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Kurenai kept on walking away with her team but she does look back once more at Naruto before going out of his sight. He just closed his eyes because he couldn't believe he had finally told her and kissed her again like that.

His heart was still beating out of control but he tried to get it to calm down with no luck because he couldn't believe that he's done what he hope to do. He can't believe he told someone he loved them and she felt the same way for him.

"It looks like you finally did it and now are you happy that you finally did?"" Seigi told his friend proudly because he is proud of Naruto because he had finally had the guts to do something like that. He had a feeling in the end everything would work out and it seems he was right after all.

'I'm glad that I really can be with her but can I ask what is going on with you and our new sensei." Naruto asked teasing his friend but Seigi just gave him a dirty glare because he didn't want talk about that right now with him.

"Well that something." Seigi said nervous trying to come up with how to say this to him because he not used to it either. This isn't something he normal would have done but he doesn't regret it at all either.

"I think we are dating right Seigi-chan or are you too shy to tell your best friend that? Are you shy because you know that I'm great but to be shy over little old me?" Anko teased him only to cause heat to come to his face and look over at her with a smile.

"Yes we are Anko-chan and no I'm not shy you silly woman, now tell me why would you think that way?" He tried to tease her back but the blush made him fail at that because she let out a giggle over towards him.

"I think you mean sensei after all I'm your teacher in the arts of shinobi or did you forget that now?" she scolded him in a playful ton with a hint of flirting but she moved her lips to his neck to bite it somewhat.

"Now that sounds great Anko-sensei and it's a better word to call you. Maybe I should keep calling you that from now on." He teased her while thinking of few dirty things the two of them could be doing.

"Hold on a second now Seigi-kun no I mean don't even start thinking that kind of things, at least not yet." Once he was found out by her about what he was thinking the heat in his stared to grow tenfold which Naruto couldn't help but laugh at.

"I'm sorry Anko-chan and I didn't mean to upset you at all." The guilt showed greatly in his voice to make Anko stare at him before giving him a quick kiss on the lips. Her eyes never left his eyes at all.

"It's ok you don't need to worry because I already have forgiven you my little Seigi-kun." He smiled back to her but Naruto really started to feel left out and didn't want to hang around to bother the two of them and they lovely time together.

"I'll see you two tomorrow at dango place and don't be late!" Naruto yelled over to them while running off to Kurenai's place to wait for her to get done with her team. He wanted to see her soonest he could and to really get away from the two of them.

Being near them just wanted him want to be with Kurenai even more but also he had something to talk to her about. Something that couldn't wait anymore but he wanted to be the one that told her before some random person did.

"Seigi I'm going to take a look around and good luck with your new girlfriend." Tenshi finally spoke up to him then walked off but all three of them had forgotten even was even with them till he said something which caused both Anko and Seigi to look at each other.

"That's fine and don't get lose now. Now Anko-chan would you like to go and get some dangos with me?" she nodded and wrapped her arm around his which then they started to walk over to the dango stand.


Tenshi started walking around which doing so he's taking in all the new things to him. New things he would have never though he would ever see in his life thanks to being trapped working for that asshole of a snake.

"Things truly are starting look up ever since you saved my life Seigi thank you. I'll never forget this that you have done for me." Once he found himself near what seem to be a huge black colored stone with names wrote on the stone.

That's when he also seen a beautiful purple hair woman standing next to the black stone in what seems to be anbu gear with her neko mask off. Only though inside his mind was that he wished she would remove that mask right now that covering her face.

He walked up to her and now is standing right behind her while she's kneeling down in front of the stone with a hand over one name. "Are these names on this stone the same names of people that are KIA? Tenshi asked her but his voice was soft to the ears.

She looked over her shoulder at the black hair teenage boy whom she knows that she hasn't seen him at all before. "Yes it is and I was just remembering a dear teammate that died little while ago but I miss him deadly." Tenshi only stared at her but he could see her black eyes so breathtaking to him.

"What is your name if you don't mind me asking that is? If you don't want to tell me that's ok because I can tell by your mask that your part of Anbu." He asked her but he does know he not from this village so it may make her not want give it out.

He knows that Anbu is hidden members because of what his sensei had told him of Konoha but he always wondered why they choice to hide behind masks because truly doesn't matter in world of shinobis.

The reason that he believed that is because sooner or later they will know who you are behind the mask and all the lies and secrets will fall apart. When they do there is high chance you will be all alone because of what the truth is.

"My name is Yugao and you don't need to worry because many people in our village already know who I am. But I would like to know what your name is because I haven't since you in the village?" She looked him over while she talked back to him because she trying to study him and how he will react to what she said to him.

"My name is Tenshi but are you sure you really want me to know your name? I'm not around here at all that why you haven't seen me before." He talked back to her but his voice did show signs of shock that she could pick up on.

