Chapter 43: Pein's Middle School Astounding Scenario

Later that night, everyone was in a group around the fireplace back at Pein's place. They had out marshmallows, chocolate and gram crackers as Tobi said that s'mores are a story telling snack. No one wanted to say that s'mores are for camping trips and sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories because they all thought eating s'mores was a good idea. Pein opened his mouth to start the story when his mom came home

"Hey Pein, I meant to say this earlier but I was called into work. The reason why my luggage is packed was that my work gave me a free flight ticket yesterday and it was for tonight" she said and Pein looked to her shocked

"So you have to leave tonight?" Pein asked knowing his mom would take the free ticket over paying for one to save some 100+ dollars, and she nodded

"Yes, so…" she said getting cut off by him getting up and hugging her

"I… I'm going to miss you" Pein said shocking her as he usually isn't this open about anything with her and she smiled and hugged him

"I'll miss you, I hope you'll take care" she said with tears and Pein smiled slightly

"That's what Konan's for" Pein said and she laughed slightly and kissed him on the forehead and turned to the group

"You guys, I'll miss you too, I hope you all take care" she said and Konan and Kisame got up to hug her too, Konan in tears

"You're like our second mom, thanks for everything. I hope you're travels are good and keep in touch" Konan said and she nodded

"Of course" she said giving Konan the $5,000 dollars for this month. Everyone said their goodbyes and she grabbed her luggage and left with her co-workers to catch the flight to Paris, where her work sent her.

"…She's really gone" Pein said in a slightly down tone to voice and everyone, except Konan and Kisame, believed it was just because his mom had just left across the world. But Konan and Kisame knew better, they knew what Pein meant. Pein turned to see Kisame and Konan look at him with worry and slight apprehension. Pein blinked and shook him head and smiled

"Well my mom would keep in contact, so no need to be sad. Now let's tell that story" Pein said sitting down and Kisame and Konan shared a look and sighed

"Alright" Konan said starting the fire in the fireplace for marshmallow roasting as they were to begin the story

"Are you alright with telling us after she left like that, un?" Deidara asked and Pein nodded

"Yeah I am" Pein said and smiled, "So it all started in middle school" he started when Kisame chuckled and Konan her eyes and huffed

"I think they already know that Pein" Kisame said and Pein glared at him as they were roasting marshmallows. Zetsu rolling his eyes at Tobi who, of course, ended up with one marshmallow all over his face and fingers trying to lick it off

"I know that jackass, I was getting everyone in the mood for the story" Pein said and Hidan laughed

"Isn't that the marshmallow's job?" Hidan asked throwing one at Pein, who caught it. Pein looked to see Hidan staring at him with wide eyes, "MARSHMALLOW"

"What the hell? Why the hell did you say it like that!?" Pein asked confused and frightened

"Because I'm awesome like that" Hidan said grinning and Pein sighed deeply

"Can we please get on with the story?" Pein asked about to start the story again when he got interrupted again


Everyone turned to Tobi who has a marshmallow engulfed in flames.

"Tobi, get that thing to the sink and douse it in—" Zetsu started when Tobi started blowing on it as hard as he could. Fortunately the fire went out, but unfortunately the marshmallow flew right into Pein's face. Pein wiped the sticky goo from his face angrily and everyone started laughing.

"Now that everyone's done throwing things at me and interrupting me can we get back to the story?" Pein asked and everyone nodded and Pein thanked them before starting the story


Pein and Konan were in their class before lunch period during 7th grade. Kisame wasn't in class which is highly unusual for him. And class is just pure boredom without Kisame there; after all he makes everything awesome.

'Where's Kisame?' Konan asked in text message

'I don't know'

'Is he?'

Pein got two texts, one from Konan and one from Kisame. Pein quickly looked to Kisame's

'I have them; you and Konan meet me on the roof'

Pein smirked and looked to Konan who gave him the look of 'is it time?' and Pein nodded. Konan and Pein raised their hands

"Yes?" the teacher asked

"I need to go to the bathroom" Konan said and Pein then said the same thing and the teacher sighed

"Usually I won't send two out at the same time, but you two do look like you need to, so go ahead" She said and they thanked her before running out of the room as if they were about to pee their pants. They ran down the hallway and started laughing before meeting Kisame on the rood

"Hey Kisame" Pein and Kisame said and Kisame smirked and pulled out the pipes and a bag of marijuana

"I have no clue how you got this Kisame, but you are the best" Pein said hugging him. Kisame laughed and started to prepare the pipes

"Hurry up Kisame, hurry up" Pein said eagerly and Konan knocked on his head

"Calm down idiot, or we'll be caught" Konan said in a hushed tone

"Oh come on Konan, this is the first time for you too, you honestly can't tell me you're not as eager as us" Pein said and Konan smirked

"I am excited, Kisame hurry up" Konan said and Kisame rolled his eyes with a smile

"Not you too" Kisame said jokingly as he finished preparing the third pipe, "there all done"

