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This takes place in Season Seven of Stargate, sometime after Orpheus but before the next episode. No, Teal'c is not in this. I believe I say why in the next chapter but if not then I'll tell you then.

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The first thing that came to mind was how much he hurt. As thing slowly swam into focus he tired to move but his body was like jelly. He tried to move again and this time he felt his arm twitch. In his third attempt he rolled out of the stiff bed he was lying on and landed on the cold, hard floor. Someone who was light footed moved towards him quickly.

"You must not force yourself to move, it is too soon," instructed a feminine voice.


"Your friends have not awoken but they are well."


"Your questions will be answered soon but now you must rest."

She turned away and said something to a second person. He soon found himself lifted up and returned to the stiff bed. Something was pressed under his nose and he swore he could smell herbs before he was lost to darkness.

Damas leaned back in his throne as he waited for the strange man, Bra'tac if he was correct, to return. He had ordered Sig to occupancy his friends as they were taken to the temple so that Seem could treat them. He had also ordered Sig to bring him to the throne room once he was satisfied that his friends were alright.

Damas sat straight up when he heard the lift rising. It was only a moment before Sig appeared with the stranger. He observed the strangers as he approached the throne. He stopped before the first step that led up to the throne. Sig took up a position half way up the stairs but off to the side.

"You will have to forgive me for not bowing," said the man politely.

Damas waved the comment off, he was not one for ceremony, before responding, "It's not important. I have asked you here because I would like to know what your purpose is here."

"We hold no purpose. The ship was damaged and unable to fly. It simply crashed on the closest planet."

"Why was it damaged?"

Damas watched Bra'tac remained silent. It wasn't a hard question. He could only guess that the man was thinking of how to respond without giving away too much. While it annoyed him, he could not blame the man. After all, he would do the same.

"A struggle accrued on bored and the engine crystals where destroyed."

"I assume you can speak for your people then?"

"I can not speak for the Tau'ri, only myself."

Damas filed that name away for later. He had suspected they were of different origins; however, he could not be sure if they were from different places of the same world or different world's altogether.

"Who can speak for these Tau'ri then?" asked Damas as his mouth rapped around the unfamiliar word.


"Sig will accompany you back to the temple and Sig, please inform me when you fell this O'Neill is strong enough to speak to me."

"Will do," called Sig as he led Bra'tac from the room.

Jak stood up when he saw Sig and Bra'tac walk from the left. He had found himself curios about these strangers and wanted to find out all he could, despite Damas' concerns. He was by no means a scholar or a monk but he loved adventure and the unknown that came with it.

"I'm going to assume he's not throwing them in the arena yet?" asked Jak.

"Not yet."

"I know the Sand Man loved the place but does the arena even apply in this situation?"

Sig shrugged, Daxter did have a point. They'd just have to wait and see.

Jak walked next to Bra'tac as Sig led the man through the city to the entrance of one of the secret precursor tunnels that led to the temple. There were three that were commonly known about while a fourth one was kept secret. The only ones who know about it were the monks, Sig, Damas, Daxter and him.

Bra'tac remained silent as the two continued to speak. Sometimes you found out more by listening then asking. By the time they exited the tunnel and entered the main area of the temple Bra'tac felt he had learned enough.

They didn't make it very far into the temple before Seem appeared. She led Bra'tac back to the room that the others were in, telling him that one had woken up for a few minuets.

"He should wake again in the morning as should the others. For now, they need rest."

"I think we all might need rest, it's been a long day. Think you can deal with a couple more guests?" asked Sig.

Jack felt well rested when he woke up. He sat up, stretched and rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes. It was only then that he noticed he wasn't in his room. The memories came back to him. They had escaped there cell and managed to sabatash the engines but the ship had crashed before they could escape.

His legs were stiff and the wobbled a little when he stood up. He went through a brief checklist before he quietly snuck out the door. His friends were alright although they were still asleep. Bra'tac, their weapons, vests and the rest of their gear was gone.

The walls, floor and ceiling were stone but every once in a while he would pass parts of the wall that had metal imbedded in it and was covered with inscriptions.

Jack came around the corner, only to collide with a rather large, armored man. He fell backward. He glared up. The man was like Teal'c, big, broad and covered in armor. He got goose bumps when one normal and one mechanical eye looked down at him.

"Watch whe-hey" protested Jack when the man wordlessly reached down and hauled him up be the front of his shirt, "I don't need to be manhandled!"

Sig snorted as the man continued to protest. He went from demanding to be let go to casual conversation about the weather. Sig didn't say a word the whole time. Sure, he believed in letting a man prove himself but he still didn't need to be wondering around the temple.

Seem had informed Damas that he should be able to speak with the humans, as Bra'tac had called them at some point, this morning. He had arrived at the temple and Sig was on his way to see if anyone had woken up when he physically collided with this one.

