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Chapter 4

You'd better watch your back, Agent

I entered the Command Room, or at least what was left of it. There were huge dents in the walls and roof, as if a huge creature had forced itself inside. I ducked through the rubble, and in the middle of the room was the biggest robot I had ever seen… with a polar bear controlling it?

Herbert grinned evilly. "Greetings, my fowl friends," he sneered. "Now that all of you are here, let me introduce you to a friend of mine. Meet, the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10 000!"

I had heard tales of the EPF destroying a "UP10K" some time before I came to the Force. Now, I watched, cringing, as the huge robot reared up and nearly demolished a nearby computer.

"As you've might have figured out already, I was the one who caused the blackouts and have taken your oh-so precious agents, Skyrus and Winter," Herbert continued.

I stiffened. Even though it had become rather obvious that Herbert had taken them, it was still a shock to hear him admit it openly.

"You have avoided my traps," Herbert went on. "You are some clever birds; I'll give you that."

As I watched, the polar bear slowly brought up a strange object in his paw. He twirled the gadget, and I recognized it as the detonator that had been stolen from the Command Room a short while ago.

"The entire EPF mainframe is installed in this device. Thanks to your generous Director, I can finally access this thing with the password. " For the fourth time that day, the blackness fell upon the EPF facility.

"Say your farewells to even more of you Elite Penguin Fools!"

The next thing I knew, I was being lifted up by a cold metal claw, paralyzed with fear. In the dim light flashing through that prison, I could see the gleam of shades belonging to another terrified agent beside me.

Exactly what happened next, I'll probably never know. The darkness, closing in, the sudden shock of being shoved into some sort of enclosed area, and then a sensation that was quite similar to teleporting, except when you normally teleport, you are not compressed under great pressure, with everything reeling around you.

The temperature suddenly seemed to drop lower, much lower to even a penguin's liking. My head spinning, I sat up to find myself in what seemed like a cold, dark room. There was another agent nearby whom I didn't know, fiddling with a somewhat dented Spy Phone. She glanced at me, then went back to her phone, stating calmly, "So you're awake. Who are you?" without looking up.

I got to my feet and replied cautiously, "Waddle8438,"

"I'm Agent Raybird8, but you can just call me Bird," she introduced, her eyes still on her Spy Phone, "And before you ask, I have no idea where we are,"

Rather puzzled by her elusive behaviour, I looked around, slowly taking in the strange place. Noticing a large, blank screen nearby, I walked to it. Examining the queer, multicolored wires hanging down that seemed oddly familiar; I started at the sound of Bird's voice.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," she remarked as she waddled over.

"It could get us out, maybe, somehow?" was my blunt excuse, when a sudden jerk knocked us both off our feet.

The screen flared to life.

"Herbert!" Agent Bird hissed at the white figure on the screen.

"Well, well, well," Herbert taunted. "It seems my selection was worth it." He stared at Bird, "One of the most experienced agents in the EPF," Herbert smirked, his gaze coming over to me. "And Skyrus's partner."

Herbert rubbed his paws together; at first I thought he was trying to mock us, but then I realized that the warmth-loving polar bear was probably as cold as we were.

"With the help of Proto-Bot, I will continue to rid this island of its forsaken snow and ice," Herbert muttered, glaring at something off the side.

"Why would you?" I demanded, getting angry. "The last time you tried to warm the island, you ended up almost destroying all of us!"

"And I thought we deactivated the Ultimate Proto-bot long ago." Bird added.

Herbert smirked, "Oh, and you thought I couldn't repair the UP10K? I have devised a clever plan that will succeed. And don't think you can tear this robot apart so easily, like last time; I have reinforced its armor with two layers of solid steel. And the best thing; I am the one who now controls Proto-bot, so there shouldn't be any more nonsense from him.

You won't capture me so easily as well. I admit that you agents did a good attempt at your little Operation: Hibernation, but didn't you know that as well as being considerably more intelligent than you, I am also much stronger? It didn't take much to break free."

That open threat, fueled with the confusion on how Herbert knew about Op. Hibernation, was all I could bear. "Oh, you really think so? The EPF will succeed in stopping you, once and for all," I shot back at the polar bear.

"That's where you're wrong," Herbert jeered, a strange expression on his face. "Especially with the Proto-bot on my side."

"Where in the world are we?" Bird demanded.

Herbert didn't say anything, but simply let out a chilling laugh. He turned around and pulled a throttle of some sort; my breath was knocked out of me when I hit the wall.

"You see now?" Herbert snickered. "Once I have you two dealt with, it should be easy to finish off the other agents."

"And you still didn't answer my question," Bird muttered, getting up and glanced back, frustrated, at her now shattered Spy Phone.

The polar bear, yet again, glanced out to the side nonchalantly. "Oh, look, how time flies. As you see here, little agents, is the reward of my toils, cunning, high intelligence, and sagacity–"

We can't see what you see, if you haven't noticed that! "Just tell us what it is, already," I hissed, glaring at Herbert.

"This is my new hideout. Get used to it; you'll be here for quite a while. I might agree to release you Elite Fools, but well after I have taken over this island."