Hi! Pearl McCawley is my first story ever! Hope you enjoy this!

"RAFE!" a seven year old me was running to the hill to find Rafe and his best friend Danny Walker, who is also her best friend. Rafe stopped what he's doing, he is sitting on the plane, pretending to be a pilot and Danny is sitting in the second seat also pretending to be a pilot. They both look down and see that it was me, I lift my head to look at the boys. "What is it, Pearl?" Rafe ask, annoyed by me already. "Can I join with you y'all?" Rafe sigh, and he looks at Danny.

My name is Pearl McCawley, I'm Rafe's sister, I have a short brown hair with the barrette that has diamonds on it. My mother gave it to me, it was hers, but now its mine. I am wearing a pink dress with pink shoes. Danny said, "Sure. Here." Danny let out his hand and I smile at him, I put my hand on his hand and he lift me up to join with him. I sit down on his lap, Danny lets me because I'm his best friend. Danny and Rafe are nine years old. Only two years apart, but I didn't care. Then Rafe did something I never thought he did...he started the engine.

Rafe and Danny are yelling, trying to get it off. "Come on Rafe! I don't want to die!" I scream, tears are coming out. Danny's hand are on my shoulder, "Its okay, Pearl, I'm here." I clutch to his chest, then suddenly, we're flying. "We're flying!" both of the boys said, cheering. I said, "Oh my god! We're flying!" then the plane landed. We all got out, cheering, I even smiled, Danny said, "That's awesome!" I still smile and nodded. "Let's do it again!" I wanted to fly.

"Danny Walker!"


Danny's father came and choke him by the straps of his clothes. "Daddy!" Danny cried out. "I never wanted you to hang around this stupid boy and girl!" then Danny finally loosen his father's grip, "No! Rafe and Pearl are not stupid!" then Danny's father grabbed him once again and Rafe is pissed off, he take the wooden board, slam the wood on the back, "Get away from him you germans!" Rafe yelled, I was behind Rafe and I said, "No!" my hand is on his shoulder. "I fought them...in France." Danny's father said somberly. Then he just left.

Danny looks at Rafe and he said, "Thank you." then he looks at me and give me a smile. He runs off to his father. I smile at Danny as he was holding hands with his father, Rafe sigh. Then I look down at my necklace, a silver airplane necklace, its nose are diving dangling around my chest. I look up and see Danny is far away.

"Danny!" I called out his name, Danny stopped, I walk to Danny, unclasping my necklace. Danny look up to his father then he runs to me, we met half way. "What is it, Pearl?" Danny is looking at me confused. "Here." I breathed, I put the necklace on his hand, he look at it confused, "Why are you—" I interrupted, "I want you to have it, just so you can remember me if I move away." I smile at him. Danny smiles. I clasped the necklace together on his neck, then we both hugged each other.

"Thanks. I'll never take it off." Danny said as he pulls away from the hug. Danny smiles and he runs back to his father. I smile. Then I walk back to Rafe. He is waiting for me. Then we both run back to our house.

I'm glad Danny Walker is my best friend.