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Naruto is walking to the ramen shop to eat his dinner like he does every day because the old man is nice and sometimes gives him free ramen. He is wearing his orange outfit that everyone just called his kill me outfit but he likes the color orange and on his back is a katana which is named the Shinku-Sora.

While he's walking he still gets all the stares from the villagers that see him walking passed them but he just makes a fist even if he won't show it but he's angry. He knows that he can't let anger and hate over take him because anger isn't the right way to do anything and he does know that all too well.

He came to a dead stop only when he can begin to hear someone crying. Naruto starts to walk to where he hears the crying coming from but when he gets to the place it was Kurenai sitting next to two graves as she was crying.

Naruto walked up to her and placed his hand gently on her shoulder. She feels someone hand on her shoulder then turns around to see who it was. She never would have thought that the owner of the hand would be Naruto Uzumaki of all people. She didn't know why he was out here but she didn't get a chance to ask him because when she started to look up at him Naruto just got down on his knees and pulled her into a hug.

One of the many things he dislikes was when a woman cried like this because he didn't want to see a woman crying. He just rubbed her back softly and gently trying to smooth her but he does look down at her eyes.

He knows that he hasn't seen her a lot over the time he's been a shinobi but he has done a few missions together with her team thanks to joint missions. She did visit him in the hospital a few times when he got hurt from mission or training.

Each time he had asked her why she visited him like this when his own team didn't even come by, but each time she just said she here to see someone. He knows that she was just lying each time but didn't want to push it and cause her to stop showing up at the time.

"It's ok Kurenai if you want to cry more I be here for you so let it all out. Don't hold anything in ok?" Naruto moved his head against hers showing her that he does care. She just moves her arms around him trying to let herself be comforted by him.

"Naruto-kun….. Thank you" she said back to the one holding her close but she does feel the warmth from him. The warmth that she just moved against too but her mind doesn't understand why she's letting her body do that.

"If you want someone to talk to about it, I will listen, that's what I do best after all" as he said that he starts to run his hands gently into her hair to calm her down. "Naruto-kun really is a kind person but then again everyone knows that. I don't get how he can be so caring and kind after this entire village has done to him."

"Thank you for that and doing this for me. Maybe I tell you tomorrow but for now I have to head home to rest up for tomorrow and my team." She told him while she gets out of his warm embrace but her eyes look at his eyes but her tear stain eyes show sadness still.

"Do you want me to walk you home Kurenai-chan? I don't mind if you want me to." Naruto asked in a caring tone of voice to her but with little bit of worried in his tone which did not go unnoticed by Kurenai."Wait is he worried about me? No he just a softly to people he's friends with after all.""

"I'll be fine Naruto-kun but thanks for asking to help walk me home." After she told him that all Naruto did was kiss her on the cheek and started to walk off. He didn't even know why he did that to her.

He knows he doesn't like her that way or does he? He shakes his head to clear his mind but looks back at where she's standing. "Why did I kiss her on the cheek? Is it because I like her? I mean I have talked to her a lot in the hospital and outside few times."

He stopped moving and closed his eyes. "She is a nice woman unlike most of this village, she's always so caring when comes to me eating right and better. She does look great at that but also a skilled woman." He keeps on walking as he's getting deeper and deeper into his thoughts but get knock out when he sees a toy shop making him smile.

But with Kurenai who was now lost in her own thoughts thanks to him. "Why did he kiss me on the cheek? Why did I enjoy the feeling of his lips on my cheek? He's too young for me to even let him do something like that to me."

She looked at the two graves once more and wiped her tears away but she begins to head home at a slow pace taking in the cold night's air. She always did enjoy walking around at night because of how the air felt to her soft skin.

When she gets to her house she opened the front door slowly at first. She started to walk inside but only had to stop to take her shoes off her tired feet and drops them on the floor beside the wall after closing the door behind her.

She looked at the time that's on the wall then headed to go to her bedroom but stops once she gets to the door of the room and turns around to head into the living room. When she gets there she can see something on the table causing her to stare at it while moving closer to the black colored table.

Once she gets closer she can see it's a box that wrapped in red and orange wrapping paper but she just looked lost at it because it wasn't her birthday or anything. She also doesn't know how someone could have gotten into her house without leaving any sign of being in here.

"Only one person that can do this and that's you Anko-chan but why give me a gift now?" She thought but when she sees the card on the box which proved her wrong. That's because the name on the card said it was from Naruto Uzumaki which made her smile.

But again she did not know why she smiled but she did not care either right now. She only wants to know what he could have given her like this and at this time of night. She opened the box and inside was a black fur teddy bear and a card. She picks up the card then put the teddy bear on the table next to the box. She opened the card and reads what it has to say to her but her smile still on her face.