The reason he was shocked is because she truly did give him her name even though she's part of Anbu which is something he didn't see coming at all. He did smile because her name truly did fit the purple haired angel in front of him.

"So you truly are new to this village Tenshi-kun? Would you like it if I showed you around then if you want that is?" She offered to him in a sweet and soft voice only for him to stare at her like she was only thing that mattered right now.

"Yes I would like that if you did and I'm here because Seigi saved me. That's why I'm now going to be a genin of this village and it's nice to meet you Yugao-chan." He smiled at her but his eyes still were locked onto her black eyes but she just let a smile come out as well.

"What he did save you from what if you don't mind me asking again?" She wanted to know because not everyday someone becomes a genin like this and in this kind of manner. You could say she's acting her part as a cat with wanting to know.

He showed her the curse mark that on his neck which made her understand just what kind of fate he had before he came here. "He saved me from the hell I had to put up with while being trained under that man."

"I see but do you want go get something to eat and talk there? I would like to talk more with you if you're ok with that." She asked him for two reasons and first one is because she wanted something to eat and second she wanted hear more of this story of his.

He nodded over to her and they started to walk away from the stone together but their eyes never left one another but either of them known why. Deep inside of her she felt guilt that she's looking at someone new already after her lover's death.


Naruto is right now walking to his girlfriend's house to wait for her to get home from her team meeting. His mind is filled with her right now that he didn't even care that everyone around him were giving him dirty looks.

"I truly hope that Seigi does tell Kurenai about the thing he is hiding from her, maybe he thinks she will hate him but I know she weren't at all." He smiled to himself but he just looked over to see Kurenai place coming up.

When Naruto finally gets over to the Kurenai house that's when he can see that there is two people standing by the door. He knows who both of them are because they're Kakashi and Asuma which looks like they're also waiting for Kurenai by the guess of fact they by her door like that.

"Hello sensei can you tell me why both of you are here?' Naruto asked them but his sensei looked back at him with his one eye smile. He pointed to Asuma but he did notice Asuma staring at Naruto hard.

"We're the ones that should be asking you the same thing Naruto-kun this is Kurenai's house, so why are you here?" Kakashi asked while going back to reading his orange book in his right hand but his thoughts were something besides thinking of the book. "I may just find out if the rumors are true about Kurenai and Naruto dating."

"I'm just because I need to tell Kurenai something that about my old sensei, her and Seigi" He told them in a worry tone because he doesn't know just how she will react to the news he's going to be telling her soon.

"What just may that be? It can't be too bad as your worrying voices sound like it could be." Asuma asked trying to hide his anger because he also heard the same rumors as Kakashi which is why he's here to find out if it is true by asking her himself.. "I'm not going let you have Kurenai demon brat, no way in hell am I going to lose to you."

"I just can't tell you because I'm not the one who should say it. That's because it truly should be Seigi saying it to her" Naruto told them but he moved beside them against the wall only to stare up at Kakashi.

"Come on we won't not tell her and don't worry we promise that we won't right Kakashi?"" Asuma looked over at Kakashi who just simply gave a nod of his head while turning the next page in his book.

He looked at the two of them but he does know they can be trusted because one Kakashi has been his sensei since he started being a shinobi. Asuma is the son of the old man which means he can trust him.

"Well you see my and Seigi old sensei was Drake Yuhi Kurenai half-brother but the thing is the man that raped Kurenai's mother which the reason that Drake was born. That man is the same man that is Seigi's father." He took a breath in order to calm his mind but the two men listening couldn't believe the story so far.

"This same asshole was the one that sealed a demon inside of him but also kicked him out of the village with his mother. Seigi and Drake are half-brothers which Seigi wants to think of himself and Kurenai as half brother and sister." Both of them were shocked even more by the time he finished talking to them.

"I'm so going used this to get Kurenai then you're going lost her. You are a fool you damn demon brat." Asuma grinned like a madman while thinking of plans to ruin his life and get Kurenai away from him.

Kakashi thoughts had a different path unlike Asuma's thoughts on the matter. "He was trained by Drake before I trained him but Seigi wants himself and Kurenai to think of each other as half brother and sister, never seen this coming? This could be something good to have in a book maybe"

"Remember you promised you weren't tell her that I told you all this before he told her right?" They both nodded their heads once more but he just closed his eyes because he hopes they will keep their word on this matter.

"I promise Naruto because I am your sensei but a good friend who will one day make up for mistakes I did to you when it came to being your sensei." Kakashi looked at him but then back to his orange book.

"I don't promise demon brat but you going to lose your love." Asuma grinned again but trying hide his anger right now. He looked away but he noticed Kakashi staring at him only to shrug it off right away.