"Finally!" both Konan and Pein said as all three of them grabbed a pipe and a lighter. Pein looked at the pipe with confusion

"How the heck do we light this thing?" Pein asked and Kisame sighed and grabbed it from him and lit it and game it back, "here"

"How do you know how to do that Kisame?" Konan asked as he lit hers as well

"did you do this before?" Pein asked and Kisame shook his head

"The guy who gave me the marijuana showed me" Kisame said as he took a long drag of his and sighed the smoke out, "man this is good stuff"

Pein and Konan did the same thing and coughed slightly as the smoke entered their clean lungs but got after one pipe they got used to it

"Damn Kisame, this stuff is amazing" Pein said and everyone agreed. And after refilling the pipes up and smoking two more times, they weren't in their right state of mind.

"Hey guys…" Konan started looking to the sky, "Why are there so many paper cranes in the sky?" she asked looking to Kisame who heard her and laughed

"You're sooo high Konan, they aren't paper cranes, they are dancing swords" Kisame said seeing brightly colored swords (like the ones in the anime) dancing the Macarena in the sky. Pein laughed, obviously high and had wide eyes when looking to Kisame

"Kisame… you don't realize there is… a shark on your face" Pein said and Konan laughed and hit him on the arm

"You're crazy… that's obviously a… holy shit it is a shark! Kisame we'll pull it off!" Konan said as she and Pein walked over to him and started yanking on his face. Kisame, just sitting there, not knowing what's going on

"Damn… this thing is a fighter!" Pein said yanking harder

"Oww" Kisame said in pain and still not fully getting what is going on

"Hold on Kisame…" Konan said and the last pull, both Konan and Pein lost their grips and fell backwards on their butts and looked to Kisame confused and laughed highly

"Oh… that's your face" Pein said as he and Konan couldn't stop giggling and rolling over. Kisame rubbed his cheek where it was sore and had wide eyes when he saw Pein's eyes split into three circles, like that of a hypnotizing wheel and saw them turn to suns

"…How … does your hypnotizing eyes stand turning into suns like that? It's setting your hair on fire" Kisame asked intrigued by his eyes and how Pein is not fazed by his head spontaneously combust like that.

"Well, I'm tired of sitting up on a floating cave on a floating island… can we do something?" Pein asked standing up and Kisame smirked holding keys up. They were keys to a red convertible sports car that he had stolen

"Any one up for a joyride?" Kisame said and everyone felt their highs go down slightly

"After one more hit" Konan said and Pein nodded eagerly and Kisame started the pipes back up. After two more hits, they decided to go for a joyride. How they managed to get off the roof in their state of mind with no injuries is beyond anyone, but they made it to the car and hopped in and started it. Pein was obviously the one behind the wheel and started driving. Pein and his three friends ended up in the grassy field that belonged to their middle school and believed that they were in Mario Kart. Pein slammed on the gas pedal all the way to the floor of the car going around in circles

"Banana Peel!" Kisame yelled as they really thought they were in a course of Mario Kart and Pein slammed on his brakes, turned left and slammed on the gas again. Passing by the field's soccer portion, they passed the goal and started 'whoo'ing

"We won!" Konan yelled

"Beat that Mario!" Pein yelled and drove faster away. Right when they got to the middle of the field, Konan gasped when looking to the side

"Zoo animals ahoy!" Konan yelled as it appeared that animals had escaped from the zoo and were roaming freely around the fields. Pein had to keep turning and things to not hit the zoo animals, leaving the fields with pulled grass and dirt marks as well as car wheel tracks. The fields were a complete disaster, even with the animals.

Soon, the police were notified of what was happening and there were about 5 police cars that were called to the scene. Not even the policeman who had 25+ years on the force seen anything like this. This was getting dangerous. The kids were driving in a herd of huge animals that could stomp on them and kill them instantly

"Call the zoo and get them out here with tranquilizers" the police man said to one of his men, turning his attention to the kids driving the car, "Pull over!" the policeman yelled frantically into a mega-horn and the kids drove by them

"No way in hell fuzzy bears in police uniforms!" Kisame yelled as Pein punched the gas going into the fields

"Are they high?" the newbie policeman asked and the older policeman sighed

"Well if that's the case, there is no choice, we have to chase them into stopping" he said getting into his cruiser. 2 of the five police cars went into chase and started to chase them

"Pull over, this is highly dangerous!" the policeman said in the mega-horn and Pein flipped him off causing Konan and Kisame to raise their arms in the air


"Pein, there is a clearing up ahead, go through that" Kisame said pointing ahead and Pein was heading that direction. Unfortunately, because of being high, they didn't see that there wasn't a clearing but a huge wooden structure.

"What the hell was that?" Pein asked

"The police bears put up an invisible force field!" Kisame yelled and they got out of the car. Right when they got out of the car, the thing on top of the wooden structure they crashed into came crashing down; the thing being the town's main water supply, one of the biggest water towers of the eastern side of the USA. The water town crashed into the car and the metal walls broke open letting all the water out. There was so much water that it was like a flood, pushing Pein and his friends at least 100 feet away.