Dear Kurenai

I hope you're feeling better now and I also hope that this teddy bear helps you to even if it just a tiny bit at that. I'll be here for you and if you need someone to talk just come and talk as long as you want.

I hope you like the teddy bear because I did not know what kind of animal to get you so I pick one that was same color as your beautiful hair. Hopeful you like the gift and don't dislike it because I don't know if you even like stuffed animals at all.

But don't forget there are always people you can talk to about the things that are hurting you. No matter what you don't need to deal with that kind of pain alone and so don't try to push yourself in order to do so.

Also ramen helps a lot; you may want to try eating some.

From Naruto Uzumaki

When she finally got done reading the letter from Naruto her smile was wider and brighter from what he had to say to her. She had no idea someone could be this thoughtful, like he has to her, in just one day.

She never had anyone do this for her beside Anko her best friend or Asuma but the only reason he's doing it so he can win her heart but not because he wanted to do something this meaningful. She looked at the card for the last time before putting it down on the table before the black teddy bear.

She just picked up the teddy bear and pushed it against her chest but she always did love stuffed animals even if she kept that hidden even to Anko. She doesn't want to know how much she would get teased by her best friend if she had ever found out about her like of them.

"Thank you Naruto-kun its help a lot "She just back down at the little teddy bear that's in her soft hands then goes back to her thoughts "I guess this is why Hinata likes him so much because he sweet and kind wait a second why am I having this thoughts, he is younger than me by 13 years but he is so sweet to me" She stopped her train of thoughts but she does head to the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror.

Her eyes are still somewhat sad but she just moves a finger against the bear's head only to let out another smile. She moved the bear so it wouldn't get wet from the shower. She then looked around her bathroom which was just a normal one at that but she does begin to strip off her clothes slowly.

Once she gets down to just her black panties and bra she starts to turn on the water to get it to the right level of warm. Once she finally gets it to the right level she takes her bra off then takes her panties off leaving her bare to the world. She truly enjoys the cold air the most when it hits against her naked fresh.

She steps inside the shower letting the warm water hit against her chest and breasts but she just moved her hand to her hair as she thinks about the card he gave her again. "So he thinks my hair is beautiful hair? First time someone said my hair or eyes were beautiful before like that, it's sweet. "

She runs her hands down her side to her ass then legs but back to her chest."Yea it's always how my body is sexy or my breasts are great but never that, why am thinking of this? But I'm thinking of this in the damn shower of all places to be in?"

She just shakes her head but just want rip her hair out because she can't even figure out why someone his age is getting to her like this. Once she's done with shower and dried herself out she wrapped a towel around her body and picks up the teddy bear. She walks out of the bathroom and goes inside her bedroom.

She lets the towel fall off her and lays the teddy bear on the bed before putting on a new pair of panties and bra. She then puts a nightgown on and lies down. She grabbed the teddy bear once more and moved it against her chest while she falls asleep.

Naruto who is sitting on his roof after dropping off the teddy bear to Kurenai but he can tell someone is now behind him. He quickly turned around to see a neko masked Anbu looking at him with a smirk behind her mask.

She has long purple hair and black eyes but she just sits down beside him with her hands on her lap but she does look into his eyes. "Thank you for taking good care of Kurenai-chan, not many people are truly nice to her."

He gave her a look like why causing the older woman to let out a howl of laugh. 'Because to them she's sexy and they just want to get her in bed." Now he understands but he just keeps looking at her then into the sky.

"That one thing you don't have to worry about me doing." She only gave a smirk of her lips before moving close to him. He didn't know what she was planning on doing but he didn't know what to do to get out of this.

"You sure I don't have to worry about you wanting to be with her? I already can see you enjoying being that close to her." Naruto blushed but looked away from her. He didn't even know himself why he's even blushing at that.

"It maybe because before I made it to a genin rank I met her a few times when she was walking Hinata to school or back home. She's always has been a kind and caring person telling me not to eat ramen all the time and healthy food." He gets to his feet and starts walking a little bit.

"I'm scared to trust again, first Itachi-onii who got me to believe in all life is good and has a reason to live. Then he just turned full upside down when he killed his clan because that isn't that Itachi that saved me, kept me safe from people while he was an Anbu. But that's the Itachi that gave me food and helped me but just had been a true friend to me." Naruto made a fist and just wished he could have known why.

"I don't know why Itachi did what he did either but I know he never wanted you to feel the pain you did for him leaving you." Yugao moved over to him and jus hugged him close to her and he just wraps his arms around her.