Two hours later with Seigi and Anko still at the dango stand eating but his eyes look over at her but he had just get done telling her his story about him being Kurenai half-brother also about his past.

A past that was filled with pain thanks too many reasons but she hugged him each time a painful memory showed up but he smiled each time. He truly was glad to her in his life and right now while he talked about the pain of his past to her.

She then told him what he had to do now and that was to tell her now. When they started walking to Anko house they could see team eight nearby that when Anko pushed him over to her. Seigi told her the same story he told Anko which she then she starts to cry but then hugged him to dead much to his own shock.

"So he truly is still alive and you're my new half-brother because I want think that way to just like you do." He gave her a nod of his head before she hugged him again only for Anko to let out a smirk.

"Team eight I'll be seeing you tomorrow morning and don't be late." They nodded then but she started to walk off to her house but she also did want say the good news to her lovely new boyfriend. That had to wait till she went to find him but she had no idea that he be waiting for her to come home for last two hours.

"She looks so happy about the news?' He kissed her neck slowly where the curse mark was but doing that sent chills down her back. She just seems to enjoy being kissed there but her eyes were now locked with his once more.

"Yes she does and if you kept kissing me like that I 'm thinking we may just need a room. I don't think you want everyone to see me naked now do you?" Teasing him more once but only tiny bit of heat came to his cheeks this time.

He looked around but he just smirked to her before he moved his hands to her arms and moving his lips against her own lips claiming them for his own. The kiss started out soft but turned into a heated rough tongue war.

"I guess we do need a room my Anko-chan but you have any ideas on where we should go?" He gently kisses her neck hard while teasing her which she lets out a moan but closed her eyes taking in the feel of his lips against neck once again.

"Now I really think that you have to be right about the room but you need to know that I'm waiting. I'm not ready right now and I really hope that's ok with you?" He nodded to her before he picked her up off her feet in bride way.

"Just because you're waiting to be ready for that does not mean we can't do other things right?" He asked her and only got a nodded of her head. But he was only with that and even better when she rested her head on his shoulder.

He starts walking with her guiding him to her house but with a blush on her soft cheek because this is the first time a man beside her close friends as been to her house. She hoped she didn't leave it a mess again.


It's been two hours of talking and eating but Yugao did find out a lot about Tenshi. That he was all alone before that snake asshole took him and did things to him. Like give him the curse mark and ruined his life for a long time but in his mind forever till Seigi saved him.

Angel found out a lot about Yugao as well from the two hours of talking with her. That she is an anbu member which she was also well trained with a ninjato just like he is but also that she was beautiful in so many ways. They said their goodbyes and said to meet again here tomorrow at seven pm.

"My life is really changing for the best and it's all thanks to you Seigi" Angel started heading to the place where he and Seigi are sharing but which Seigi never comes home to sleep. He does often wonder just where hell he goes to.


Naruto and the two other men can now see Kurenai coming to them. "Why are Kakashi and Asuma here? What kind of reason would bring them to my house together like that? I know why Naruto-kun is here but why them." She let out a giggle when she looked at Naruto trying hiding his blush on his face because she just found it adorable.

"Can you please tell me why are you two here? It's not like every day I see you two at my door step like this." But that's when she was cut off by Asuma because he had kissed her on the lips and try putting his tongue in her mouth.

That's when she bit his tongue so he would end the kiss but also kicked him right in the balls causing him fall on his knees in pain. Naruto wanted to kill Asuma right now or a less hurt him so he was near death.

Kurenai could see how pissed Naruto was which make her more pissed then him at Asuma who is right now holding his balls. She didn't want be kissed by anyone but the person she loyal to not someone that tired force a kiss on her.

"WHY IN HELL DID YOU JUST DO THAT FOR?!" Yelled a royal pissed off red eye woman who was right now pissed at her friend. A friend she thought of as a close one but now she starting to think if he really is a friend or a creep at this point now.

"That because you should be with someone batter and not a demon kid who kept something from you." After he said that he told her the story which made Naruto want to run away right now to hide from her wrath.

After hear the story she walked over to Naruto which she kissed him on the lips to shock him big time but as their kiss went on she moved her tongue to his lips which he gladly opened for her to let her in.

The kiss lasted for about good two minutes more of tongue war with each other but the end the kiss which left both Kakashi shocked that it was true and Asuma pissed to a new level of anger for him.

"I know all about that because Seigi told me little while ago but Naruto you don't need be worry because I'm not mad at you Naruto-kun." She looked back over at Asuma with cold eyes but also pissed off ones at that.

"Don't ever call him a demon again do you hear me Asuma? I thought of you as a friend but now because how you just acted, there no way I'll call you my friend again." He couldn't believe what was happening in front of him but she looked back over to her boyfriend.