"That was awesome!" Kisame said as they were soaked head to toe and all the sudden a lion came by Pein and started licking his face. Pein, still out of it, started petting the lion before it fainted with a tranquilizer dart in his neck


Pein, Kisame and Konan then were arrested for letting zoo animals out, stealing a car, driving without a license, possession of marijuana, driving while under the influence of marijuana, the destruction of the main water supply for the town, and resisting arrest, police chase, etc. A week of jail time, Pein's mom bailed them out

Flashback End~

"So… yeah" Pein said and everyone, except Kisame, Konan and Itachi and Kakuzu chuckled

"Wow…" Kakuzu said smiling, "Kinda makes me want to try marijuana" he said and Hidan looked to him with a smile

"You too?" Hidan asked and both of them started laughing

"We should have been there to see you high, must've been funnier in person than just hearing about it un" Deidara said and Kisame shrugged

"Well we were so high, I think we imagined the zoo animals too" Kisame said and Zetsu coughed slightly as everyone was eating s'mores

"Well… uh… actually, We kinda uhm… well that day… what we're trying to say is that, we let out the zoo animals… earlier that day … that is why we knew about what you did" Zetsu said and Pein looked to him shocked

"Well that explains the charges... wait!" Pein yelled with wide eyes, "You mean to tell me I was actually petting a lion!?" Pein asked and Zetsu nodded

"Yes, you're a moron, even as a hallucination, no one should not even try to pet the king of all big cats" Zetsu said and Pein huffed

"Says a lot huh?" Konan asked and Pein threw a non-roasted marshmallow at her head

"No it doesn't! We were high. We saw and imagined the craziest shit on that stuff, so how can you blame me for thinking that the animals were hallucinations?" Pein asked and Konan sighed

"Fine, I don't, but don't throw food at me!" Konan said throwing the marshmallow back at Pein. Pein and Konan started talking in their own little corner and Kisame smirked and whispered something into Sasori's ear

"You know what I remember and they don't from that day? Right before we left the car before the water tower collapsed on the car, Pein and Konan made out"

"What really?" Sasori asked softly

"Yeah, tell the rest cept Tobi, but don't tell Konan or Pein, the plan to get them together is still going on" Kisame whispered back. Right when Sasori told everyone except Tobi, Pein and Konan, they all gathered in the circle again, no one dared to even say a thing about what was said. No one except Hidan was staring at Pein and Pein looked to him

"What are you staring for?"

"I have a question" Hidan said, "The day the water tower broke, was that the start of that really big drought that one year?" Hidan asked and Pein shrugged

"Well I guess it was, It was a big water supply to the town" Pein said

"That was the year my dad left on business trips more often. You know I think he stole water from the other towns, since our house was the only one that had the greenest grass" Hidan said and sighed and turned to Sasori, "would that help on research?"

"Yes, it should, I would need Zetsu's help though to get onto the databases from other towns" Sasori said looking to Zetsu

"Of course, Hacking is in our blood, you can count on us" Zetsu said and Sasori and Hidan smiled

"Thanks" Hidan said and sighed, "You know, my dad might be a really bad man to the core, but… without him, I would be alone" Hidan said and Kakuzu looked to him confused

"What?" Kakuzu asked confused and shocked, "You can't possibly mean that you want your dad around" Kakuzu asked and Hidan shook his head frantically

"Good god no, I hate his guts" he said grabbing Kakuzu's hand, "I meant that without all the shit he had did to me, you wouldn't have ever became my friend Kakuzu. And I probably wouldn't have you guys as friends either. Without him, I wouldn't have you guys" Hidan said and Kakuzu hugged him

"Hidan… I…" Kakuzu started clenching his eyes, he didn't know what to say, it was probably somewhere deep within his heart he knew Hidan was telling the truth and Hidan smiled

"Well… I am happy that things panned out as they did. I have the best boyfriend and the best friends anyone could ever imagine and I am away from my dad" Hidan said and Kakuzu kissed his temple

"I'm glad too, not about your father hurting you, but you're here with us" Kakuzu said and Hidan smiled

"I love you guys" Hidan said and turned to Kisame, "any chance you could get those pipes and marijuana?" Hidan asked and Kisame and Kakuzu laughed

"So you want to try it?" Kisame said and everyone looked to him and nodded

"Hell yeah!" everyone yelled and Kisame sighed and smiled

"That's a lot of people, I'll see what I can do" Kisame said and Pein was talking with Konan, whispering into her ear

"Are they ready?" Pein asked and Konan nodded

"So Kakuzu, Hidan, do you two want to be in our group officially? Konan asked and Hidan and Kakuzu nodded even if they're slightly confused to why she asked that. Aren't they already part of the group? What does she mean by 'officially'?

So there you have it, what Pein, Konan and Kisame did in middle school

I hope this chapter is better than the last. Please tell me what you think :D