"If he never did what he did then we wouldn't be this close like we are now." Yugao smiled to him because thanks to her taking Itachi place for guarding Naruto the two of them have become close. They are a family in their eyes and no one can change that no matter what but Naruto just nodded his head.

"Just please if you ever do end up with her, just don't hurt her ok?" She asked in a pleading tone. He just looked up at her but smiled to her showing that he won't hurt her no matter what.

"You worry too much but guess it's time for us to sleep?" She nodded and watched him go back inside but she just closed her eyes and sat down.

"Your right Naru-kun I do worry too much but can't be help it when something like this happens but you really do like her." She goes back into the shadows after saying that to herself out loud.

Naruto finally gets back inside his bedroom and looks around but he does try to figure out why he's even thinking his way he is about Kurenai. It doesn't make any sense to him why her or why someone older than him. He just lets himself fall on his bed and fallen asleep fast.

"Naruto-kun it's time to wake up, you can't be late now." He hears a voice but doesn't know who it is but once he opens his eyes he can see Kurenai just in panties and bra hovering over him in his bed.

"Kurenai-chan why are you here and in my bed!" A shocked Naruto yelled but Kurenai just pouts but moves her hands to his chest. She slowly licks his earlobe with her hot breath he feels against his ear making him just stare at her.

She whispers into his ear. "Touch me please, don't make me wait any longer." She moved his hands to her breasts and he begins to play with them but can't believe this is really happening to me and right now.

She undid her bra letting him remove it then moving his mouth to her nipple sucking lightly and soft at first but she just moves down him stopping him from sucking any longer. Once she gets to his pants she slowly takes it off while staring at him.

That's when he can hear a beeping noise but when he realize what it was he finds himself on the floor off his bed and no Kurenai in view. His face just looks at the window of his room and just yelled out. "YOU GOT TO BE FUKCING JOKING ME! THAT WAS ONLY A DREAM!"

"I need a long cold shower now." He gets up and heads for his shower hoping it will help him forget about that dream.

Kurenai wakes up but once she opens her eyes she can hear someone inside her house making her worried. When she gets to her feet she slowly makes her way to the source the sound but when she gets to the kitchen she sees Anko drinking and eating dango again.

"Don't do that to me." Anko smirked but looked at what she was wearing causing her smirk to even grow wider. "What with that smirk of yours? I know one thing about you and when you smirk like that it can't be good."

"I didn't know you had nightgowns like that?" She pointed at the nightgown which was a white color that just goes little bit passed her ass showing some of her panties and ass. Her chest was barely being covered as well causing Kurenai to just stare at her best friend.

"It was a gift from you or did you forget?" Anko just looked away with a little laugh because she had forgotten that but she does look back to her friend while eating dango.

"Guess what a little bird told me? More like a neko than a bird." Kurenai just sat down next to her on a chair but she didn't know what she meant by that because the only neko she knows is Yugao and what does she have to do with anything about this.

"Our little Naruto-kun gave you a gift and helped you." Kurenai blushed tenfold when she heard that but she just stared at the purple hair woman shocked. "Don't be so shocked or shy because she is after all his bodyguard." Kurenai gave her a questioning look because she didn't understand that at all.

"You didn't know? Naruto-kun first anbu bodyguard was Itachi in order keep him safe from the villagers and shinobi in our village. Then once he turned evil Yugao took over and since then she's became like a mother to him."

"How come she never told me that?" Anko shrugged her shoulders at her but she does look at her plate that now lacks dango. "You want to come with me to my team? We can get dango with them." Anko's eyes beamed and nodded her head as fast as she could.

"Hurry up and get changed so I can eat my dango!" Kurenai laughed but gets up and heads back to her bedroom where she changes into her normal clothes and once done heads back to see Anko waiting at the door.

Once Naruto gets to the training grounds he doesn't see anyone which didn't make any sense to him at all. "Did they already go get a mission without me? Knowing those two I wouldn't be surprised at all."

He now is heading towards the Hokage Tower to see if his team is waiting on a mission or something but he still can't get over the dream he had. "Why am I of all people having that kind of dream? Do I really like her? I mean I met her few years ago and she was so nice but does it mean I like her?"

He stopped at his favored ramen place only to see Ayame smiling at him and patting on the counter for him to come in. He sits down at the counter and orders a beef ramen. "How are you doing Naruto-kun?" She asked him in her normal friendly manner that he has came to be used to hearing from her.

"I'm going crazy with something that's been bothering me too badly lately." Ayame leans over the counter to him with a look on her face.

"What could it be that's bothering you this bad? I have never seen you act this badly about something." He looked away with a blush on his face causing her to grow a smirk but moved her finger to his nose to flick it.