"You know what, these halls all look the same" continued Jack, "are you sure you're not lost?"

Sig sighed; this man had to be worse than Daxter. He would not stop talking. Sig pushed the human into the room where Seem, Damas, and Jak were seated around a table, while Daxter perched on the top, talking

Jack was pushed into the forth chair that sat around the stone table.

He looked around the table before he spoke, ""Would you believe we come in peace?" No one answered. "Got a commanding officer around here?" Still no one answered. "Wow, tough crowd."

Damas and Jak traded glanced. He hadn't known what to expect but that was not it. Damas didn't give the man a chance to speak again.

"My name is Damas. My companions are Jak, Seem and the one behind you is Sig." Daxter glared at the Desert king when he didn't introduce him.

Jak watched at how carefully his father worded what he was saying. There was the normal mistrust and suspicion but he had a feeling that Damas wasn't going to let them leave the temple any time soon.

"Howdy folks," ginned Jack, "since you were kind enough to give me your names I guess I can give you mine. I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill, United States Air Force from the planet Earth."

Damas rubbed his chin as he thought. Colonel was some sort of rank or title and United States Air force sounded like some sort of military. That left Earth, which he had already said was a planet but where? Damas could almost even chuckle at the irony of the man's name.

"I am unfamiliar with any of these places," said Seem.

"You'd have to ask Carter about the technical stuff, or Danny, he's good with history and all that. He's the diplomat, me, I go where they tell me."

So he was working for someone. Bra'tac had identified him as the leader which meant 'they' were someone else.

Jack watched as the three others at the table sat in silent thought. He'd have to be careful what he revealed to these people. There were too many unknown variables about them. On one side, here was a chance to form another alliance but on the other, these guys could be working for some Goa'uld who was trying to trick him into revealing sensitive information. He also needed to find out where their weapons and Bra'tac were.

"When I woke up this morning, I noticed we were a few things and a person short."

"You weapons are being kept hidden for you until it can be determined that you are not a threat to us," said Damas immediately and Jack had to admit to himself that he couldn't fault the man for that, "You friend, however, last I saw was still in the room we provided for his here in the temple."

"Ahhh….so we're prisoners then?"

"I did not say that."

"Then we're not prisoners?"

"I did not say that either."

One thing Jak noticed the longer that they sat here was how the Colonel appeared more and more relaxed but had never dropped his guard. He would sneak a glance at Sig every one in a while when he thought no one was looking. Sig had never taken his eyes off the man. They were sizing each other up. Throughout the entire conversation, Daxter had been slowly inching closer to the human.

"So we're prisoners but we're not prisoners? That makes no sense."

"Colonel, I am willing to give you a chance but I will not chance the safety of my people," growled Damas.

"And I'm not risking the safety of mine over your chances either."

Jak could tell by the way Daxter's ears laid back and the look on his fathers face that this was not going to end well. Ready to defend his king at a moment's notice, Sig tensed as the muscles in his arm tightened. He almost pitied the human; there was only one of him against two skilled warriors plus Jak, who was a force all on his own.

"What of the others Sig?" asked Damas as he and Jack tried to stare each other down.

"Don't know, I found him w-," it was only then that he realized his mistake, if he had woken up then the other might as well.

"You found him what?" repeated Damas, as he looked at his friend. He had a feeling he wasn't going to like the answer.

"I never made it to the room," admitted Sig, "He was wondering around when I found him.

Seem quickly left the table, and Sig followed when Damas nodded. They needed to make sure that none of the others were wondering. None of the monks had reported anything but he also had a fear as to why that might be the case too.

Daxter ran across the table and jumped to Jak's shoulder when he stood up. It wasen't long before Sig and Seem returned.

"They're gone, all three of them. We found a couple of monks. They were knocked out but they're alive," reported Sig.

Damas returned to glaring at the colonel who had leaned back with his arms crossed over his chest.

"They're weapons are also gone," reported Seem, "I do not know how or when they found them."

"They're good at that kind of thing," ginned Jack.

"Find the-" began Damas but the sound of soft foot steps stopped him.

He turned in time to see a man with brown hair and glasses step from the shadows, gun aimed straight at him. Sig had his gun aimed at the Colonel who sat in the chair next to him while he glared at the blonde women in front of him, next to her stood the man in brown.

"Drop it," ordered the women.

"Or what, you'll shot me. I may die but I can at least get one shot off before I go down."

Jak watched as his father attempted to raise his weapon, despite the one aimed at him. A bullet struck the table next to him.

"Don't even thing about it," warned the man.

Jak knew bother Sig and Damas had a stubborn streak and both refused to just lie down and die. They were going to fight, even with guns already trained on them.

This was going to end in bloodshed, one way or another.

Dun Dun Dun...

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