So, I had this thought. I was considering rewatching the show for the umpteenth million time because it's been a few years since I've seen it.

Now most people who do that will write reviews or share thoughts they've had as they watched. That's the pattern I've noticed. And I could do that, but—

I had this thought.

I believe that there's at least one short story in every episode. I think we've proven that time and again as a community. Instead of reviewing, I'm going to play with that. I have plot seeds for the first three episodes. From there, I won't guarantee anything, but I'll try to squeeze in more as I find the time.

Some of the stories might be 'shippy. Some of them will be silly. My life lacks in silly. I love silly. So silly will probably be a thing. I might spackle a crack in the story. Who knows? I won't promise perfect canon conformance, but I'm going to start with that as a goal. I'd like these things to fit with the mythology without radically altering it. I do that enough in my more ambitious works.

I'm not sure how far I'll get. We'll see.