She smiled at Naruto then the both of them walked inside her place after they walked inside she closed the door on both Kakashi and Asuma. "Why did she do that? Why does she want be with the demon brat! Why dammit!"

"I told you that you will not get what you want Asuma and you just ruined a good friendship by thinking and calling him a demon." Kakashi looked at his ex-friend and started to walk away because he will not be friends with someone that hated his student.

"Don't tell me your going start hating me to? Damn that demon, I'm going make him regret and pay for this." He got to his feet finally and started to walk away slowly thanks to the pain in his lower part from the kick by Kurenai.

Inside the house with both of them who are now in the middle of a long hot kiss. The kiss only ended because they both needed to come up for air with smiling on their faces. She moved her lips back to him for a quick kiss.

"Kurenai-chan I love you. I truly love you." He moved his head onto of her but her eyes stare at him with a loving look to them. Unlike just few minutes ago when her eyes were filled with anger now they filled with love for him.

"I love you to Naruto-kun and I'll always love you no matter what so no more worrying about what I may do ok?" She kissed his neck but she could see him nod his head to her only for her to move her finger to his cheek rubbing his whiskers.

"How about we just go lay down together on your bed is that ok?" He asked her as he's looking into her eyes but she looked away at first then looked back. She didn't know what he was planning on doing with her just yet.

"Yes but you know that I am still." Before she could get done saying it he nodded and led her to the bedroom. Once their get there he laid her down and lay beside her but she was shocked at first he didn't try anything but also glad he didn't.

"Let me ask you something Kurenai-chan what your plans for later in your life? I would like to hear them if you don't mind." He asked his love that lying down beside him with her head now on his neck.

He moved his hands to her long hair to start playing with but he moved one hand down her chest to her belly before moving back up to her neck then lips. She giggle throughout the whole time but once she stop she looked deep into his eyes before her lips finally moved to speak.

"To tell you the truth Naru-kun I have been thinking of having a family one day and maybe even few kids not just one." She smiled after saying that to him which he slowly and softly kissed her lips.

Once the kiss ended he whispered into her ear softly "Maybe we can start making one someday soon but only when you're ready for that and want to." Hearing that come out of his mouth turned her red in the face because he really would want a family with her.

"I need to ask you something big and that's do you mind if my little sister moved in with us? I need to ask because the two graves I was at was my mother and father that dead few weeks ago. Which now she has nowhere else to go also she only six years old." Naruto kissed her lips once she gets done because he can see that she had tearing coming down her face.

He wiped away her tears before staring at her before the last thing he ever wanted was for her to cry anymore tears. He never wanted to see her sad because he knows it's his job to keep her happy no matter what.

"You don't need to ask me because I want you be with your sister. It's fine with me so you don't need to worry. I'll always be here for you and now I will be here for your sister to no matter what." He pulled her into a loving embracer but she couldn't help but smile once again. That was because of his words touched her heart and she could tell by his voice he meant every single one of them.

"She'll be here tomorrow morning but I need to tell her about you so please stay the night. I also want you to stay the night as well because I want you close by right now thanks to all that been happening to me" He nodded his head to her but even if she didn't ask him he would be here for her no matter what.

"I told you what my plans for the future are but tell me just what are your plans Naruto-kun?" she asked him in a kind and loving voice.

"I really want first is to be a great father with you as the mother." His tease hit hard because her cheeks now show a huge blush forming only for him to smirk. He gave her a kiss on the lips because he did mean what he had just told her.

"My second goal in life is that I want to be the next Hokage but my last plan is to make my old sensei proud of me. That is something I truly want to do but I know it will be hard to do as well right now." She smiled at him still wanting to be the next Hokage because she heard him say that so many times in the past.

The last part of his goal did shock her pretty well because she truly didn't know why he would want to make her brother proud of him. "Why does he want my brother be proud of him so much? Was my brother that great of a sensei to him that he would want to work so hard just to see him proud of him?"

"why do you want him be proud of you?' She asked him but her mind was still trying to figure it out on her own but her eyes stare at his blue soft eyes. She didn't know why but she truly wanted to know just why as well.

"That's because he the one that trained me in the way of the sword that the reason why I fought against Zabuza one of the seven mist swordsmen on the mission of waves. Kakashi-sensei told us to let him handle it but he was a swordsman so I charged in because of my pride of a sword fighter. "He let out a laugh but she giggle with him but she was glad he didn't die that day against someone like Zabuza

"I truly want to be the best swordsman so Drake will be proud of me because he the one that trained me. I know it is a silly reason but it's my reason to get stronger but also to protect that ones I care about." After he finished talking she was shocked at the reasons then she started kissing him on the lips.

"I know that he is proud of you because I am proud of you." She moved her head to his chest with a smile on her face. He wrapped his arms around her lower back then slowly started to fall asleep alongside his love.