the luggage?" Pein asked and

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, my job has required me to move over seas to Europe" she said as if it was nothing

"And you simply forgot to tell me that?" Pein asked angrily, "what did you also forget to tell me that you are forcing me to move with?"

"No Pein" his mom stated calmly, "I know your life is here with your friends, so I'm leaving you this house so you could stay here. You're old enough to live alone anyways"

"But I can't pay the bills alone, neither can my friends if they pitched in" Pein said and everyone nodded knowing a simple part time job can't pay one bill let alone many, if the school would allow them to get a job in the first place.

"Don't worry Pein, I'll be sending you $5,000 a month. That should pay the bills and leave enough for food and whatever else you kids buy nowadays" She said before leaving for work

"Wait how can she afford sending us $5,000 a month when she has costs herself?" Hidan asked confused as so was everyone cept Kisame and Konan

"Wait… you guys don't know? My mom's sorta rich" Pein said smirking

"… How could we have possibly known that, un?" Deidara asked

"It's not like you live in a million dollar penthouse or wave your money around" Hidan said and Kakuzu nodded

"Well I'm not the one who's rich. The money's my mom's. Plus she's not exactly trusting me with money since what happened in middle school" Pein said

"But she's trusting you with living here when she leaves cross continent" Sasori said and Pein shrugged

"She probably knows Konan would keep it together here, otherwise I would be moving with her" Pein said and Konan nodded and Sasori looked to the time

"Ah, shit!" Sasori yelled getting everyone's attention, "School's in 5 minutes!"

"SHIT!" everyone yelled as they all hurried to grab their things and get out the door to get to class on time

That day, during class, Kakuzu saw that Andy was there glaring at both him and Hidan and glared back. Then he turned his attention to Hidan. Hidan was trying so hard to sit still from the pain by digging his nails into his knee. Kakuzu sighed and sent him a text


Hidan read the text and blushed slightly, and sent back another, 'No. U'R wonderful'

Kakuzu read the text and smiled; both starting to pay attention to class as Hidan still was squirming a little bit.

The class went by pretty fast considering it was one of the most boring subjects of school, and they headed to the lunchroom to sit with their friends. Everyone was eating talking and laughing when Andy and his girlfriend came by

"Hey reject, saw you fidget in class today. Wonder why? Did the ragdoll fuck you?" he asked in the tone of disgust and harsh teasing and before anyone could speak, which they would, Hidan did

"Hey slut, saw you with another whore yesterday. Wonder why? Are you cheating on your whores?" Hidan asked in the exact same tone as Andy had. The girl wrapped around his arm gasped and removed herself from him and slapped him in the face pretty hard

"You said you loved me!" she yelled running out yelling about finding the other girls that 'are' with him and telling them about his cheating

"Wait!... Oh… shit" Andy said and glared at the now smirking Hidan and pulled him close to him, "You're going to regret ever doing that" he stated evilly

"And do you remember what we said?" Pein asked glaring at Andy

"About how you'll regret it if you ever hurt any of us?" Kakuzu finished harshly and Andy growled before letting Hidan go and leaving to go stop his 'current girlfriend'. Everyone started laughing

"I've never known anyone to make a girl, let alone anyone, slap Andy before" Kakuzu said and Hidan shrugged

"Well he deserved it, he's a complete jackass…" Hidan said and Kisame laughed

"This reminds me of a time when—" Kisame started trailing off as he looked to the lunch doors and smirked, "Hey Pein, look who it is"

Pein looked to where Kisame did and groaned deeply, "Fuck" he said and everyone looked to see a blond haired person looking like she was in her mid 20's.

"Is that?" Konan asked


Konan and Kisame smirked, "It is"

Pein sighed and got up as she was walking over to him and glared deeply, "Hey Jolene"

She looked stunned, "How do you remember my name?"

"Oh we remember" Kisame said and Konan smirked and started to sing

"Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene" Konan sang and Kisame and Pein joined in

"You can't steal my man even if you try" Pein and Kisame sang making her growl and everyone watching in curiosity and amusement

"Stop singing that!" Jolene yelled stomping her foot harshly, "Because of you my rep went down the drain and it never returned!"

Kisame laughed, "Rep? You mean being worse at school than Pein?" Kisame asked

"Or being in 8th grade at age of 18?" Konan asked and she growled

"Shut up! I needed to talk to you Pein" she said glaring at Pein

"And you waited 5 years?" Pein asked and she rolled her eyes

"Yeah, well I have been trying to find you for those years!" Jolene yelled and Kisame began laughing

"Well that is weird considering we've only lived in the same town since kindergarten" Kisame said and she growled

"You owe me a new car!" Jolene yelled finally getting to her point of confronting Pein

"And why should we owe you a new car?" Konan asked

"Well you were the ones who destroyed it!" she yelled and everyone was more curious about what had happened in middle school. Pein chuckled

"Technically it wasn't our fault, the water was the destroying factor to your car, not us" Pein said and she growled

"You owe me a new car!"

"There's nothing you can do" Konan said and Kisame looked confused

"You don't have a car? You waited 5 years to confront us about your car and never got another one? Are you a moron?"Kisame asked and Pein laughed

"Shut up!" she yelled running away and Pein sat down and sighed

"Wow…" Pein said and shook his head, "just wow"

"What happened?" Hidan asked and Pein, Konan and Kisame looked to him

"The thing we did in 7th grade" Pein said

"Everything seems to fall back on that" Konan said and Kisame nodded and the three started laughing

"But we regret none of it" Kisame said and Pein nodded

"We'll tell you later on tonight" Pein said and everyone nodded

"Wait, was she seriously 18 in 8th grade?" Sasori asked shocked and they nodded

"She was the only student that had her license" Konan said and Kakuzu laughed

"If I was her I would have dropped out if school" Kakuzu said and everyone nodded and couldn't wait for tonight as they finally get to know what Pein, Konan and Kisame did in middle school.

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