"I have known someone for two years now but at first I thought she's just a nice and caring woman but now lately I have been thinking other things."Her smirk turned into a smile before she just flicks his nose again.

"Seem you starting to finally like a woman and not that banshee of a girl." He just looked back at her once more but shakes his head. Even if that was the case he still doesn't know what he should be doing right now.

"I still don't know what to do because I'm scared to see what she will do once she finds out, you know why." She just glared at him hard and leaned closer in to him but the glare never left making him just start to sweat under her glare.

"Don't ever think that like that do you hear me? These people are just fools to make you think that way but if you don't tell her, you may never get a chance to and regret it your whole life. So stop being a weakling and go tell her." She moved aside to let her dad put the bowl of ramen on the counter in front of Naruto.

"My daughter is right Naruto-kun. You need to tell her before you get old like me." He laughed before going back to cooking only for the two of them to stare at him in the back. Naruto just starts to eat his ramen but his mind still forced on Kurenai that it's scaring him badly.

He gets done and paid for the food but once he started to walk out of the stand Ayame came over to him before smiling. "No matter what happens just tell her ok? I bet she will feel the same way but don't chicken out or I may need to teach you lesson on how do things." She teased before going back to her job.

On his way to the Hokage Tower now he can see team eight leaving the dango stand but he looked at Kurenai the most. "There is no way she could feel the same, I mean she older than me but also just so great."

"Hey Naruto how come you're here without your team?" Hearing Kiba's voice knocked him out of his though but he does look back to the Inuzuka who has his partner on his head like always.

"Hello Kiba and no idea where they could be at, they weren't at the training grounds so figured to go to the tower to see." Naruto told him but he does look back to Kurenai now who just smiled at him like she always does as well.

"Hi Naruto " That was only thing he could make out with her stuttering and looking down but he just didn't' get why she was so shy around him.

"Hello" That was all that came out of the quiet Shino.

"Hello and thanks again Naruto for helping me before." He smiled to her but he just looks into her eyes for a few seconds because he really did like the color of her eyes. He does understand why her name Kurenai fits her so well.

"You're welcome Kurenai-chan and I would do it again anytime at that." Naruto said back to her in his normal caring tone but he does smile at how she reacted to that.

Kurenai was fighting down a blush because he just called her Kurenai-chan in front of everyone but that's when Team 8 started to walk passed him. Naruto was now looking at his crush from as she walked past him but he couldn't help but keep staring at her.

Kurenai sees him looking but only one thought that just kept coming to her mind but she didn't like it at all. 'Is he looking where most men do? If he is I going have to teach him a lesson about where not to stare at a woman"

She thought to herself but she changed her feeling once she met his looks which she found out he was not staring at her body because he was looking at her eyes. "He really isn't not like most men dam it stop it Kurenai with these thoughts I am too old for him but maybe I really am not but Hinata really loves him and I don't want to hurt her."

She looks back at him and wonders to herself "But does he like me? Why would someone his age even think of liking someone my age?"

Sakura now is just running up to them and yelling at the top of her lungs but he doesn't know why she would be doing this. He didn't do anything today to piss off the crazy pink hair woman this bad.

"You need to do something Sasuke has left the village just now!" that made Naruto turn around in shock and fear. Shock because he didn't know that the fool would go that far for power but also fear that he will be the one to have to fight him because he knows he can beat Sasuke but he doesn't want to kill him.

"Tell me when!" Anger grows inside his eyes but also in his tone of voice because he pissed that his own teammate would be the one that backstabs the village like this. To leave the village and become a missing shinobi just like Itachi it pissed him off even more thinking about that.

"A few hours ago but Naruto go after him and bring him back please go and get him back. I need go tell Hokage-sama about this" Once she said that it was too late because he was already running to the gate. But he was stopped by someone that was covered in a crimson robe with black lines coming down the middle and a hood to cover his face.

Naruto didn't know who this guy is but he didn't like the fact that someone is now getting in his way like this. He didn't have time to fool around with this person who in his mind does have a good taste in clothes.

"Don't be so damn foolish Naruto, your friend is now a missing shinobi who left for power and nothing more." Naruto pull out his katana from his back and yell "Shinku-Sora clean my way for me! Leave something in my path!"

The man in the robe just draws his katana from his back under the robe then yelled back "Shinku-Umi now go and stop him!" Naruto who is now in shock from hearing what he just said. He just heard the word of his dead friend blade. He doesn't know how this person has that blade but no way in hell he's going to be keeping it for long.

Shinku-Sora = Crimson sky

Shinku-Umi = Crimson sea