I KNOW, I KNOW, there's been rumors and gossip that CP will release a new mission called Operation: Blackout, and to make things CLEAR, I did NOT copy CP, this story was COMPLETELY MY idea, so don't start saying, "YOU COPIED THEM", because I DIDN'T!

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The lights in the Command Room had blinked back on. It was as if the blackout had never happened. I sat up, looking around in confusion.

A bookshelf turned over. The elevator almost completely demolished. No creature, not even Herbert, could have caused so much damage. I stood up, almost crashing into my friend, Winter, who was getting up as well.

"Agent? Are you alright? Where's Skyrus?" Winter asked, her eyes wide.

"Does it look like I know?" I snapped back, immediately regretting what I said when Winter turned around and marched off, stung. Feeling slightly guilty, I ducked around the screen, which was still static, and saw G already getting everything into order.

"Has anyone seen Agent Skyrus?" he was asking. I started to answer but was cut off by another agent. "I was standing almost right behind her," she was saying when I got within earshot. "Then the lights turned off, and she just vanished."

"In that case, you and Agent Winter go out and try to find Agent Skyrus. Don't try to attract attention, and report back if you see anything suspicious," G ordered. The two agents scurried out of the Command Room.

G turned and finally saw me. "Meet me in my office" was all he said. Mystified, I waited until he disappeared through the door of his office before following.

When I reached his office, G was typing furiously at his computer. Without looking up, G motioned for me to sit. Once I had done so, he turned to face me. "You might find it quite odd for me to call you so suddenly," he said in a dignified tone. "But I need you to tell me what you know."

"Know what?"

"I might have been talking to her, but you were the one standing closest to Agent Skyrus. What happened after the lights went out?" G answered impatiently.

"Well, during the blackout, I heard something crash, almost right in front of me. I fell out of my seat, somebody yelled, then the lights turned back on and Skyrus was gone." I responded nervously.

G was silent for a few moments, as if he was pondering at this new information. I was about to get up and leave when he suddenly spoke. "You agree that the blackout was quite sudden, do you?"

"Yes, very sudden. We were totally unprepared," I replied.

"There is only one enemy we have that uses surprise as one of his major weapons; Herbert," G stated thoughtfully.

"But you saw what's left of the elevator and the Command Room. Not even Herbert could cause such damage," I pointed out.

"That is, if it was a living creature." G stated quietly.

Disbelief. However bewildering it was, it seemed, at the time, as clear as ice.

As if roused, G started fumbling in his desk and handed me the familiar black gadget. "I also want to assign you to a new Spy Phone, and once this situation is cleared up, we will look into – "

Winter suddenly burst through the door of G's office, scaring the living daylights out of me. "G!" she gasped, stumbling in.

G sat up straight. "What is it?" he demanded sharply.

"We… were… searching… and we… found a… signal…" Winter panted. I was about to ask what kind of signal when Winter held up her Spy Phone. In bold, clear letters were the words, "Signal found, Tallest Mountain" printed neatly across the screen.

"It has to be Skyrus!" Winter exclaimed. "I'm almost certain-"


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